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Mac user David Hicks was looking for a way to password protect Mac apps. He wrote:

I own an iMac and it's kind of the family computer. I'm looking for a way to password protect certain applications, specifically right now I'd like to protect iTunes (my family tends to criticize my taste in music) and Adium (I don't really like my children seeing every text message I get in life). So is there a way to password protect individual apps on Mac?

Also, someone asked the question below in a forum:

Is there a way to password protect an application? I recently purchased Quicken Essentials for MAC but it has no password protection (duh!), is there a way to or a program that can be purchased that would protect this application from opening without a password?

If you use Mac for work, business or home use, you are likely to have stored your personal, private information and data in applications on your Mac. We are in the digital era where the protection of privacy is more important than ever. How do we protect our privacy and personal information, especially when we share our computers with other people? Password protecting Mac apps can be a good solution. While Mac doesn’t allow users to lock application with password, you can still do it. In this guide, we will show you how to password protect macOS applications to protect privacy and improve Mac security.

The Best Software to Password Protect Applications on Mac

AppCrypt for Mac,which customized for MAC system, is a powerful, easy-to-use app that allows you to easily encrypt and password protect individual applications on Mac. It allows you password protect any applications on your Mac, such as Quicken, Apple Mail, iPhoto Library, Adium, Evernote, Contacts, Safari or any other application that you wantto keep away from prying eyes.

Except for password protect apps, this AppCrypt also can block distracted website on Safari and Google Chrome, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Then you can focused on your work and study. And your kids can’t play with the entertainment site at random.

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How to Password Protect Applications on Mac

After you have downloaded the AppCrypt on your Mac, Install and launch it.

Step 1. Create your AppCrypt password

Input the password and repeat one more time. Check I have read and I understand this warning and click Submit button.

When you use this app for the first time, you will be asked to set a password which will be required when you open password protected Mac apps. It’s recommended to select the Launch at System Startup option. 

You need to always remember the AppCrypt password you set. You can create a hint as a reminder. Once you forget the password, you won’t be able to retrieve it. Please don’t forget it.

Step 2. After you set the password, a new window will pop up. , AppCrypt will locks four system applications automatically.Click ok button directly.You can remove them manually, which is, however, not recommended. 

Step 3. Password protect the apps

Click Add App at the left side of tool bar and select the applications you want to protect with password. Then the apps will emerge on the left lane. After have added them to the protection list, each time the app is launched, AppCrypt will ask for the password. No password, no access. 

If you want to relieve a certain app from the protection list, just select it and click Remove App button. The app will no longer be protected by Cisdem AppCrypt.

Below are a few tips help you become more informed of this app locker for Mac.

Click the Menu (gear icon) button and select Preferences from the drop-down menu.

There are 4 features you should know.

General - One of the powerful features of AppCrypt is that it can keep tracks of failed attempts to access the protected apps with date and time. Check Capture photo with failed attempt, a snapshot of the intruder will be captured with the front-facing camera. 

Password - You can reset the password here.

Schedule - You can set a schedule to unlock the password locked apps with specified day of the week and time . 

WebBlock- Select the Whitelist and click + button to input URLs to the list. Then these websites in Whitelist can be accessed. Select the Blacklist and click + button to input URLs to the list. Then anyone can’t land on these websites. You can feel free to let others like your kids surf on your Mac now. 

Download the free trial of Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac now!

How to Create Strong Password

Password is fundamental for you to password protect important applications on Mac. If your password is weak, bad guys will easily unlock and crack your locked applications. In this way, all of the protection measures are futile. Hence if you would like to create a strong password for your Mac applications, please read following tips:

But friend, don’t just remember to set up a complex password. You should also bear the password in mind. If you forget the password that sets for protecting applications on Mac when using AppCrypt, you won’t be able to retrieve it.

Create a Strong Password

Guides to Password Protecting Specific Applications on Mac

Here will show you the reasons why you need lock apps and the way to lock apps on Mac.

In this tutorial, you will discover easy ways to lock Evernote app, note and notebook with a password.

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This guide offer four ways to help you block websites on Mac. To know each of them.

Here we list top 5 encryption software including free ones for Mac users, you are able to choose the one you like the most.

Follow this guide to know the quick and simple methods to password protect a folder.

In this tutorial, you can find the easiest ways to lock OneNote app, sections and notebooks on Mac, Windows, etc.

These ways will help you improve your Dropbox security and make Dropbox perfectly safe to store any files.

This post explains how to lock and add a password to office files including excel, word.

Nearly all of us have WhatsApp accounts. How to Protect these account? Just read the guide above.

Tired of hunting for the ways to block YouTube? Look here to earn great methods.

Encryption is one of a great way to guard Mac mail app privacy. Now please follow this guide to learn more specifics.

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