How to Lock Mac Applications with Password: Protect iMessage and Others

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If you use Mac for work, business or home use, you are likely to have stored your personal, private information and data in applications on your Mac. If so, it’s important to lock application with password on Mac. We are in the digital era where the protection of privacy is more important than ever. Password locking Mac application can be a good idea. While Mac doesn’t provide a built-in solution, you can still do it. This guide will show you how to lock applications with password on Mac to protect privacy and improve security.

The best way to lock application on Mac with password

I own an iMac and it's kind of the family computer. I'm looking for a way to password protect certain applications, specifically right now I'd like to protect iTunes (my family tends to criticize my taste in music) and Adium (I don't really like my children seeing every text message I get in life). So is there a way to password protect individual apps on Mac? ― Asked by Mac user David Hicks
Is there a way to password protect an application? I recently purchased Quicken Essentials for MAC but it has no password protection (duh!), is there a way to or a program that can be purchased that would protect this application from opening without a password? ― A question on the MacRumors forum

The best way for Mac users to lock application with password is to use encryption software like AppCrypt.

Designed to encrypt and password protect individual applications on Mac, AppCrypt enables you to lock any applications, including the system apps and the third-party ones, such as iMessage, Photos, Contacts, Mail, WhatsApp, Evernote and other apps that you want to keep away from prying eyes.

On a side note, in addition to password locking Mac application, AppCrypt is also able to block websites on web browsers like Safari Chrome and Firefox. By using it to block distracting websites like Facebook, you can stay focused on your work or study. Parents can use it to prevent children from seeing inappropriate online content.

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How to lock applications on Mac in 2 easy steps

Step 1Set password

Download and install AppCrypt. A free trial is offered. When you open this Mac app locker for the first time, it will ask you to create a password. Input the password and repeat one more time. Select the checkbox next to I have read and I understand this warning and click Submit. It’s recommended to select the Launch at System Startup option.

set password to lock apps on Mad

Note: The password will be required to open password-protected apps and customize or uninstall the Mac app locker itself. You need to remember the password. Once you forget it, it won’t be possible to retrieve it. It might be helpful if you create a hint.

Step 2Lock the application you want to protect

In the toolbar, click Add App. Select the application you want to lock with password. Click Add. Add multiple applications if needed. The locked apps will appear in the left panel of the app locker.

select apps to add to the lock list

When someone tries to open a locked application on your Mac, he or she will be required to input the correct password. No password? No access. This app will track and record failed attempts to open any locked app. To unlock an app, just select it in the left panel and click Remove App.

Note: New users will be presented with an information window, informing that four system apps will be locked by default. You can click OK to continue.

lock four system apps by default

Pro tips

  • Set up You can customize settings by clicking the gear (Menu) icon in the upper right corner of the interface. Select Preferences. Under General, you can select or unselect options. If you select the checkbox before Capture photo with failed attempt, a snapshot of the intruder will be captured with the front-facing camera. To reset the password, go to the Password tab and input a new one. Under WebBlock, you can easily block websites by creating Blacklist or Whitelist.AppCrypt general settings
  • Lock apps during certain times It’s easy to lock a Mac application with password during certain hours. Go to Menu > Preferences > Schedule. You can set a schedule to unlock the password locked apps at specified day of the week and time.the schedule feature

Bonus tip 1: How to create strong password

If you choose to lock the applications on your Mac using password, then it’s crucial to create a strong one. If your password is weak, other people may easily guess the password and successfully open a locked app.

If your password is weak, bad guys will easily unlock and crack your locked applications. If so, all of the protection measures are futile. If you want to create a strong password to better protect your Mac applications, the following tips may help.

  • It is better to set the password more than 8 characters.
  • Try to add some special symbols, like *&^%$#.
  • Never put your birth date, phone number, vehicle Number, etc. as your password when the protected object is very significant.
  • Use passwords that include combinations of uppercase, lowercase, letters and numbers
  • Avoid using passwords like 12345678, password, admin, 111111, 123123, iloveyou, aaaaaa, qwerty, photoshop, etc.

But friend, it’s not enough to just set a complex password. It’s equally important to always remember it correctly. If you forget the password when using software like AppCrypt, it will be impossible or difficult to retrieve it.

Bonus tip 2: How to lock applications on iOS devices

Devices with iOS 12 or later come with a perfect solution to lock applications. The Screen Time feature can be used to restrict access to individual apps (such as iMessage and Snapchat) or a whole category (such as Entertainment) of apps with passcode.

lock apps on iOS using Screen Time

It’s also easy to lock apps with built-in features Guided Access and Restrictions or use third-party apps. If an application supports Touch ID or Face ID, it’s also possible to lock it up with fingerprint or facial recognition.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up and locking apps on iOS different ways.

Detailed guides to password locking specific Mac applications

Click the hyperlinked app names to check out the guides.


By locking application on Mac with password using software like AppCrypt, iLocker and AppLocker, you can effectively prevent other people from opening your apps when you are away from your Mac or lend it to others. Parents can lock apps such as games at certain times to limit children’s screen time. Of course, you can set login password to completely block access to your Mac, but it’s not applicable to some situations.

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    I like this app very much. Now I can feel free to lend my Mac to friends. It is a trustworthy app , using it from a quite long time.

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    Hi Rosa, I am quite interested in this program. But I have a question: How does it keep records of the failed attempts?

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    When someone tries to access your password protected application, AppCrypt will ask he or she to enter a password. If the password is wrong, system will keep a record automatically with photo, time and reason.

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    I know there are some paid apps can add password protection to individual applications, but are there any free ways to do that?

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    As far as I know, there are no free ways to password protection individual applications. But you can use Mac's built-in Parental Control to set restriction on some apps.

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