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How to Password Protect Applications on Any Mac Right Now: Step by Step, Detailed Guide

User David Hicks desires a way to password protect Mac apps. He writes:

I own an iMac and it's kind of the family computer. I'm looking for a way to password protect certain applications, specifically right now I'd like to protect iTunes (my family tends to criticize my taste in music) and Adium (I don't really like my children seeing every text message I get in life). So is there a way to password protect individual apps on Mac?

And somebody asked below question in a forum:

Is there a way to password protect an application? I recently purchased Quicken Essentials for MAC but it has no password protection (duh!), is there a way to or a program that can be purchased that would protect this application from opening without a password?

If you use a Mac computer in your small business or at home, you probably have sensitive information and store private data in applications on your Mac. If your kids keep playing games on your Mac for a long time and it's useless to ask them not to, you may want a good helper to limit kids' game playing time. Password protecting your Mac applications can help you meet one of the essential needs of a shared computing environment. As OS X doesn't just let you add a password to individual applications, in this tutorial we will guide you on how to password protect Mac OS X applications to improve Mac security and privacy.


The Best Software to Password Protect Applications on Mac

AppCrypt for Mac is an intuitive app which gives you the ability to easily encrypt and password protects individual applications on Mac. With just 2 clicks, AppCrypt lets you password protect private applications on your Mac like Quicken, Apple Mail, iPhoto Library, Adium, Evernote, Contacts, Safari or any application you'd like to keep away from prying eyes.

Download the freetrial of Cisdem AppCrypt Mac Now!

You can even use this app to keep tacks of the failed attempts to access the protected apps with date, time, and optional photo. Download trial version of AppCrypt and follow below guidance to lock apps on Mac.

Check Out the Video Explanation

How to Password Protect Applications on Mac?

Step 1. Create your AppCrypt password

When you start it up, the first thing you will be prompted to do is to set a password, Once you set that password, it will be the key to run AppCrypt next time, and also the code to open those encrypted apps. It is also recommended to check "Launch at System Startup". Check "I have read and I understand this warning", then click "Submit".

password protect apps step one

You'd better always remember the AppCrypt password you set or make a note of the password. Once you forget it, you will never retrieve it. So please don't forget your password.

Step 2. Secure Mac apps with a password

After setting your password, AppCrypt will lock four system applications automatically. You can remove them manually,but it is not recommended to do that. You can click "Add App" at the left side of tool bar and select those needed apps from the window followed. After adding to the block list, each time the app is launched, AppCrypt will ask for the password you create in step 1. No password? No app.

To remove an app, you only need to highlight it and click the icon "Remove App" by which this app is no longer blocked under Cisdem AppCrypt.

Step 3. Keep records of the failed attempts (Optional)

One of the really cool features of AppCrypt is that you can also set it to keep tracks of failed attempts to access the protected apps with date, time, and you can even set to capture a snapshot of the intruder with the front-facing camera by clicking the gear icon, choosing "Preferences" and selecting "Capture photo with failed attempt".

password protect apps step three

Step 4. Set decryption schedule if needed

AppCrypt allows you to set a schedule to unlock specific apps. Click the gear icon and choose "Preferences". A window will pop up. Click "Schedule" tab and you can set a time period. This step is optional, if you want your locked app to be unlocked in a specific time period, you can do this.

password protect apps step four

If you want to change your AppCrypt password, you can click "Password" tab from the "Preferences" window, then enter your current password, new password and repeat the new password. At last, click "Submit" to change AppCrypt password.

A Friendly Warning: Create a Strong Password

Password is fundamental for you to password protect important appcations on Mac. If your password is weak, bad guys will easily unlock and crack your locked applications. In this way, all of the protection measures are futile. Hence if you would like to create a strong password for your Mac applications, please read following tips:

  • It is better to set the password more than 8 characters.
  • Try to add some special symbols, like *&^%$#.
  • Never put your birth date, phone number, vehicle Number, etc. as your password when the protected object is very significant.
  • Mixed use uppercase and lowercase.
  • Mixed use letters and numbers
  • Must avoid these passwords: 12345678, password, admin, 111111, 123123, iloveyou, aaaaaa, qwerty, photoshop, etc.

But friend, don’t just remember to set up a complex password. You should also bear the password in mind. If you forget the password that sets for protecting applications on Mac when using AppCrypt, you won’t be able to retrieve it.

Create a Strong Password

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