Why do you need Cisdem PDF Compressor?

Save storage space

When reaching the storage limit, we prefer to delete large files or enlarge drive storage. A PDF file can be quite large with images, but Cisdem PDF Compressor can reduce PDF files size and save space for more files.

No upload limit

Plenty of websites have a limit of uploading file size, while most email clients enforce different size limits. A PDF file can easily exceed the limit when being uploaded or sent as attachment. Cisdem PDF Compressor is here to shrink your PDFs to email/web standard.

Transfer much faster

The smaller the PDF is, the faster the transfer can be. In addition, it saves both bandwidth and transmission costs. Compress yours PDF and deliver them without any problem or delay.

Improve access experience

Large PDF files contained in websites or application result in poor experience, because it takes long time to load the PDFs. Faster loading speed with smaller PDFs can greatly improve user experience when visiting a website or using an application.

You decide the size and quality of your PDF

Four preset filters available to meet common compression needs. Set the image quality for optimal results with Cisdem PDF Compressor.

Small File Size

(Low Quality)

PDF size is dramatically reduced, but still readable and clear.

Medium File Size

(Medium Quality)

With crisp images, sufficient for eBooks reading.

Large File Size

(High Quality)

For office publishing and high quality laser printing.


Set image quality for your preferred compression result.

Keep PDF file layout and best possible quality

Images in PDF files are often larger than necessary, Cisdem PDF Compressor reduces PDF size by reducing image resolution and by removing redundancy, including embedded fonts, metadata, thumbnails, duplicate data, etc., while keeping the best balance between file size and quality. The compressed PDFs will be small but still intact with original layout and maximal fidelity.

More features of Cisdem PDF Compressor

Easy to use

Add – Choose compression mode – Compress, only 3 steps.

Real-time size

Real time calculate the file size after compression.

Batch compression

Batch add and compress multiple PDFs at one time.

Fast compress speed

Compress a 500-page PDF file within 10 seconds.

Fully compatible

Support PDF version 1.0 - 1.7 and multi-languages.