Tell Focus what distracts you

Create a focus plan, and add distracting apps and web content to block. This focus app for Mac will block them during your focus sessions. Or, you can block all websites except the ones you need. Distractions blocked, focus improved, and tasks done.

Block applications

Block distracting apps so that you can concentrate on your task

Block sites and pages

Block specific websites and pages, and URLs with certain words

Block types of sites

Add social media or other types of websites to block with a click

Block all sites except few

Block access to all websites except the ones needed for your task

Tell Focus when you want to stay focused

When does your focus session start? How long does it last? Just let Focus know the moment your focus plan should kick in to start blocking distractions. There are 4 options.

Quick Start

Start a one-time focus session right away. Make it 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or however long you need. A distraction-free Mac environment is just a click away.


With a Pomodoro timer, the plan runs for a focus session, ends for you to take a short break, and then start a new session. A long break is due after several cycles.

Block as Scheduled

Schedule your focus plan to run at specific times of the day and days of the week. When the scheduled focus time comes, the distractions will be blocked.

Launch Limit

Set daily max launches and max usage time for apps and websites added in a plan. When a limit is reached, an item will be blocked for the rest of the day.

Cisdem Focus helps every Mac user focus

For yourself

Can’t get things done? Use Focus app to manage your focus time and create a distraction-minimized environment to get tasks completed. If you can’t resist the temptation to stop your focus plan and indulge in distractions, use Focus’ Hardcore mode to enforce your focus plan.

For others

Want to help an easily distracted kid, student or employee? Use Focus to make focus plans for them, helping them stay focused and improve productivity. In such a case, the Password mode may help, which makes it impossible for them to stop a plan or make changes to it.

Know how your time is spent

Wondering where your time has gone? Numbers tell the story. The focus app’s Statistics feature displays the statistics for you to view, sort, and reflect on. The statistics may help guide you to refine your focus plans for more productivity and use your screen time more efficiently.


See how many times you launch apps and websites every day, week and month etc.

Time Spent

See daily, weekly and monthly etc. statistics on time spent on apps and websites


See how many times Focus blocks distractions for you and help protect your focus

Other features that make Focus useful

Support popular browsers

Block websites on Safari, Chrome, Edge and other browsers

No browser plug-in required

Instantly usable, requiring no installation of browser extension

Easy to personalize

Can be easily configured based on different tasks and needs

No learning curve

Easy to use for everyone thanks to the simple, intuitive interface

Duplicate focus plan

1-click to duplicate an existing focus plan for modifying, etc.

Configuration export/import

Only take a click of the mouse to export or import configuration