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Split Screen Mac Like You Can in Windows

Cisdem Window Manager can split screen into various sizes and positions on Mac. All you have to do is drag windows to the edges or corners of your screen, or use our grid system to select the area that the windows should cover and you can also set keyboard shortcuts. Once you start splitting screens on mac with Window Manager you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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User Review 1

Best window snap app for the Mac

"Great app. Works better and smoother than Cinch, as well as a much nicer resize window graphics, along with more options. Don't hesitate to pick this over the rest, this is definitely the best in it's class."

Troy Shafer, US
User Review 2

Just what 1 had been missing!

"After switching back to the Mac from Windows 7,1 kept finding myself trying to move a window to the side and have it snap into place. This brings that same functionality to OS X and more! Fantastic little application."

Laura Southerland, CA
User Review 3

the best window manager for Mac

"So easy to use, my 7yr old boy knows how to work this app. This application has all the features I needed to manage Windows perfectly as I work through my day. Saves time, and productivity with such a small price to pay. Most deffinatly one of the best window manager you can buy, hands down I would recommend to all."

Thomas Fred, US

Automatically Split Screen When Dragging to Screen Edges

Window Manager comes with 7 pre-defined dragging actions by defining the left, right, top edges of your screen as 'hot zones'. When you drag a window to the edge of the screen with Window Manager installed, the window will auto-resize to fill a specific area of the screen. Depending on where you drag a window, you can make it expand vertically, take up the entire screen, or appear side-by-side with another window.

split screen
resize window

Resize Your Window with the Innovative Grid System

If you need even more than those standard screen splitting areas, Window Manager also allows you to quickly and efficiently divide your screen into exact portions. All you have to do is click and drag within the display grid interface to select the area that you’d like your window(s) to occupy; your windows will then be resized and moved to that relative position on your screen. If that’s too much for you, you can create shortcuts instead that to automatically resize and move your window.

Be Even More Productive with Keyboard Shortcuts!

If dragging doesn’t float your boat, Window Manager is also accessible through easy to remember and customizable keyboard shortcuts. You can simply highlight the windows and use the menu bar shortcut or keyboard shortcut to instantly split screen to a specific location on your Mac.


Highly Customizable to Fit the Way You Work with Your Mac

The function and appearance of Window Manager are highly customizable to streamline your individual workflow.

  • Set the edges and borders for accessing desktop icons and avoid shadow overlap.
  • Set the keyboard shortcuts to display and disable Window Manager app.
  • Set to start Window Manager when launch your Mac.

Support about 90% of Apps and We are Adding Support to New Apps All the Time.

    Safari, Chrome, Keynote, Pages, it doesn't matter, Window Manager works with almost every application, only some apps with non-standard windows can't be supported.


Tiny and Clean

Organization is key when it comes to split screen on Mac. Window Manager is a menu bar access that works with no compromise on stability and performance. It uses very little memory and nearly no CPU. Also it is clean, easy to install and easy to uninstall.

A Whole Bunch of Useful Features

Easy To Use
Intuitive interface seamlessly integrates with OS X.
3 ways
3 Way Screen Split
Split screen by mouse, grid and keyboard shortcuts.
window edges
Managing Window Edges
Easily set the edges and borders, can also choose to ignore edges and borders.
menu bar
Menu Bar Access
Choose to show or hide the app's icon on the menu bar.
Global Shortcuts
Access Window Manager from anywhere using a configurable global hotkey
Restore Size
Restore old window size if the window is dragged away.
Edges Support
Support 7 preset size/location options for easy window snap.
grid system
Grid system
Support to resize your windows with the grid system.
grid size
Grid Size
You can easily set to customizable grid size (from 1x1 up to 10x10).
keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
Support to set unlimited user-customizable keyboard shortcuts.
os x
10.14 (Mojave) Support
OS X 10.14 (Mojave) optimized.
Safe To Use
Managing Windows without slowing down your computer.


  • hot zones7 pre-defined 'hot zones' to easily set the position and size of windows.
  • set shortcutsDefine your hot zones, and set shortcuts to resize and replacing windows.
  • split your screenSet screen edges and borders for grid management.
  • settingsAccessible via menu bar icon, activate by shortcuts or hide easily.
  • screen splittingWork more efficiently by splitting screen into various sizes and positions.
Best Window Manager for Mac

The Best Window Manager for Mac

Are jumbles of windows getting in the way of your productivity? Window Manager allows you to easily split screen on Mac with keyboard shortcuts or rapidly draw windows into position using your mouse. It's time to work more efficiently with the help of Window Manager now. Buy Window Manager and save lots of your time.

Free Download For macOS 10.10 or later
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