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Two types of PDF Password

User/Open password

The opening authority of PDF, you can’t open and access to an unauthorized PDF file, the contents are secured.

Owner/Permissions password

The restrictions to print, edit or copy PDF, they share the same password, you can selectively restrict as needed.


Cisdem PDF Password Remover can easily identify the PDF password type.

· Non-protected PDF can’t be added to the application.

· User-password-protected PDF will be automatically marked with a lock icon once you add them to the application.

· Owner-password-protected PDF can be added to the application, but without a lock icon.

Remove PDF Password in various situations

PDF with owner password only

Whether you know the owner password or not, you can directly remove the owner password.

PDF with user password

If you know the user password, you only need to enter the user password and all passwords will be easily removed. If you don't know the user password, no matter how complex the user password is, you can also remove all passwords by brute force.

Which situation are you in? Cisdem PDF Password Remover has all the solutions for you. By removing the password of PDF files, people can read the PDF files without entering an open password, also can print, edit or copy PDF files without a hitch.

Powerful brute force ability

Removing protection won’t hurt the original PDF file’s quality at all, every byte and digit in the PDF file will stay safe.

Provide clues for decryption

To accelerate the decryption, you can provide clues about the original password as accurate as possible, such as length, contained lowercase or uppercase Latin letters, numbers, special symbols, etc.

Visual decryption progress

The remaining time and average speed of your decryption process will be clearly showed on the decryption panel. You can leave the decryption aside and focus on your work until the end of the decryption.

More features of Cisdem PDF Password Remover

Keep the original content

The protection removal won't alter or damage the original file, contents in your PDF is safe and retained.

Batch processing at high speed

Up to 200 files can be processed at one time, the program has optimized the unlocking speed for large PDF file and improved the performance for decrypting some special PDF forms.

3 steps to remove password

1. Click “Add Files” button or drag-n-drop for PDF files importing.

2. (Optional) Click lock icon, enter or decrypt the user password.

3. Click “Remove” button.

Fully compatible with all PDFs

· Support PDF version 1.0 - 1.7, no need to install Adobe Reader.

· Support PDF file in multi-languages.

· Support password protection removal only, certificate protection removal is not supported.