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Lock applications with one password

AppCrypt can lock any application with one password to control the usage of applications, you can stop others viewing your photos or videos in Photos, ban purchase in iTunes or App Store, encrypt chatting records in WhatsApp, disable game apps, prevents kids changing the settings, etc. Lock all applications, just one password.

lock app with password
block website

Block access to harmful or distracting websites

AppCrypt can block access to harmful or distracting websites in Chrome, Safari (on Mac only), Edge, Firefox (on Windows only), Opera and Brave. It can block the entire domain or specific URLs. You can import from a default list of popular Games, News, Shopping, Social, Video or other websites, even by keyword. An Exceptions list can be enabled to always block or always allow a selection of websites.

Set up schedule in predefined sessions

AppCrypt lets you set up a schedule for when you can use the app or website. The predefined sessions can be on any day and time of your choice. The schedule will automatically repeat every week. Without your password, no one is allowed to change the schedule settings.

set up schedule
capture filed attempt

Keep an eye of failed attempts to open locked apps

When launching a locked app, a password box will pop up. If wrong password is typed, AppCrypt will capture a photo to record this failed attempt with computer’s camera. Failed attempts for launching AppCrypt itself will also be recorded.

There's a AppCrypt for everyone who need privacy, focus and online safety

appcrypt for yourself

AppCrypt for yourself

Protect your privacy and secure your data

AppCrypt adds an extra layer of security to your privacy and data. It protects social media and chat apps, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Facetime, etc. preventing others snooping your privacy when you share your computer with others. It secures your data in business or finance apps, such as Mail, MS Office, etc, stopping others to steal, alter or delete your data.

appcrypt for kids

AppCrypt for kids

Get away from online danger and reasonably allocate online time

Kids are exposed to many addictive and dangerous contents on the Internet. With AppCrypt, you can keep your kids away from harmful websites by fully blocking them. Also, it can lock distracting apps or websites to help them build discipline during online course. It is easy to set up.


AppCrypt for business

Help your team focus more and achieve more

AppCrypt is an indispensable network management tool for your business, it can cut off all distractions and increase your team’s focus on current tasks, thereby improve the performance of your whole business. Companies using AppCrypt can increase productivity by at least 30%.

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