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How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac: The Always Up-to-Date Guide

The greatest part about PDF lies in its being the best file carrier to store content because it can be used in different systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. and it can be even converted to any other formats. And Word, is always a best way to type content.

That is no wonder, there are many times we need to make changes on a pdf, open pdf in word on mac, even to insert pdf in word. To make these, we need to convert pdf to word on mac. Here we will show you how to convert PDF to word on Mac with different solutions, free or paid, according to different situations.

The Most Efficient Way to Convert PDF to Word on Mac

If you are not a subscriber of Adobe Acrobat, or you want to save more time and efforts on converting PDF to Word on Mac in batch, even save PDF as other editble formats, you need an efficient tool to perform the conversion automatically and bring the best results (without data and formatting sacrificed).

Cisdem PDF to Word Converter(Price at only $29.99),a highly recommended tool to convert PDF into Word on mac that retains as much as the original. It accurately reproduces the original layout including images, tables and columns, which will reduce the need to retype the document manually or get rid of the tedious copy-paste job.

What makes it excel the others is not only attributing to high conversion quality, but also to its capability to convert encrypted PDF files. With a known PDF password, the Cisdem PDF to Word Converter for Mac will directly remove the password protection from PDF and convert. In the case you forgot or lost the PDF password, it will offer you the solution to unlock pdf before conversion.

Follow the Steps to Convert PDF to Word on Mac with Cisdem!

  1. Import PDF for Conversion(Batch Conversion is Supported).
    After download, install and run Cisdem PDF to Word Converter on mac, drag and drop the PDFs into it or directly click "+" to add files. You can upload up to 50 PDF files each time.convert pdf to word on mac with cisdem 01
  2. Tweak the Settings, customize your PDF to Word conversion on Mac. 
    Select all pages or page range as needed. Choose the output format "PDF to Docx" or "PDF to Rtfd" before PDF to Word conversion on mac.convert pdf to word on mac with cisdem 02
  3. Convert PDF to Word on Mac Instantly. 
    Select the file,then click the convert button to begin conversion process.If you need to convert in batch, click the files and press "Shift" to choose several PDFs for conversion. The status bar will indicate the process status.convert pdf to word on mac with cisdem 03
  4. Finally, check the results.
    You will find no information is lost, and no formatting is messed up. Converting PDF to Word on mac is not a problem anymore! You can open PDF in Word on mac anytime now.convert pdf to word on mac with cisdem 04

If there is a lock icon appearing with the imported PDF, it means the PDF is password-protected.

For PDFs protected with an owner password from editing, printing and copying, Cisdem PDF to Word Converter for Mac will directly decrypt the PDF and convert to Word;

For those PDFs protected by open password from opening, just click on the lock icon and enter into your password to continue the conversion process.If you lost the password, turn to PDFPasswordRemover for help.

For Users Who Adobe Installed

Adobe Acrobat enables users to convert PDF to word on mac and it may be the most convenient way for people who already got Adobe Acrobat to read PDF files because it does not require installing any other services or programs. In addition, the operation is quite simple.

Follow the steps to convert PDF to Editable Word on Mac Now!
Step 1: Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat for conversion.
Step 2: Click the "File" option on the top navigation bar of Adobe Acrobat.
Step 3: Click the"Save As" option.
Step 4: Select the "PDF to Word" option to convert PDF to Word on mac.
Step 5: Type a name for the document. Select a Word file type (.doc or .docx) and click the "Save" button. The PDF file is converted into Microsoft Word document on your mac.

If your PDF is scanned, try to perform OCR with Adobe Acrobat and save them into Word on mac.


  • The output format is limited
  • It does not support batch conversion

Scanned PDF to Word

Surely, there are probabilities that, besides of native PDFs, you will have to turn scanned PDFs to Word on mac, or you might want to convert the PDF document to other file formats such as Excel, HTML, or Pages. No worry, you have the solution.

PDF Converter OCR is a great affordable desktop application to get the file format you want and most of all, it is an easy-to-use PDF Converter with OCR ability, which can converts both native and scanned PDF, even image documents into editable and well-formatted word documents. In addition, it offers extended features for users to freely manipulate their files, such as creating PDF, protecting PDF, unlocking PDF and compressing PDF.

Download the free trial of Cisdem PDF Converter OCR Now!

Follow the Steps to Convert Scanned PDF to Word on Mac

  1. Import PDF for Conversion(Batch Conversion is Supported).
    Once the PDF Converter OCR is launched on your mac, you just need to drag and drop the scanned PDF file to the interface of the "Converter". You can also add files or delete files by clicking the "+" or "-" icon at the bottom of the program.Batch conversion is also supported.convert pdf to word on mac 01
  2. Adjust Preference for Accurate OCR Results. 
    After adding the PDF files, you need to turn the OCR function ON, select the language from the drop-down list and set the output as Word(Docx/Doc). Also, you can convert the scanned PDF to other supported formats.convert pdf to word on mac 02
  3. Perform OCR on Scanned PDF and Save PDF as Word on Mac. 
    Click "Convert" to convert scanned pdf to word on mac, choose the output folder. You can check the conversion status with status bar. Once finished, you will be able to open the scanned PDF in Word on mac.

PDF to Word Converter VS PDF Converter OCR

Take a closer look to check which PDF converter can meet your needs better.

  Input Output Conversion Quality Price
PDF to Word Converter Native and Encrypted PDF DOCX, RTFD High $29.99
PDF Converter OCR Native, Scanned and Encrypted PDF PDF, DOCX, DOC, PPTX, PAGES, XLSX, RTFD, TEXT,  KEYNOTE, EPUB, HTML,JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF High $49.99

Online Free PDF to Word Mac Solution

Solution#01:Online Free PDF to Word Converter

People always return to online free PDF to Word tools for convenience and free of charge. These tools are genuinely recommended if you are working on simple and native PDFs.

You can choose Smallpdf, ZAMZAR, PDF Converter, Online2PDF,PDF to DOC, PDF Online or whatever as you like. But here we will take Smallpdf as a demonstration to show how a native and simple PDF is converted to Word format, in oder to open PDF in Word on mac.

  1. Go to Smallpdf, upload files from your mac, Dropbox or Google Drive;convert pdf to word on mac online free
  2. Click the download link to download converted file in Word format.

Way#02: Web-based Plug-in

Google provides an online platform for users to manage their documents---Google Docs. In Google Docs, you can open PDFs and download the file in Word or other editable formats. 

  1. Go to Google account>Google Drive;
  2. Click "New" to upload file;
  3. Right click on the file,open with Google Docs;
  4. Go to File>Download as>Word. Your PDF will be converted into Word on mac.


  • The most annoying problem for the online solutions is absolutely the conversion quality. A bunch of PDF elements may not be converted just right with these free solutions( Font effects,Special symbols that appears in an equation or other languages,Tables with cell spacing,Frames Footnotes and Endnotes,Audio;video;images;PDF active elements,PDF bookmarks,PDF comments,PDF tags)
  • Be aware of the risk to get your PDF file information leaked as you need to upload PDF to the server for conversion
  • Free service is limited, in terms of page quantity, file size, conversion mode, etc
  • Scanned PDF cannot be converted, you will need to go to OCR tools

Extended Knowledge on Word Format

Word, the abbreviation of Microsoft Word or MS-WORD created by company Microsoft, is a graphical word processing program enables users to type with. It allows the users to type and save documents. The Word can be outputted in Doc or Docx format.

Doc is a binary file format system which can save the formatted text, images, graphs and page, it is the older format used in MS Word 2003 and earlier version. While Docx is a XML format that can coordinate between different Office programs, it is the default format used in Word 2007 and later version.

The Difference Between Doc and Docx.

  • Doc can be read in all MS Word versions but Docx can be only read in Word 2007 and later version unless you have installed some adds-on or compatibility packs in MS Word 2003;
  • Docx file size is 75% less than the file size of doc;
  • Docx files can easily convert into doc, .html, .rtf and other file formats, but a doc has to be converted in the aid of professional software;
  • Docx is an opener file format that can be easily accessible;
  • Docx is more powerful and versatile on features.

It seems that Docx is a better output format. So, for your convenience, you are recommended to convert your PDFs into Docx.

What about you?

Do you have other recommendations on Convertting PDF to Word Mac? Or, have you tried any one in my list? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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