How to Lock Notes on Mac: the Guide to Password Protecting Your Notes

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Note apps on Mac are used far and wide for people to keep a record of significant things, such as journey, financial and other individual information-like important password or phone number, or a hotel reservation. It seems many notes we take are confidential. If you are sharing your Mac with family or colleague, you would like to find a way to protect sensitive information. Not to mention what if Mac should be stolen by thief. Thus, you have to lock notes with a password on Mac.

You may be confused about the steps of encpypt notes for Mac. Please do not worry, today, we will make clear the answer of how to lock notes on Mac and provide the guide to password protecting your notes.

Method One: Lock Notes on Mac with Built-in Locker

Step 1: Open an existing note or make a new one and type anything that you wish to lock.

Step 2: Click the “Lock” icon at the top of window.

Step 3: From the drop-down box, please click “ Lock This Note”.

Step 4: Set the password you would have wanted to good.

Now that built-in notes locker seems all right, then why many Mac users are still searching for a better one? Actually, built-in notes locker for Mac has a lot of problems, which could not meet users' demands.

A Mac user named Bill Boak says:"I tried to lock a note; 'but lock this note' is grayed out. Also Notes—Set password is grayed out also." Same trouble happened to FMMac, he had notes synced with Gmail, but none of the Notes can be locked. Allison Broyles also said:" I had the same issue so I was messing around with the app. For my main account where I used to store all my notes, I couldn't lock any of them." Besides these, a large number of users reflected their problem online.

Be sure, built-in notes locker has many restrictions, which brought inconvenience to Mac users while locking notes. So let's turn to check method two, it should be a better way to password protect your notes on Mac.

Method Two: Lock Notes (Including Third-party Note Apps) via Cisdem AppCrypt

Except built-in note app, there are some other third-party note apps, like Evernote, Onenote and so on. How to lock these notes on Mac? Here we will highly recommend Cisdem AppCrypt to you.

Cisdem AppCrypt is a powerful program to protect and keep track of your Note, Mail, photo, Skype and other software on Mac. But it may be dangerous if you don't. You are able to get the all-new AppCrypt to lock personal applications. What's more, it allows you to set a time value to voluntarily lock applications for specified times, and track failed attempts with photo and time. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1. Install and launch Cisdem AppCrypt on Mac

Free Download

Download free trial of AppCrypt for Mac!

Step 2. Set your AppCrypt password which is used to unlock the blocked notes and change the program settings. Just enter an easy-to-remember password, for that the AppCrypt password will not be retrieved.

Step 3. Click OK to confirm and click "Add App" on the top menu bar to add Note app.

AppCrypt will lock four system applications automatically. If you add Note app, it will be listed on the left column. And the next time, you should be prompted to write down the password to enter Note app. If you don't want to lock Note app anymore, just click "Remove App" to remove it.

You can also use this article as a reference for steps will be almost identical: How to Lock Photos App with Password on Mac?

In addition, here will offer more details about the steps: How to Lock Apps on Mac and iPhone?

Final Words

Undoubtedly, AppCrypt is a wonderful notes locker to help Mac users to password protect their notes on Mac.

Firstly, AppCrypt is very easy to use. Select any application you want to protect by drag-n-drop. After doing this, set an easy-to-remember password to protect software on Mac. Next time, if you are going to lauched the apps, AppCrypt will ask you to enter a password.

Secondly, you can lock notes on specific days and times. it's so simple to set the time, as the same way you set your alarm clock. Meanwhile, if you intend to have a break while your personal chatting windows or notes are on screen, that’s ok because your Mac will be locked by itself. Moreover, you can safely share data with users knowing password.

Last but not at least, AppCrypt can keep track of failed attempts with date, time and optional captured photos so that you can review and find suspicious activities. This function is formidable, in this case, you will know who are trying to peep your personal information and keep prying eyes outside the door.

I have been using AppCrypt for one year and never encounter any problems. As a friendly reminder, I hope you can give it a try. And then you will be regret why you didn't use it before. If you have any other ideas, please let me know in comment, I will reply you as quick as possible.

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