How to Lock Photos App with Password on Mac

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What is the best app to password protect photos on Mac? I have a MacBook Pro and I need to make sure all my photos on Photos are locked or they cannot be viewed. Thus I may feel relieved to lend my Mac to others. Will somebody tell me how to lock these photos or the Photos app with password on Mac to set access restrictions? Do I need look for a photo locker app? ― From a Mac user

This guide will show you how to lock Photos on iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. I always transfer photos from iPhone to Mac for storage or backup. As a result, a large number of photos end up in the Photos app on my Mac. Among them, there are personal and family photos that I’d like to keep private.

It makes perfect sense that we don’t want others to view our photos without permission. The best solution is to password protect Photos app on Mac. Is there a way to lock Mac apps like Photos without locking the screen? Yes! Just read on to find out how to lock Photos on Mac.

The best way to lock Photos on Mac

You can easily lock Photos on Mac using AppCrypt, one of the best and most popular app lockers for Mac. It can

  • Lock any Mac app such as Photos, iPhoto, Contacts, Mail, Messages, Notes and Safari
  • Lock individual, multiple or all apps on your Mac with one password
  • Enable users to lock apps during certain hours
  • Provide an activity report of the attempts (from those who don’t know the password) to open locked apps

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How to lock Photos on Mac in 2 easy steps using AppCrypt

Step 1Install and launch

Download and install the app. Upon first launch, you will be asked to set a password which will be used to lock and unlock apps on Mac. Select the option I have read and I understand this warning. Click Submit.

set password to lock Photos

A window will pop up telling you that the app will lock four system apps by default. Click OK.

Step 2Add Photos to the lock list

To lock Photos on Mac, in the toolbar, click Add App and add Photos. You can find a list of the locked app in the left column. Once locked, Photos won’t be opened by anyone who doesn’t know the password. To unlock locked Photos, just select Photos and click Remove App.

add Photos to the lock list

If someone who doesn’t know the correct password tries to open the locked Photos app using a wrong password, it will keep record of all failed attempts with date, time and capture photos.

keep record of attempts to open locked Photos on Mac

Once a Mac app, say, Photos, is added to the lock list, AppCrypt will, by default, always keep it locked unless you remove the lock. You can also set this Mac app locker to lock or unlock during certain periods. To customize, click the gear (Menu) icon in the upper left corner and select Preferences > Schedule.

feature to lock apps during certain hours

This app is lightweight, user-friendly and 100% safe to use. It will not modify any Mac system or application files. It supports OS X 10.10 Yosemite and above, including macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Other ways to block or limit access to Photos on Mac

Approximately 90,000 photos and 9,000 videos were leaked in the form of a massive 13.6 GB file that was then posted on, a site created exclusively to host the cache of personal photos. ― From ATTN
On August 31, 2014, a collection of almost 500 private pictures of various celebrities, mostly women, and with many containing nudity, were posted on the image board 4chan, and later disseminated by other users on websites and social networks such as Imgur and Reddit. ― From Wikipedia

Photo leakage events like these raise concerns about privacy leaks. Many people choose to store photos on computer instead of cloud storage platforms. Is it really safe to store photos on Mac? That may not be. Everyone around you can see your photos when using your Mac. So it is imperative to lock your Photos app to keep your Mac photos from prying eyes. When you lock the Photos app, no one can view your photos. There are other ways to lock or limit access to Photos on your Mac.

#1 How to lock Photos on Mac with Parental Controls

Here is another way on how to lock Photos on Mac. Parental Controls is a feature built into Mac and can be used to prevent specified user accounts from accessing apps or inappropriate content on Internet. It is able to manage, monitor, control the time the users spend on the Mac, the websites they visit, the apps they access and the people they chat with. You can use it to lock Photos by setting access restrictions.

Step 1. Click Apple menu > System Preferences > Parental Controls. Click the lock icon lock icon to unlock it. Enter with your administrator name and password.

Step 2. Select a user and click Enable Parental Controls. If there is no user in the list, then click Add + button. Fill in the name, account and password information to create a new user.

Step 3. After you select a user, click Apps of the tabs along the top. Check Limit Applications. Choose the app you want the user to access. Make sure to unselect Photos in order to put lock on Photos.

Step 4. Click unlock icon button to prevent further changes. This can help improve Mac security and privacy.

lock Photos on Mac using Parental Controls

#2 How to hide photos on Mac

You can also keep photos private on Mac by hiding them in Photos app. It’s a feature built into Photos.

Step 1. Open Photos on Mac.

Step 2. Select one or more photos that you want to hide from others. Control click and select Hide Photos.

The hidden photos will only be found in the Hidden album. You can choose to show or hide the Hidden album in Photos by going to the View menu at the top of your screen.

how to hide Photos on mac

Unlike locking Photos on Mac, this method doesn’t password protect Photos and can’t stop others from opening the app, but it is useful sometimes. For example, it allows you to show someone your photo collection without letting him or her see certain photos.

To protect privacy, some Mac users create a second library for Photos on external hard drive, and some users choose to lock the Photos folder. However, the former will make it less easy to organize photos, and the latter may cause file version conflict if there is any file modification. The safest and easiest way is to lock Photos app on your Mac.


Above are the common ways on how to lock Photos on Mac. With Mac Parental Controls, when you lend your Mac to others, you have to change your user account. If you are working or learning with the administrator account and leave your Mac for a while, it’s possible for others to open Photos and view all your photos and videos. But don’t worry. App lockers like AppCrypt can lock your Photos app no matter which user account you are using.

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