How to Password Protect Mac Mail App(Best Way)

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All my family members use the Mac to browse Web and play games. As a living room computer, MAC is used for managing my emails.I don't want everyone who uses the Mac to have access to my inbox, and I don't want to set up multiple user accounts for the computer (which I don't really need, because anyone who makes it to my living room is welcome to use it). So is there a way to prompt for a password when Mail is launched?

While setting a separate user account for each(or all) of your family members can go a long way towards improving the security of your Mac. But it is meaningless for shared family Mac. In order to prevent someone may read through your mail or tamper with your ongoing game. To keep your Apple Mail — even other apps on your Mac — private from the eyes of other users, you may want to password protect Mac mail app. This guide will show you how to password protect mail and other apps on Mac.

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Why Password Protect Individual Apps on Mac is Necessary

There are many reasons for why you need to block access to certain apps on your Mac. Here are some of those reasons.

  1. You can protect apps from unwanted viewers, to keep your private information secure.
  2. You can go for a coffee break without worrying that your colleagues are reading your mails.
  3. You can share your Mac with other users, and don’t need to worry anybody will intrude the locked apps, such as mail app;
  4. You can use AppCrypt to restrict your kids’ access to violent games, browsers or making costly purchases.
  5. Maybe you don’t want your friends to play your games and take advantage of your progress.

If the last one is considered as a joke, you also have to admit that there are quite a lot of reasons why you need to password protect individual applications like Apple mail on your Mac.

How to Password Protect Mac Mail App

One of the best ways to protect Mac mail with password is to use Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac. This app, customized for MAC system, can lock any app on your Mac with a password, so that people who don’t know the correct password can’t access to the protected app at all. It performs absolutely well in home use, as well as business use. Moreover, the operating steps are very easy and simple. You only need to set a password and import the apps into the AppCrypt, then the process is compete.

There are quite a few software programs that can password protect Mac mail well. Why should we give preference to Cisdem AppCrypt? Below are some reasons that makes it stand out among its kind. It holds the advantages of

  • Locking apps on Mac. Such as Mail, Photos, Contacts, etc. It is also available to make an exact time schedule to lock the apps and block games on a specific date and time;
  • Blocking the websites on Safari or Google Chrome on your Mac. Such as YouTube, Facebook. Twitter, Ads. 
  • Keeping tracks of the failed attempts with date, time and optional captured photos
  • User-friendly design and simple operation interface. A drag n drop action can lock the app successfully. 
  • Working as background process and doesn't take CPU load while idle.

Also, here's an article where you can find out: How to Encrypt and Secure Your Email.

Now, let’s use the easiest and best Mac mail app password protector together. Just follow the below steps on how to password protect Mac mail.

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Step 1. Set your AppCrypt password to lock the Mail app on Mac

After you have downloaded and installed this app on your Mac. Please launch it. Then you will be asked to set a password. Input the password, then repeat the password. Check I have read and I understand the warning and click Submit button

This password will be the key to run AppCrypt next time, as well as the code to open those encrypted apps.

Step 2. There will be a new window pop up to remind you Cisdem AppCrypt locks four system applications automatically. Please click “OK” directly.

Of course you can remove them manually, but it is not recommended to do that. 


Step 3. Click the Add app button to add the Mail app to the list .

Click Add App at the left side of tool bar and select Mail app under the Application and click Add button. You will find the Mail app emerged on the left lane. That means the Mail app has been protected successfully .You will be asked for a password when you want to enter Mail app next time. 

Other tips you should know. Click the Menu button and select the Preference from the drop-down menu.


Tip 1: How to keep records of the failed attempts.

Click the General menu and look at the third option-Capture photo with failed attempt. Once it is checked, you can keep tracks of the failed attempts to access to the mail app on your Mac. There will be a report with date, time and optional captured photos, with which you can scout suspicious activity details.This step is optional. 

Tip 2. How to set time schedule to unlock protected apps at a specified time.

Select the Schedule Menu and  click + button on the left bottom. Then you can set your ideal unlocked time.

This step is optional. Cisdem AppCrypt allows you to set a specific time period to unlock the encrypted apps. During this period, the people who entered your Mac can open the Mail app with no limit. 

Cisdem AppCrypt not only can be used to password protect apps on Mac, but also can block the websites on safari or google chrome.

How to block the website on Mac with AppCrypt?

Click WebBlock button on the top right and it will pop up a window showing the website blacklist and whitelist. (Or you can click Menu > Preference > WebBlock)

  • If you want some specific websites to be accessed, choose Whitelist and click + to add URLs to the list. Then your Mac can only access to these websites in Whitelist.
  • If you want some specific websites to be blocked, choose Blacklist and click + to add URLs to the blacklist. Then anyone can’t land on these websites by using any browsers like Safari and Google Chrome, so you can feel free to let others like your kids surf on your Mac.



In Conclusion

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac makes it super easy to password protect Mac mail with utmost safety and reliability. In addition to doing a good job of password protect mail on Mac, it can also be used to lock any of your Mac app or block website on safari and google chrome with a password. If you are looking for how to lock mail on Mac, this how-to guide will help you out. Do you find this guide useful? Welcome to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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