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Answer Line: How to Password Protect Mac Mail App

"All members of my family use the Mac primarily for browsing the Web or playing games. It is basically a living room computer. But I use it also for my e-mail. I don't want everyone who uses the Mac to have access to my inbox, and I don't want to set up multiple user accounts for the computer (which I don't really need, because anyone who makes it to my living room is welcome to use it). So is there a way to prompt for a password when Mail is launched?"

While setting a separate user account for each(or all) of your family members, friends can go a long way towards improving the security of your Mac, it is meaningless for shared family Mac, someone may wants to read through your mail or tamper with your ongoing game. To keep your Apple Mail — even other apps on your Mac — private from the eyes of other users you may want to password protect Mac mail app.

Why Password Protect Individual Apps on Mac?

There are many reasons why you would want to block access to certain apps on your Mac. Here are some of those reasons:

  • If there are children in the house and they have the habit of playing games, you can use AppCrypt to restricting access to violent games, browsers or making costly purchases.
  • Protect apps form unwanted viewers, and keep your private message private.
  • Maybe you don’t want your friends to play your games and take advantage of your progress.

If the last one can be considered a joke, you have to admit that there are quite a lot of reasons why you would want to password protect individual applications like Apple mail on your Mac.

How to Password Protect Mac Mail App?

One of the easiest ways of doing so is by using an app named Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac. It is designed for home and business users who need to protect their sensitive apps so that they do not get into the wrong hands Once it’s set up with a master password and you select the apps you want to be locked, you are ready to go. No one will be able to access your protected apps unless they have the correct password.

Someone may ask there are many software for password protecting mail app, why should we give preference to Cisdem AppCrypt? Please take it easy, I will list the reasons as followings:

  1. Easy to use. Select mail app by drag'n'drop. After doing this, set a password to protect mail app on Mac. Each time the app is to be launched, AppCrypt asks for a password;
  2. Locks mac apps on specific days and times;
  3. Lets you go for a coffee break without worrying that your colleagues are reading your mails;
  4. A helpful tool if you share your Mac with other users, and you want to make sure nobody messes up the settings of specific apps, such as mail app;
  5. Works as background process and doesn't take CPU load while idle.

Also, here's an article where you can find out: How to Encrypt and Secure Your Email?

Now, we are prepared to use the easiest and best Mac mail app password protector.

Frankly, let’s follow these simple steps:

Download the Free Trial of Cisdem AppCrypt Mac Now!

Step 1. Set your AppCrypt password

After downloading the app, you should create a new password. It will be the key to run AppCrypt next time, and the code to open those encrypted apps too.

Step 2. Secure Mac mail app with a password

Cisdem AppCrypt locks four system applications automatically. You can remove them manually, but it is not recommended to do that. Please click "Add App" at the left side of tool bar and select mail app from the window followed.

Step 3. Set time schedule to unlock locked apps at a specified time.

Cisdme AppCrypt allows you to set a schedule to unlock specific apps. If you want your locked mail app to be unlocked in a specific time period, you can do this.

Step 4. Keep records of the failed attempts

You can keep tracks of failed attempts with date, time and optional captured photos so that you can review and find suspicious activities. Just click the gear icon and choose "Preferences" , then select "Capture photo with failed attempt". In this case, if there is anyone trying to get your e-mails, you will know that.

You'd better keep AppCrypt password in mind. Once you forget it, you will have no way to retrieve it. So please pay a good attention to your password.

In Conclusion

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac can make the protecting process as simple as possible. Beside that, it also contains other functions, which makes us surprised at its practicability. So, just enjoy using Cisdem AppCrypt in future. No doubts - this extraordinary application is necessary for Mac user to secure and encrypted their mail apps.

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