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WhatsApp Lock for Mac: How to Set WhatsApp Password for Protecting Chat Conversations?

I want to put a password on my WhatsApp, but the apps available on the App Store are not according to my need. Can you suggest some apps so that I can put a pass code on WhatsApp without jail breaking? - From Ask Different

In the old days, people communicated with each other by letters, then through traditional SMS. But nowadays, tons of Apps are being developed in our life, which makes communication more convenient. WhatsApp is the one of the instant messaging program that widely be used among public.

With the application of WhatsApp, Mac users will find that WhatsApp lock for Mac is necessary. Well, the issue we confront today quite interesting as I will show you how to set WhatsApp password on Mac to protect your messages in a good internet environment. But before that, let’s talk about why WhatsApp lock is essential and what kind of way should choose to encrypt WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp Lock Essential for Mac OS?

WhatsApp, a popular social networking messaging application, has a lot of attractive features like sending text messages, photos, audios, images and videos and more of other stuffs that might be individual information as well.

Think it over, how many times did you have to borrow your Mac to your families or friends? Did you have the slightest idea of what they would look at in your Mac? Everyone hopes their privacy to be secured and with WhatsApp dealing with personal details, it becomes a need for us to password protect WhatsApp.

Why Should Use Cisdem AppCrypt to Password Protect Whatsapp?

As we all know, SMS had already been reported a great solution to solve the privacy problem related to Outbox and Inbox. However, there is no security option in WhatsApp. Never mind, This could be achieved by using third-party apps and also by doing some specific settings in the application. Then, why Cisdem AppCrypt is a wonderful solution? Here we will give you the answers.

Cisdem AppCrypt is a powerful app to protect and keep track of your Whatsapp, Mail, Note, Skype and other software on Mac. Just select any software you want to secure by drag-n-drop. Afterwards, set an easy-to-remember password to protect applications on Mac. Next time, if you prepare launching to the apps, you will be asked to enter the password. In this case, you can lock individual applications easily. What's more, it allows you to set a time value to automatically lock apps for specified times, and track failed attempts with time and photo.

How to Set WhatsApp Password on Mac?

Actually, Whatsapp lock for Mac is not as difficult as you think so. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Install and launch Cisdem AppCrypt on your Mac

Click the icon to download the free trial. You can use it freely for 3 days. If you believe the app is right up your street after testing functions, you can purchase it.

Download free trial of AppCrypt for Mac!

Step 2. Set an easy-to-remember password for AppCrypt encryption

This password is for unlocking the blocked WhatsApp and change the program settings. Do not forget your password and please make a note of the password before clicking the submit, or you are unable to retrieve the password once you forget it.

Step 3. Click "OK" to confirm and click "Add App" on the top menu bar to add WhatsApp

After adding WhatsApp, you will ask for a password when you are trying to getting in the app. BTW, there are four apps having been automatically added and password protected by default. To ensure Appcrypt works more safely and efficiently, it’s not recommend to remove them.


#1. Make Encryption Schedule to Lock Apps at Specific Times

Cisdem AppCrypt contains the function for users to lock Mac applications on precise days and times. It's very simple to set the time on AppCrypt, as the same way you set your alarm clock.

#2. Keep record of failed attempts.​

If anyone enters wrong password to access WhatsApp, the system will take some photos voluntarily. Then you will know who are trying to peer your information.

Final words

Cisdem AppCrypt is a full-featured encryption app, which helps you protect your personal information well. If you do not give it a try, you will be regretful in future. Of course, if you have a better choice, please let us know in comment. Sharing your happiness is much better than enjoying your happiness by your own.

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