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What is an XLR File and How to Open a XLR File on Mac?

What is an XLR File and How to Open XLR Files on Mac?

I have icexcl and it won't recognize an .xlr file and my tried and true program for opening strange files, indesign, won't open it either. Not appleworks. Any ideas? -From

XLR seems an unacquainted file format to many people. This is not a surprise given the fact that this document format is not as popular as PDF, DOC, XPS, ect. So, how to open an xlr file on Mac? Don't worry, this article here will give you full information how what is an XLR file and how to open a XLR file on Mac with a good document reader for Mac.

What is an XLR File?

An XLR file extension is a spreadsheet file generated by the Microsoft Works software. After finishing creating spreadsheets and charts within the Microsoft Works program, you should save them as XLR files.

XLR file is a normally found program preinstalled with Windows, nevertheless, it is indeed rarely used on computer, needless to say on Mac. When you search “ How to open XLR files on Mac” via google, you can seldom find effective answers. Compared with XLR, XLS is more common. Microsoft Office has discontinued in favor of Microsoft Works, so we are unable to pick up a new and supported copy of Microsoft Works anymore. Fortunately, XLR file is a spreadsheet file similar to XLS file, in this case, you can open XLR files with Excel application and resave them as XLS format.

BTW, What is an XLS File?

An XLS file is created by Microsoft Excel and XLS stands for Excel Spreadsheet. In general, the content of an XLS file contains statistical and numerical pieces of data that are labeled with text. Images or graphics can also be embedded into the rows, cells, and columns of an .xls spreadsheet.

How to Open a XLR File on Mac?

#1. Open XLR Files on Mac by Changing XLR to XLS

Microsoft Office is more powerful than Microsoft Works, hence a great many Mac users have installed it already. For those with Microsoft Office installed, as mentioned earlier, you can convert XLR to XLS directly on Mac to open XLR files.

  1. Locate an XLR file and press “return”( or “enter”) on keyboard, then you can change the extension name, just replace .xlr with .xls.
  2. It will pop up a window asking you “ Are you sure you want to change the extension from “.xlr” to “.xls”. Click “Use .xls.Open XLR Files on Mac by Changing XLR to XLS Step Two
  3. XLR file has been changed to XLS format and you can open it via Microsoft Office now.

#2. Open XLR Files after Converting it to PDF on Mac is an impact online file converter for various file types. It supports different file conversions, such as XLR to PDF, XLS to Text, PXL to CSV, WAB to XPS, DB to XML and so on. The biggest advantage of the online converter is that you needn’t download any additional software.

  1. Click “ + Select files...”, it will present a dropdown list, you can choose the file from local computer, google drive, dropbox.
  2. There are eight file types in the “Convert to” list, select the first one “PDF”. And then set convert options.
  3. You will get the converted file. Download it on your Mac and open it with Preview. If you have installed Adobe Reader for Mac, that is better.

Open XLR Files after Converting it to PDF on Mac

#3. Open XLR Files on Mac via Independent Software

Cisdem DocumentReader is a gorgeous and all-round application which can swimmingly open XLR, PDF, Visio, XPS, DjVu, WPD, WPS file on Mac. For more supported reading formats, you can view tech specs. In addition to this, you can also convert and export these files to PDF, RTFD( only works for WPS and WPD), Text, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF.

Step 1. Launch Cisdem DocumentReader on Mac

Download the program and install it on your Mac. You can then run the DocumentReader just in the same way you launch other Mac software.

Open XLR Files on Mac via Independent Software Step One

Download the Free Trial of Cisdem DocumentReader Here!

Step 2. Import XLR file to the program

Import XLR file by clicking “ Open File” button or dragging it to the application. You will be allowed to open batch XLR files all at once, meanwhile, other file formats can be viewed at the same time as well.

Open XLR Files on Mac via Independent Software Step Two

Step 3. Edit and convert your XLR file on Mac(optional)

① If you would like to edit your XLR file on Mac, you can make full use of the options on the toolbar. You can zoom and rotate the file by pressing the small icon at the top of the window. Moreover, when you consider looking up a keyword word in the file, you are able to use Keyword Search to obtain all of them.

Open XLR Files on Mac via Independent Software Step Three

② To extract, print and convert XLR file into PDF, Text, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, you just need to click the "Export" and “Print” button and choose a desired output format.

Open XLR Files on Mac via Independent Software Step Three

Brief Summary of This Part

Although these three ways can all help you open XLR files on Mac, in my opinion, the former two methods seem a bit of trouble while manipulating them. So if you ask me which way is the best, I will stably elect DocumentReader. Without any conversion, you can open batch XLR files on Mac readily via DocumentReader, even come with other useful functions. You see, its superiority is really obvious.

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