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How to Open XPS File on Mac: Beginner’s Guide to Opening XPS File Without Any Hassle

I got this XPS file from my teacher and I couldn't open this XPS file using my Mac. It should be a lecture presentation. Does anybody know how to open XPS file on Mac? -From Ask Different

To compete with Adobe's PDF format, Microsoft created the XPS format (XML Paper Specification), which is used to share documents online as a write-protected medium. Although Mac users can directly open PDF file by using Apple's Preview, XPS file is not supported. How to open XPS file on Mac? There are two methods to do that, using XPS viewer for Mac or FireFox browser. This article will share those two methods for Mac users.

open xps file on mac

Method 1: Open XPS file with XPS Reader for Mac.

There are several XPS reader for Windows on the market, but application which can open XPS file on Mac is not much. Opening XPS file needs a third-party Mac XPS viewer, Cisdem Document Reader can help users to do it easily.

Cisdem Document Reader is a powerful XPS viewer Mac which allows users to batch open XPS files on their Mac, and other formats are also included, such as WPD, WPS, VISIO, PDF. Surely, the function of Cisdem Document Reader is far more than that.

How to use this XPS viewer Mac to open XPS files? Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Free Download Cisdem Document Reader and launch it on your Mac.

Cisdem Document Reader is not an online XPS viewer Mac, so you need to download it and launch it on your Mac. Just click the “Free Download” button below, Cisdem Document Reader will start to download. What you should do is launching it on your Mac after the download.

Download Cisdem DocumentReader Now!

Step 2. Open XPS file on it.

Start Cisdem Document Reader and open XPS file on it, or you can choose Cisdem Document Reader when you open XPS file directly. Then you can view the content of your XPS file.

Tips: When you read your XPS file, there are some tips for you since what Cisdem Document Reader can provide for you is not limited to read. For further details, read below.

1. There is a search bar on the top right corner, if you input your keywords, such as "Research", and enter, you will find all word, character or phrase anywhere within the shortest time.

2. The toolbar of Cisdem Document Reader allows users to do some operations to XPS files, including zoom, move, text, rotate, etc. Another highlight of it is its customizable toolbar. Users can customize particular toolbars according their requirement.

Step 3. Print your XPS file or save it as PDF.

If it is necessary, you can print your XPS file by Cisdem Document Reader on the condition that you connected printer to your Mac. What’s more, Cisdem Document Reader can’t do some edit to your XPS file, if you want to do that, you can convert your XPS file to PDF. Click the button “Save as PDF”, this step will be finished easily.

Here shows the best XPS viewers for Mac users, maybe you can turn to check it: Best XPS Viewer Mac Review (macOS Sierra Included). Also, if you are interested in its brother OXPS, this link should be helpful: What is OXPS File and How to Open OXPS File on Mac OS X?

Method 2: Open XPS File in Firefox Browser on Mac

If you are running browsers like Mozilla Firefox, you can restart the Firefox browser, configure the settings. Then you are ready to open XPS file on Mac without sweating bullets.

FireFox pops up the "You have chosen to open" window, and offers to either 'Open with "XPSViewer.Document (default),' or "Save to Disk." If I have it open with "XPSViewer.Document (default)," FireFox will open a new tab, then open another "You have chosen to open" window. If I have it open with XPSViewer. Document (default)," another tab opens.

A user online complained about that. Yes, you will encounter some problems if you open XPS file with FileFox browser on Mac. Fortunately, a guest listed the solution:

Try setting the default application for XPS in windows: 
Right click an XPS file > Open With > Choose Program 
Select the application you want to use. 
Check "Always use the selected program to open..." 
Click OK.

Although problems brought from FireFox can be solved sometimes, it really isn’t handy enough to open XPS file on Mac.


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