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What is DjVu and How to Open DjVu Files on Mac?

How do I open a .djvu file? I did a search on it, but didn't find anything. What is the best program to open a .djvu file? - From MacRumors

In many related forums, I notice that a number of Mac users are looking for a way to open DjVu files on their Mac. The answers of it are various, so we are not sure which one is the best solution. Beyond all doubt, a great DjVu viewer for Mac users can open Djvu files smoothly and view them without any difficulties on Mac. In regard to this question, I will recommend a method on how to open DjVu files on Mac here, hope it could be helpful for you.

What is DjVu Files?

What is DjVu

If you still have not figure it out, let me show you a brief overview firstly.

DjVu file format is mostly designed to store scanned documents, particularly those containing a combination of text, line drawings, photographs, and indexed color images.

DjVu uses technologies such as image layer separation of text and background images, progressive loading, lossy compression, and arithmetic coding for bitonal images. This allows for high-quality, readable images to be kept in a minimum of space, so that they can be made available on the internet.

How to Open DjVu Files on Mac?

In fact, DjVu is not a commonly used format in our daily life, thus we have to open it with special software. Then what kind of software can undertake this important task? As an 8 years Mac user, I highly advise Cisdem Document Reader. Maybe you haven’t heard this program before, but just glance over its reviews in the official website, you will realize why I believe it is the best application to open DjVu files on Mac.

Cisdem Document Reader is a wonderful file and document reader for Mac. With it, you will never worry about how to view DjVu files on Mac. In addition to open DjVu files, it can also view WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, PDF files in batches on Mac. We make sure all elements in these documents are precisely presented, including original text style, images, graphics, tables, hyperlinks, layout and formatting.

Meanwhile, DocumentReader offers you a wonderful reading experience using various viewing styles with toolbar consisting view mode, searching pane, page navigation, save, zoom, rotate, copy, etc. Users are able to design the toolbar according to their own wishes as well. For more detailed information, I will describe it below in steps.

Step 1. Import DjVu files on Mac

After downloading and launching Cisdem Document Reader, you will find a window as follow. Click “Open File” or drag and drop DjVu files directly to the window.

Import DjVu files on Mac

Step 2. Open DjVu files on Mac

Loading needs wait for a few seconds and then you can view DjVu files immediately. Don’t you think it’s very simple to operate? Just with few clicks, DjVu document is presented in front of you. Amazing!

Read DjVu files on Mac

Step 3. If necessary, save and print DjVu files to PDF for further sharing

PDF is a popular format, you can save and print WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, DjVu as PDF files with one click. They can be viewed and edited in any other PDF programs. Meanwhile, you can portion the PDF files to team members, customers and partners. This is specifically helpful for workgroups that want to collaborate on their visual documents and files in a multi-platform environment.

Save and print DjVu files to PDF

Useful Tips:

1. You can use Keyword Search function to retrieve the information you want promptly. The search box is in the upper-right corner and all contents those have mentioned this keyword will be showed in the left side of the window.

Keyword Search

2. As we said before, Cisdem DocumentReader affords you different page reading styles with toolbar consisting table of content, page thumbnail, searching pane, page navigation, zoom, rotate, save, etc.

customizable toolbar


As you may have searched on Google, there are some alternative best DjVu Reader for mac to open DjVu files on mac. But if you want the best from best, try Cisdem Document Reader. Also, for your information, Cisdem is now giving its PDF reader for free.

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