What is WPD and 4 Ways to Open WPD File on Mac 2022

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“I just received an expected file via email and I can't open it. Does anyone know what application will open a .wpd file? I've tried Word, Excel, Acrobat and Preview. Thanks!” --- Mac Rumors

It is believed that many Mac users may have the same trouble. Sometimes, we may receive some WordPerfect (.wpd) files, but don’t know how to open those files on Mac. For this reason, we here introduce 4 simple ways to open WordPerfect files on Mac.

What is WPD?

First thing first, we need to know what exactly is a WPD file.

WPD is the file extension of WordPerfect, it is a word processing application owned by Corel on multiple personal computer platforms. WordPerfect is used on Windows, and WPD files support formatted text, vector graphics, raster graphics , tables media, etc. 

Though many users have switched from WordPerfect to Word, there still are users stick to WordPerfect. Why? There are multiple reasons:

  • WordPerfect is quite easy to use, especially the use of key combinations
  • WordPerfect does good to cope with complicate layouts
  • Offer Multiple formatting attributes and elements for choice
  • Build in features for professionals in specific filed (Business, Lawyer)

what is wpd file

The Easiest Way to Open WPD File on Mac

WPD is not a commonly used file format, open WPD file on Mac is not an easy thing for most people, but, with Cisdem Document Reader, things will be extremely simple. Cisdem DocumentReader is a Mac utility to open and manage documents with ease, it can help users to open WPD file on Mac, it also gives users a fantastic reading experience by offering a set of viewing tools: such as different viewing mode, page navigation, zoom, rotate, keywords search. 

Main Features of Cisdem Documents Reader

  • Open and view 7 formats: PDF, WPD, WPS, XPS/OXPS, DJVU, VISIO, Winmail.dat
  • Offer a set of tools for better reading experience
  • Convert WPD and other files to PDF, Text, Rtfd, or image format
  • Extract images from WPD or other supported files
  • Input keywords to search within files
  • Print documents easily
  • Load files for viewing fast

How to Open WordPerfect (.WPD) File on Mac with Cisdem?

  • Step 1.Free Download Cisdem DocumentReader and launch it on your Mac. 
    You can try Cisdem DocumentReader for free as long as you click the “Free Download” button to start downloading it. And then you need to install it on your Mac. After installed, just run it.
    Free Download

  • Step 2.Open your WPD file on Mac.
    Once you have run Cisdem Document Reader, you can right click on the WordPerfect file to open with Cisdem. Or you can drag and drop the WPD file to Cisdem for viewing.

  • Step 3.(Optional) Use tools for fast and comfortable reading.
    Click the View or other tool buttons (Bookmark, Page Navigation, Zoom, Rotate, etc.) to read WPD files as needed.cisdem document reader optional

Tips to Use Cisdem Smartly

1. Customize Toolbar

For leveling up users' reading experience, Cisdem Document Reader allows users to customize the toolbar. You can right click on the area of toolbar on the top of interface, then choose “Customize Toolbar” to drag the icons per your needs.

2. Keyword Search

There is a search bar on the top right corner, just input your keywords and enter, Cisdem DocumentReader will find all word, character or phrase anywhere within the shortest time and mark it for you.

3. Print WPD file or save WPD as PDF on Mac.

If you want to print your WPD file, and you have connected printer with your Mac, you can print it directly by Cisdem DocumentReader. And if it is necessary, you can save your WPD file as PDF file so that you can share it more conveniently.

How to Open WPD Files on Mac in Word?

In fact, Microsoft Office Word allows users to open WordPerfect files directly on Mac, including old WordPerfect documents. But the disadvantage is, there will be messed formatting or layout, even some texts/images/diagrams won't be recognized and displayed. However, it is still worth a try.

Steps to Open WPD Files in Mac Word 2016/2019/2021/Office 365

  1. Run MS Word on your Mac.
  2. Go to File>Open, navigate to the WPD file you want to open.
  3. Select the file, then click “Open” to view the WordPerfect document on mac.

Steps to Open WPD Files in Mac Word 2011

  1. Right click on the WPD file, choose to open with MS Word.
  2. In the prompted box, choose converting to Unicode text.
  3. Click “OK”to open WordPerfect document in Word 2011 on mac.

How to Open WPD Files on Mac Free?

TextEdit is a free text editor bundled in MacOS, it allows users to view and edit texts on Mac. With this tool, users can also open WPD document, but the formatting and layout won't be retained, only texts can be displayed within the program.

  1. Right click on the WPD file. Choose to open with “Other”.
  2. Then navigate to TextEdit in your Applications. Select it and click “Open” to view WPD file in text format.open with textedit

Open WPD Files on Mac Online

Another way to open WPD files on mac is to convert WPD to PDF, then open the file with Mac Preview. Though it takes time, there are online free converters available to help save WPD as PDF format with ease. Zamzar is a good choice to do the conversion, which is an online platform allowing users to convert all kinds of files, such as documents, videos, audios, ebooks, etc.

  1. Go to Zamzar.
  2. Click “Add Files” to upload WordPerfect files into the program.
  3. Choose PDF as output.
  4. Click “Convert Now” to save WPD as PDF.zamzar wpd to pdf
  5. Then open the PDF file with Mac Preview.

Can Google Docs Open WordPerfect (.WPD) File on Mac?

No! But there is a recommended document viewer in Google Drive to open a WPD file.

If you manage documents online on a regular basis, you will be quite familiar with Google Docs, the online platform to view and edit PDFs, Word, etc. Though Google Docs doesn’t allow opening WPD within Google Docs directly, Google Drive has a recommended document viewer to open WordPerfect files on Mac. 

After you have uploaded the WPD file, you can right click on the file, then choose to open with Document Viewer for Google Drive, just wait for several seconds for the reader to load the WordPerfect document and it will be opened in your Google Chrome browser.

open wpd with google drive


For many users, Cisdem Document Reader is the best choice, since it helps open the WordPerfect document on Mac easily and without losing original file quality, also it offers features to guarantee an enjoyable reading experience. So, what’s your choice.

Free Download

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