5 Ways to Convert WordPerfect (WPD) File to Word on Mac or Windows

Bianca Huang
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Both Microsoft WordPerfect and Corel WordPerfect are popular word processing tools, though most of the users prefer MS Word, there are still a part of users sticking to WordPerfect due to its excellent user experience on file formatting, especially for those users who work in legal or administrative fields.

Obviously, MS Word has a much better compatibility. Therefore, there are needs to convert a WordPerfect WPD to Word Doc or Docx format. Here we are going to share 5 ways to convert WPD to Word on Mac or Windows PC.

Convert WordPerfect to Word on Mac

WordPerfect WPD is a windows-based format, it would be easier to convert WPD to Word on Windows than that on a Mac. However, we have the solution for you.

To convert WPD to Word Doc or Docx on Mac, the most critical part is opening and viewing the WordPerfect file, if we can open the file, it will be much easier to save it as Word document. In this case, Cisdem Document Reader is a good choice.

Cisdem Document Reader is a mac program to read and convert 8 windows-based files, including WordPerfect WPD, Microsoft Works WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, DJVU, Winmail.dat and PDF. You can read multiple WPD or other files at the same time, also export your files as PDF, Text and image formats.

Main Features of Cisdem Document Reader

  • Enjoyable reading experience
  • Convert WPD and other supported files to PDF, Text, RTFD, Image
  • Extract images from WPD and others
  • Keyword search within the document
  • Print files

Steps to Convert WordPerfect to Word on Mac

  • Step 1. Download and install Cisdem Document Reader onto your Mac.
    Free Download
  • Step 2. Run the program, drag and drop WordPerfect file for opening.wpd to word mac01
  • Step 3. Press Command+A to select all WordPerfect pages, right click to choose Copy.wpd to word mac02
  • Step 4. Then open a blank Word document, right click to Paste with formatting.
  • Step 5. Save the Word document.

Tip: There is an alternative to convert WPD to Word on mac with Cisdem, you can click the Export button to save WordPerfect files as image format first, then insert the images to Word document, in this case, the imported WordPerfect files won't be allowed editing in Word document.

wpd to word mac03

Batch Convert WordPerfect WPD to Word Doc or Docx

To batch convert WPD to Doc or Docx without opening and viewing the files, a WPD file converter is required, if you don’t mind spending money on such a tool, you can have a try on NCH WPD to Word Converter (for macOS and Windows).

It is a file converter to convert between text documents, including Word, Excel, WPD, Txt, ODT, ePub, Mobi and PDF. It allows users to save WordPerfect files as Doc, Docx, HTML, ODT, PDF, RTF, TXT and XML in batch. However, you won't be able to open and preview WordPerfect or other files with this program. You can find both macOS and Windows version for this program.

Steps to Batch Convert WordPerfect WPD to Word

  1. Download and install NCH WPD to Word Converter.
  2. Run the program, drag and drop WordPerfect files to the program.batch wpd to word 01
  3. Go to Output Format, choose Doc or Docx from the list.batch wpd to word02
  4. Click Convert to save WordPerfect WPD files as Word document.

Online Free WPD to Word Converter

The 3rd option to convert WordPerfect files is using online free WPD file converter. You can find several WPD converters online, some of them really do a good conversion job, like Online-Convert and Zamzar, these 2 tools are exactly the ones I want to recommend to you.

A Few Words about Online WPD to Word Converter

You will be required to upload your files for conversion online, your files are going to be saved online for at least 24 hours, which means potential risk of information leakage. Therefore, if your WPD files are highly confidential or private, you are not recommended to do the conversions online, since it may bring unexpected and great loss.

In addition, you need to check the Word document converted by these online tools, instead of sending or sharing directly. There may be minor errors on formatting or issues on conversion accuracy, you should check and manually revise before sharing with others.

#1 Online-Convert WPD to Word Converter

Online-Convert WPD converter processes files very fast, both file uploading and converting can be done extremely fast.

Online-Convert is able to convert audio, video, image, document, ebook, archive and others in batch. You can upload files from URL, Dropbox or Google Drive, also you can customize the output files by using the optional settings.

Steps to Convert WPD to Word Online Free

  1. Go to Online-Convert WPD to Word page.
  2. Drag and drop WPD files to the program.
  3. Go to Optional settings to customize your Word document.
  4. Click Start Conversion.
  5. Download Word documents.online-convert wpd to word

#2 Zamzar WPD to Word Converter

Zamzar WPD converter offers the best user experience to do conversions online free. There is no ad on its conversion page, and with 3 clicks, you can get your WordPerfect files in Word Doc format.

It supports converting audio, video, image, document, ebook, and others too, total 1200+ file formats. Its builds a clean and neat place for you to convert files, you see no ads, no sidebar recommendations. However, there are too many users waiting in line to convert files on this website, you may have to wait when uploading or converting your WPD files.

Steps to Convert WPD to Word Online Free

  1. Go to Zamzar WPD to Word page.
  2. Drag and drop WPD files to the program.
  3. Choose output as Doc or Docx.
  4. Click Convert Now to save WPD files as Word document.
  5. Then download and save the Word documents to your PC.zamzar wpd to word

Open WordPerfect in Word

We know MS Word is highly compatible, such an excellent compatibility extends from working on different platforms to opening different text-based files, including opening WordPerfect file. To turn WPD to Word format, you can open the file in Word then save as Word document.

Since MS Word is available for macOS and Windows, and the steps to open WordPerfect files in Word is similar, here we take opening WordPerfect in MS Word on Mac as an example to list the steps.

Steps to Open WordPerfect Files in MS Word

  1. Right click on the WordPerfect file, choose Other… if Microsoft Word is not on the Open With list.open wpd in word 01
  2. Then choose MS Office Word from your application list, if it doesn’t show from your app list, go to Enable>All Applications.open wpd in word 02
  3. Then click Open to import WPD file to Word and save the file.

The reason why I place this solution at the end of my list is that, MS Office Word cannot always open WordPerfect files as you expect, it is good at opening mainly-text-based files, but poor at rendering images or preserving formatting. Even, it cannot recognize at all when opening a file with the language (not your system language).


To convert WPD to Word document on Mac or Windows, there are 3 strategies, using a WPD viewer, a WPD to Word Converter or online free file converters, you can pick according to your needs. But for many users, the best way to convert WPD to Word and maintain formatting, is copying from a WPD viewer, then pasting to Word with formatting.

Bianca Huang
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Bianca is a senior tech editor and strategist at Cisdem with Over 10 years of experience on PDF related solutions which covers all document editing, annotating, converting and managing etc.

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