6 Ways to OCR to Word on Mac and Windows with Good Formatting

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OCR to Word means converting image-based files, in most cases they are either scanned PDF or images, to Microsoft Word document, with the purpose to copy, search even edit the text in this image files.

It is an easy job to OCR to Word, as long as you have found an adequate OCR tool, be it online or offline. Here, we will introduce 6 ways to convert OCR to Word on both Mac and Windows PC, while preserving the original formatting.Included in these solutions, there is an offline free OCR to Word software for you to try.

Best Software to OCR to Word with Good Formatting

Formatting maintenance is always the most difficult part of an OCR task. If you are looking for a solution to OCR to Word with original formatting preserved, a piece of professional software will be the best option.

For Mac and Windows users, the best software to OCR to Word will be different as following, but both of these 2 tools works outstanding on the Word output formatting.

Best Mac Software to OCR to Word with Formatting

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is originally designed to convert native PDFs to various formats, including Word. With the growing needs to work on a scanned or image file, Cisdem involves and builds in the OCR feature, allowing users to convert both scanned PDF and multiple images format to Word and other editable formats too. Due to the active development these years, its conversion and OCR performance get improved profoundly, users can recognize their files accurately and export as Word or other formats with good formatting.

Steps to OCR to Word on Mac with Formatting

  1. Download and install Cisdem PDF Converter OCR on your mac.
    Free Download
  2. Import files for OCR to Word.
    Drag-n-drop scanned PDF or images to the program, or click “+” to add files for OCR. OCR to word on mac 01
  3. Adjust the settings for OCR to Word on Mac.
    For scanned PDF, turn the OCR button ON, choose file language and output as Docx;
    For images, just select the file language and output as Word Docx;ocr to word on mac 02
  4. OCR to Word on Mac.
    Click Convert to start OCR files to Word on mac.

If you are not satisfied with the OCR result, click the settings gear for advanced OCR. You will find the whole file is marked as texts, images or tables in different colors, and you can do changes. For illustration, if you want to export a specific area as Table, click on “Mark Table” in the OCR applied zone, then drag a mark box to include the contents you want to mark as Table, and this part will be saved as Table in your Word output.

ocr to word with advanced ocr


Best Windows Software to OCR to Word with Formatting

To convert OCR to Word on Windows, you will need a similar tool like Cisdem PDF Converter to do the OCR equivalently. And it is much likely you will be recommended to use Nitro Pro under different situations.

Nitro Pro is a powerful Windows program to deal with PDF files, it allows users to create, edit, convert, merge, annotate, protect, sign and even compare PDF files. It’s really a good alternative to Adobe PDF editor if you need to edit PDF files very often.

Steps to Convert OCR to Word on Windows with Formatting

  1. Download and install Nitro Pro to your Windows PC;
  2. Go to File>Open, add your scanned PDF or image to the program;ocr to word windows 01
  3. If a scanned file is imported, Nitro Pro will detect and guide to use OCR, click to start OCR the file.
    Also, you can go to Review>OCR, to make the file searchable and editable;ocr to word windows 02
  4. Then go to Home>To Word, convert OCR to Word on Windows with formatting retained.ocr to word windows 03


3 Tools to OCR to Word Online Free

#1 docs.zone

It is an online free PDF creator and converter. Its OCR can recognize 7 different languages and support batch OCR PDF or images to Word with formatting.


  1. Support 7 languages;
  2. Batch OCR;
  3. Create PDF from Word, or other files;


  1. OCR files to Word only;
  2. Files saved online for 6 hours to suffer potential risk of information leakage;
  3. Need to adjust the formatting manually;

Steps to OCR to Word Online Free with docs.zone

  • Step 1. Go to docs.zone OCR
  • Step 2. Click “Select files” to add 1 or more files for OCR;docs zone ocr to word 01
  • Step 3. Choose file language,click Start to OCR to Word;docs zone ocr to word 02
  • Step 4. Download the Word document to your device, save and check the formatting, manually adjust if necessary.docs zone ocr to word 03


#2 Convertio

Convertio is a versatile online free file converter, changing audio, video, document, ebook, image to various formats. Its OCR support recognizing 70+ formats, and exporting both scanned PDF & image to 11 editable formats.


  1. Support reading 70+ languages;
  2. Batch OCR;
  3. OCR file to Word and other 10 formats;
  4. Recognize 2 languages in the same file;
  5. Save Word output to Dropbox and Google Drive;


  1. Only 10 pages are free for OCR;
  2. Potential risk of information leakage;
  3. Need manually adjust the formatting;

Steps to OCR to Word Online Free with Convertio

  • Step 1. Go to Convertio OCR;
  • Step 2. Drag and drop 1 or more files to the program;convertio ocr to word 01
  • Step 3. Choose file language, output format and OCR page range;convertio ocr to word 02
  • Step 4. Then click Recognize to OCR to Word online free;
  • Step 5. Download and save the Word document to your device.


#3 PDF Convert Online

As an all-round online free PDF tool, PDF Convert Online helps users to create, convert, compress, protect, split, merge and unlock PDFs. Its OCR feature allows saving scanned PDF to editable Word format.


  1. Easy to use;
  2. Support recognizing 100+ formats;
  3. OCR to Word, RTF and TXT;


  1. No batch OCR;
  2. Potential risk of information leakage;
  3. Need manually adjust the formatting;

Steps to OCR to Word Online Free with PDF Convert Online

  • Step 1. Go to PDF Convert Online;
  • Step 2. Click Choose File to add file for OCR;
  • Step 3. Choose file language;
  • Step 4. Choose output as Docx or Doc;
  • Step 5. Click Convert Now! To start OCR to Word, then save the file to your device.pdf convert online


How to Convert OCR to Word with Free Software?

If you are looking for free software to convert OCR to Word offline free, there is few options, since virtually all offline professional OCR software come with a price tag. But FreeOCR for Windows offers the option to OCR to Word offline free.

FreeOCR is a Windows program to OCR scans, PDF and images to Word, Text or RTF. The OCR result is accurate, however when OCR to Word, the formatting cannot be maintained, you will have to manually adjust.

Steps to OCR to Word with Free Software

  1. Download and install FreeOCR to your Windows PC;
  2. Go to Open to add files for OCR;
  3. Go to OCR>Start OCR Process;
  4. Click on the Word icon, start OCR to Word on Windows now;ocr to word free software


Can Microsoft Word Do OCR?

No, it cannot.

Microsoft Word is always the most powerful word processor, it can view and edit Word documents, however, it has no OCR feature. There is no way to convert OCR to editable Word in MS Word, but Microsoft Office Suite does offer an option to do OCR, that is OneNote OCR, allowing users to copy text from image-based files.


If we grasp the key to OCR to Word, that will save us a lot of time to re-type and re-edit a file. While the key is always to use the right tool, if you want high quality OCR and preserve the formatting, leave your OCR tasks to a professional OCR tool.

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