How to Convert PNG to JPG on Mac? (#2 is our favorite)

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In some occasions, we need to convert a PNG to JPG on mac. For example, users are only allowed to upload JPG files on some platforms or need to render images in smaller file size for space saving…

For all users have similar issues on converting PNG to JPG on mac, we here introduce several feasible workarounds as following, each of them has its advantages. Keep reading to find your favorite.

Why Convert PNG to JPG on Mac?

First thing first, why do people want to convert PNG to JPG on mac? 

PNG, with a full name of Portal Network Graphics, is a lossless image compression format. As you may have noticed, when we capture screenshots on mac or with other programs, the capture are saved in PNG format. 

The usage of PNG files is so universal, but why we still need to convert PNG to JPG on mac? Because JPG is much more universal than PNG, it is the most web-friendly image format to carry information. Also for the reason that PNG file is relatively bigger than that of JPG in size due to lossless compression. 

How to Convert PNG to JPG with Mac Preview?

Mac users take “Converting PNG to JPG with Mac Preview” for granted, since Mac preview is the free application coming with MacOS bundle to manage images and PDFs.

Of course, you can. And I have to admit, Preview is the best free way to convert PNG to JPG on mac, when you are doing single-image conversion.

  1. Open PNG file with Mac Preview.
  2. Go to File>Export. Choose JPG from the output format menu. Also you can drag the bar to decide image quality.convert png to jpg mac with preview
  3. Click “Save” to convert PNG to JPG on mac.

Quite easy. Aslo, you can utilize Mac Preview to convert  PNG to PDF on mac, even convert PDF to PNG on mac for your purposes.

Yet, as I have mentioned, users can only convert one PNG to JPG with Preview every time, if you have dozens of, even hundreds of PNGs to be processed, batch conversion will be better.

Batch Convert PNG to JPG on Mac

It’s much likely that users just have multiple PNGs to be converted on mac. In this case, a converter that supports batch conversion will be extremely helpful.

Yes, for sure, Adobe offers the best kits to manage image formats. But we don’t need to cost such huge money on Adobe or other image processors. PDF Converter OCR for mac will help with an affordable price.

PDF Converter OCR is a feature-rich PDF converter incorporating a PDF converter, an image converter, an OCR converter, even a PDF creator. In other words, PDF Converter OCR is the tool to perform conversion between different images, convert native PDF/scanned PDF/images into editable formats, create PDF from other documents, and still with original file quality retained.

The main reason why we pick PDF Converter OCR as our favorite lies in its capability to carry out all needed conversion on our files:

  • Convert PNG to JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, freely convert between different images;
  • Convert PNG and image files to editable formas, such as JPG to Word, image to Excel, etc.;
  • Convert PNG and other image formats to PDF;
  • Convert native, scanned and protected PDF to 16 formats, including PNG;
  • Create PDF from Word, Powerpoint, HTML, Text and other popular file formats;
  • Merge PNG, or other formats into single one PDF, then protect and compress the PDF output.

Free Download

  1. Import PNGs for PNG-to-JPG conversion on mac.
    Either drag &drop or click “+” to add PNG files into the program. No matter you are uploading dozens or hundreds of PNG files into the program, the uploading will be ready fast and well.convert png to jpg mac
  2. Prepare PNG-to-JPG conversion on mac.
    Once all the PNG files are ready in the program, choose the output as JPG, or any other image formats. If you want to convert PNG to editable formats, choose the file language before conversion.convert png to jpg mac with cisdem 02
  3. Click “Convert” to change PNG to JPG on mac in batch. 

You may hesitate to get such powerful tool around to convert PNG to JPG on mac. But in light of the growing needs on file conversions in the near future, it will be worthwhile and necessary.

How to Convert PNG to JPG with Command Line?

Also, if you are a programming lover, you can convert PNG to JPG on mac with command line. Mac users can use Terminal and sips to achieve this.

  1. Go to Applications>Utilities>Terminal.
  2. Type “cd”>press the Space Bar, then drag the PNG file that need to be converted.
  3. Use this command string syntax: sips -s format [image type] [file name] --out [output file]
    If your PNG file is named as “01.png”, the sips syntax should be: sips -s format png 01.png --out 01.jpgconvert png to jpg mac with command line

This is for single-image conversion. If you want to convert batch PNGs to JPG, the sips command syntax should be as following:
for i in [filename]; do sips -s format [image type] $i --out [destination]/$i.[extension];done

How to Convert PNG to JPG Online Free?

Today, lots of people still flock to free options to convert PNG to JPG. It’ s really hard to tell if online PNG to JPG Converter can work perfectly for each user. However, it’s worth a try. After all, it is free.

To convert PNG to JPG online free, you can try Allowing users to adjust quality settings makes online-convert more appealing than other online PNG to JPG converters. Along with its satisfactory conversion results, this online solution becomes to our top pick.

  1. Go to online-convert, click “Choose File” or enter URL, even you can choose files from Dropbox and Google Drive to upload PNGs.
  2. Tweak the quality settings. There are optinal settings helps to change size, color, DPI, etc.
  3. Click “Convert file” to start the PNG to JPG conversion.
  4. The JPG output will be automatically downloaded, save the png to jpg

As long as you are able to access to Internet, you can convert PNG to JPG online anytime anywhere.

However, this online PNG to JPG converter cannot batch convert. Also, you are recommended to give a second thought before deciding to use this online tool, in the case you are working on highly private files.

Extra Trick to Convert PNG to JPG on Mac

At the end of this part, there is an extra trick to convert a PNG to JPG on mac, which doesn’t require any converter or 3rd party software.

You can directly change the extension from .png to .jpg. Choose the PNG file you wan to convert to JPG, then “Rename”, and replace the extension .png with .jpg. Finally, click “Use.jpg” to save the PNG file in JPG format.

rename to convert png to jpg mac

If you want to convert multiples PNGs to JPG, select them all and rename them all.

convert png to jpg mac by rename all

That is quite easy. However, this trick won’t reduce the image size even it is saved in JPG. There is nothing has changed, except the extension. If you want to convert PNG to JPG in smaller size, try other solutions.


There may be more options to convert PNG to JPG on mac, but for me, #2 is my favorite. It helps users perform the PNG to JPG conversion easily, fast and well, which are all what users need. So, will you turn to PDF Converter OCR for PNG to JPG conversion to shoot all conversion issues once for all?

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