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How to Do OneNote OCR to Copy Image-based Text?

Microsoft OneNote is a free cross-platform office program to take and organize notes, allowing users to input text, create tables, even insert pictures, so that the notes can be shared with other authorized OneNote users. Another impressive feature of OneNote is absolutely its built-in capability to do OneNote OCR.

What is OneNote OCR?

Before going to OneNote OCR, the basic knowledge about OCR will be necessary.

OCR, the full name is Optical Character Recognition, it means electronically turn typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. Or put it simple, it means recognize the text from non-editable/non-writable/non-searchable files.

Microsoft OneNote OCR refers to the OCR feature Microsoft added to OneNote, enabling users to copy text from image-based files, and then edit the text if necessary.

With OneNote OCR, you can take notes by taking screenshots or captures at convenience, then turn the image text into sharable and editable notes.

How to Do OneNote OCR to Copy Image-based Text?

It is quite easy to perform OneNote OCR to copy text from pictures, here we take OneNote for Mac as the example to perform ocr.

  1. Open Microsoft OneNote for Mac.
  2. Go to Insert and import the image-based files(click picture or PDF printout) for OneNote OCR on onenote ocr on mac
  3. Perform OneNote OCR by right clicking on the image-based file and choose “Copy Text from Picture”.onenote ocr on mac 03
  4. Press “Command+V” to paste the image text and edit as needed.

For Windows users who want to copy text from image with OneNote OCR, you can also refer to these steps since there is no big different under OneNote Mac version and OneNote Windows version.

What if OneNote OCR Not Working?

Admittedly, OneNote is great for people who have to deal with papers on regular basis, however, the OneNote OCR is not working properly all the time. Following are 2 most-frequently asked questions about OneNote OCR:

  • OneNote OCR works on Windows, but not on MacOS, there is no OCR when inserting image-based files on mac
  • OneNote OCR is not recognizing text from image-based files accurately

Unfortunately, there is no good solution to fix these 2 technical problems until now. That’s why many users are looking for OneNote OCR alternatives to shoot these troubles once for all. To fix those OneNote OCR problems, you will need the help of professional OCR PDF Converter for Mac or Windows.

OneNote OCR Alternative Mac---Cisdem PDF Converter OCR

Cisdem PDF OCR Converter, is a dedicated mac ocr converter to convert native and scanned PDF, even images to about 16 formats, including but not limited to Word, Excel, ePub, Text, PPTX, HTML… with original file quality retained. It supports batch OCR and approx. 200 languages.

What's more, this mac program enables users to create PDF files from other documents, such as Microsoft Office, HTML, CHM, ePub, Image, etc. Also, you are allowed to customize the PDF files, such as adding security, adjust size and quality easily.

  1. Import PDFs or the image files you exported as PDF to Cisdem.
    Go to the interface "Converter", drag or drop PDF files into the program, or click “+” to add PDF files for onenote ocr cisdem 01
  2. Prepare for OCR.
    Turn the OCR button on, select language and page range. Choose the output format before onenote ocr cisdem 02
  3. Process OCR with OneNote OCR Alternative.
    Click “Convert” to make selected PDF files to be editable. 
  4. Copy text from image-based files.
    Open the OCR-ed file and copy, or edit as you want to.

OneNote OCR Alternative Windows---Readiris 16 for Windows

As a leading OCR software developer to offer OCR solutions, Readiris enjoys a large popularity among OCR users, for the reason of accurate OCR results and extended features to convert PDFs.

  1. Open PDFs or images with Readiris.onenote ocr alternative windows 01
  2. Once the file is imported, choose the output as Word, or other supported formats to start the OCR automatically.onenote ocr alternative windows 02
  3. Open the OCR-ed file in output folder and copy or edit the text as you want to.


We do hope Microsoft OneNote will contribute further efforts to shoot the existing OneNote OCR problems, since it indeed brings us good and free service to manage notes. But before solutions are offered, we can try these above-mentioned OneNote OCR alternatives for our convenience.

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