Fast Duplicate File Finder for Mac

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Fast Duplicate File Finder is a freeware for Windows users to find and remove duplicate files in a folder, PC computer or entire network. But it doesn’t have a Mac version. So, if you are a Mac user, how to find a fast duplicate file finder? Don’t worry, this article will recommend you a fast duplicate file finder for Mac and then show you how to use it on your Mac computer.

Fast duplicate file finder for Mac

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a very fast duplicate file finder for Mac that can help you find and remove duplicate files to reclaim valuable space. It uses MD5 value checksum algorithm to detect duplicates precisely and quickly regardless of file name. It also has other powerful features:

  • Automatically find and delete duplicate photos, videos, documents, audios, archives, package and others.
  • Find duplicate files in user specified folders, hard drives and removable media like USB drives, memory cards, etc.
  • Flexible scan filtering settings for you to find duplicate files quickly.
  • Search duplicate files with keyword and sort files into 7 categories easily.
  • Built-in preview feature that allows you to preview duplicates before deleting.
  • Hide files from scanning again and support to remove duplicates from hidden list.
  • Auto-select all duplicates to remove them in one go.
  • Duplicate files can be moved to Recycle Bin, custom folder or deleted permanently.

This fast duplicate file finder has intuitive interface and offers free trial. Download it for free and find duplicates immediately.

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How to use this fast duplicate file finder for Mac

1. Add folders or hard drives. You can click “+” button to select specified folders or hard drives or directly drag & drop them to Cisdem Duplicate Finder app. Click the “Settings” icon on the top right corner to choose scan and removal methods that you prefer. Then click “Scan” and this fast duplicate file finder will deep scan for duplicates.

2. Scan duplicates. This fast duplicate file finder shows you real-time scanning results. And you can click “Stop” button to stop the scanning process anytime you want and it will show you instant results. But it is recommended to wait patiently till it finishes scanning automatically.

3. Preview duplicates. After scanning, this fast duplicate file finder for Mac will classify duplicates into 7 categories in tab view. In “All” tab, this app lists all duplicates on the left column. You can search with keyword to find your target duplicate files and sort them by size, type, file count and name. Highlight each file to preview it on the right column.

4. Hide duplicates from scanning again. If there are duplicates that you don’t want to delete, you can click the eye like icon to hide them from scanning again. This fast duplicate file finder also allows you to remove them from the hidden list, and then the duplicates can be scanned again.

5. Remove duplicates. After previewing, select the duplicates you want to delete and then hit “Delete” button to remove them. To remove all duplicates, just click “Select All” and delete them.

In all, Cisdem Duplicate Finder scan duplicates fast and allows you to remove them in one click. It helps you get rid of duplicate files in minutes. Download this fast duplicate file finder for Mac now and reclaim valuable space on your Mac.

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