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5 Best iTunes Duplicate Remover for Mac in 2017

Are you frustrated with managing duplicate iTunes songs on your Mac? Many iTunes users or music fans are looking for an effective iTunes duplicate remover Mac to help them clean up iTunes duplicates. Here we will recommend 5 best iTunes duplicate remover including free one to help you get rid of duplicates in iTunes.

5 Best iTunes Duplicate Remover for Mac

Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac

Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac is a powerful and professional iTunes duplicate remover which allows you to find and remove duplicate files fast and accurately. It can locate duplicate videos, images, compressed files, documents, duplicate songs in iTunes, etc. It also allows you to preview duplicates before deleting and offers three removal methods. You can remove all the duplicates songs with one click; this is much easier than using iTunes. You can download this iTunes duplicate remover below and remove all your duplicate songs from iTunes on Mac.

Download free trial of Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac!

How to get rid of duplicates in iTunes

Step1. Open Cisdem Duplicate Finder on Mac and click "+" button to add iTunes app or your iTunes folder. Then click "Scan".

Step2. This iTunes cleanup software will show real-time scanning results. After scanning, you can preview each duplicate song.

Step3. Select duplicates and click "Remove" to get rid of duplicates in iTunes app.

If you want to know more infor about deleting duplicates in iTunes, please visit: How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes Library All at Once

iTunes (Free)

iTunes is the only FREE iTunes duplicate remover to remove duplicate in iTunes. Launch iTunes on your Mac, choose "View > Show Duplicate Items" to show duplicate items. If you have multiple versions of the same song, you can hold the Alt or Option key and choose "View > Show Exact Duplicate Items". Then, duplicate songs would be sorted and displayed for you to review. Select duplicate items and remove the duplicate items by choosing "Edit > Delete". If you get a big amount of duplicates, this might cost you much time. 

Tunes Sweeper

Tunes Sweeper is a good iTunes clean-up app which enables you to quickly find and remove duplicates tracks and music in your iTunes library. Tune Sweeper search for iTunes duplicate tracks based on your preferred search criteria, such as matching track names, artist, and album. This iTunes duplicate remover will shows the duplicates found in your iTunes library in groups and suggests which tracks to keep based on your preference. Then keep the tracks and remove unwanted duplicates from iTunes library. Optionally, tracks removed from iTunes are backed up for safe keeping.

Download free trial of Tunes Sweeper to remove duplicates from iTunes!

iTunes Duplicates Cleaner

iTunes Duplicates Cleaner is made for cleaning up duplicated tracks in iTunes library and help you get rid of iTunes duplicate tracks. This iTunes duplicate remover sorts duplicated tracks into groups according to user defined various conditions, and checks those tracks should be deleted smartly. Then you can delete and remove thousands of duplicates from your iTunes library in less than one minute. With iTunes Duplicates Cleaner, all iTunes duplicate tracks will be removed with just few clicks.

Buy iTunes Duplicates Cleaner for Mac!


TuneUp is one of the best iTunes cleanup software. This iTunes duplicate cleaner can help you remove duplicates, and also repair mislabeled songs and add missing cover art. There's a free trial that allows you to fix 50 tracks, but the full version will cost you $32. TuneUp seems to be a little pricey and less automatic. It does save a lot of time, but you still have to finish some operations to utterly clean up your iTunes library, such as manual dragging files to this program from iTunes.

Download free trial of TuneUp to remove duplicate tracks from iTunes!

Which is the Best iTunes Duplicate Remover?

After the brief introduction of 5 best iTunes duplicate remover, many music fans wants to choose the best or the suitable one. So in order to meet these needs, we make a comparison among these iTunes duplicate remover. The contents include system requirements, price, supported iTunes version, pros and cons. You can see the details of each iTunes duplicate remover from the below form.

iTunes Duplicate Remover Platforms iTunes version Price Pros Cons
Cisdem Duplicate Finder Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and newer No requirements $29.99/lifetime license Find duplicates from iTunes, videos, photos, archives, etc. Very easy to use. Lifetime upgrade. Three removal methods. Not free and duplicates can't be deleted when using the trial version.
iTunes Mac OS X v10.6 and higher iTunes 11 and later  Free It can locate duplicate items even exact duplicate items. Delete duplicates manually, it's time-consuming.
Tunes Sweeper Mac OS X 10.7 or higher iTunes 10, 11 or 12 $24.99 Remove unwanted duplicates from iTunes library,backup them before deleting Not free. Its scanning speed is low and duplicates can't be removed when using free version.  
iTunes Duplicates Cleaner No explanation No explanation $14.95/Mac, $24.95/Pair Pack Sort duplicated tracks into groups and clean up duplicates, easy to use Not free and it also lacks of updates.
Tune Up Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later iTunes 10.7 and higher $15.98/year, $19.98/lifetime Remove duplicates, repair mislabelled songs and add missing cover art A little pricey, and not interface friendly


As we can see from the form above, Cisdem Duplicate Finder not only helps you get rid of duplicates in iTunes, but it also can locate duplicate photos, videos, documents, etc. Believe that nobody’s Mac has no duplicate photos and other duplicate files. So Cisdem Duplicate Finder is definitely the most valuable and best iTunes duplicate remover. Other three iTunes cleanup software do have similar features, you can choose one from them when you just want to remove duplicate iTunes tracks. In all, Cisdem Duplicate Finder is highly recommended as the best choice to find and remove duplicate songs from iTunes. Try if for free now! By the way, if you have another free iTunes duplicate remover, please share it with us.

Download free trial of Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac!

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