The Best Cloud Duplicate Finder to Delete Cloud Duplicate Files

Rosa Reyes
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Looking for the best cloud duplicate finder to find and delete duplicate files in cloud storage? You are in the right place.

Nowadays, it’s common for us to store files in the cloud. There are many cloud storage services such as Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive. As with any storage medium, it’s easy to have duplicate files in cloud drives. Many people are looking for an easy way to remove duplicate files from Dropbox or OneDrive etc.

There are 2 types of cloud duplicate file finders: web-based ones and desktop ones. Both can help you easily get rid of duplicate photos and other duplicate files. We will talk about both types in this article.

A brief comparison

Each part of the article will focus on a type of cloud duplicate finder and recommend the best app to use.

  Web-based Mac Windows
Recommended app Cloud Duplicate Finder Cisdem Duplicate Finder Duplicate Cleaner
Supported services

Google Drive



Amazon S3


Google Drive




Amazon Photos

And more ...

Google Drive



And more ...

Find duplicate photos, audios, videos, etc. Yes Yes Yes
Find similar photos Yes Yes Yes
Remove duplicate files from computer No Yes Yes
Remove duplicate files from external storage devices No Yes Yes
Lifetime subscription price $150 $29.99 $29.95
More info Click for details Click for details Click for details

Part 1. The best web-based cloud duplicate finder

Cloud Duplicate Finder or CDF is a web-based app to find and eliminate duplicate files in certain cloud storage services. Below is a Cloud Duplicate Finder review.

A SaaS (software as a service) product by Sorcim Technologies, CDF supports detecting and deleting duplicate files in five services including Google Drive, OneDrive and more. Working with all common file types, it can help you get rid of duplicate pictures, music files, documents and other duplicates in your cloud storage account. In addition, this app can identify certain visually similar images.

supported services

Is Cloud Duplicate Finder safe? Whether it’s safe depends on your need of safety. To deal with the duplicate files in a cloud drive, CDF needs to access the files and folders in the drive. Once you grant the access, this third-party app will be able to see, edit and delete your files. Learn about the possible risks first! CDF states that it uses 256-bit encryption and never gains access to the actual content of your data. If you trust it, you can allow the access and start using it.

learn about the risks

Is Cloud Duplicate Finder free? No. It’s a paid app with multiple subscription options.

Subscription Cost Bundled with
Quarterly $39.97 -
1 year $69.97 Clone Files Checker
2 years $96 Clone Files Checker
Lifetime $150 Clone Files Checker

How to use Cloud Duplicate Finder web app

1. On your desktop (recommended) or mobile browser, go to

2. Sign up using your Google or Microsoft account. Alternatively, create an account and login to it.

3. Choose a cloud storage service.

4. Click the Add New Drive button.

add new drive

5. Sign in with your account. Click the info icon info icon for details. If you trust CloudDuplicateFinder, click Allow to authorize the access.


6. The added drive and its folders will be listed in the left sidebar. Select the entire drive or specific folders to scan.

7. Choose to find all types of duplicates or specific types such as Documents and Images.

8. Click the Scan button. The time it will take depends on the number of files to scan.

9. Once the process is done, CDF will list the detected duplicate files in groups.

10. This step is optional. Enable the built-in preview feature by checking the box next to Preview. You can preview a duplicate photo by highlighting it.

11. Now it’s time to select unwanted duplicate files to remove. You can do it manually or by choosing a selection rule.

12. Click the Select Action button. Permanently delete the selected duplicates or move them to a folder of your choosing.


  1. No need to download and install anything
  2. Work with multiple cloud storage services
  3. Support all popular file types
  4. Also find photos that are visually similar (only in OneDrive and Google Drive)
  5. Offer multiple scan types and removal options
  6. Come with a built-in image preview feature
  7. Support desktop and mobile (such as Android) operating systems


  1. Need access to your cloud drive account, making CDF able to do the same things that you can do to your files and account
  2. A bit expensive

Part 2. The best desktop cloud duplicate finder

This part talks about the best desktop apps to remove duplicate files from most if not all cloud drives on Mac and Windows and how to do the removal.

The best Mac cloud duplicate file finder

Mac computer users can use Cisdem Duplicate Finder to effortlessly find and mass delete duplicate files in all popular cloud storage services. It can identify duplicate photos, videos, songs, Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, archives and any other kinds of duplicate files.

supported file types

Commonly used to weed out duplicate files on Mac and external storage devices, Cisdem Duplicate Finder can also be used for cloud drives. The trick is to sync your cloud drive with your Mac first, which is made easy thanks to your cloud drive’s desktop app.

Steps to use the cloud duplicate finder to delete cloud duplicate files

1. Download and install the cloud drive app for Mac. Most cloud storage providers provide official desktop apps.

2. Set up the app. Once set up, it should automatically start syncing your entire cloud drive or specific folders in it (based on your preferences) to your Mac.

3. Now you should be able to see the cloud drive in Finder’s sidebar. Wait for the sync to complete. All your files including the duplicates are on your computer.

cloud storage drive in Finder

4. Download and install the Cisdem cloud duplicate finder. Open it.

Free Download

5. Click the plus icon (+). Select your cloud drive in the sidebar and click Open.

click scan

6. Click Scan.

7. Once the scan is done, you can view, sort and preview the detected duplicate files.

view and preview duplicate files

8. Cisdem Duplicate Finder already automatically and smartly select duplicates for you to bulk delete. If not satisfied with the auto selection, choose a desired selection rule or select by hand.

select duplicate files to remove from cloud storage

9. Click Delete.

10. Confirm the deletion.


11. The unwanted duplicate files are removed, and the cloud drive app will automatically detect and sync the changes, i.e. the removal of multiple duplicates.

As a result, the duplicate files in the cloud will also removed all at once. Your account is now duplicate-free.

As you can see, during the whole process, Cisdem Duplicate Finder won’t require access to your account. When compared to the online-based solution, this desktop solution is more secure. Also, it supports most cloud-based storage services.

Note: If there are tons of files in your cloud storage, then the process will probably be long. It will take time to sync back and forth. If you can’t successfully sync your files from cloud to your Mac and vice versa, this method won’t work for you.

With different services, the ways to set up their official apps may be different. For some popular services, Cisdem provides detailed tutorials.

How to remove duplicate files from:


  1. Find all types of duplicate files
  2. Also find similar photos
  3. Support a wide variety of cloud-based storage services
  4. Safe and reliable to use
  5. Delete duplicate files on Mac, external HD, SD card, cloud storage, etc.
  6. Delete duplicates in Photos, iPhoto, Music and iTunes
  7. Let you preview images, media files and documents
  8. Automatically select duplicates for you to delete with 1 click
  9. Also provide multiple useful selection rules
  10. Offer 3 removal options including Move to Trash (letting you easily restore accidentally deleted items)
  11. Easy to use


  1. Only available for Mac computers

Free Download

The best Windows duplicate file finder for cloud

1. Download and install your cloud drive app, such as Google Drive’s Backup and Sync app, OneDrive app or Amazon Photos app, etc.

2. Set up the app and sync your cloud drive with your computer.

3. Wait for the sync to finish. You can access the app in the taskbar and check the sync status.

4. Download and install Duplicate Cleaner.

5. Launch a new search.

6. Choose Regular mode.

Regular mode

7. Go to the Scan location tab.

8. From the list of Available folders, choose your cloud drive folder to add for search.

9. Click Start scan.

10. Select the duplicates that you don’t want to keep. You can do it manually or with the help of the Selection assistant tools.

Selection assistant tools

11. Click File removal.

As the removal happens, the cloud storage app should be able to detect it and start syncing the elimination of file duplicates back to the cloud.


We hope you will find the cloud duplicate finder reviews helpful. All the important details are covered. Step-by-step instructions are also provided. Both solutions are easy to apply. Cisdem Duplicate Finder is versatile and powerful. You can use it as Google Drive duplicate finder, iCloud duplicate finder, or Mac duplicate file finder, etc.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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