Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Review, Instructions and Alternatives

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Duplicate photos are useless. What’s more, they waste precious hard drive space. Thanks to duplicate photo finder software, we can get rid of them easily. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is especially designed for this purpose. Is the app any good? How does Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro work? Read on to find out.

Is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro safe to use?

Yes. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is safe to download, install and use.

The installer is clean and doesn’t contain malware or unwanted offers. You can easily uninstall this duplicate photo finder (be it the full version or free trial version) on Windows or Mac using the normal uninstallation methods. It’s recommended to download the app from the official website, the Mac App Store or other trustworthy sources.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro removes selected duplicates in a safe manner. Every time you try to delete marked duplicates, a dialog box will pop up asking for confirmation. The unwanted dupes will be sent to Trash (on Mac) or the Recycle Bin (on Windows) so that you can easily recover them.


Developed by Systweak Software, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a duplicate photos finder and remover. In addition to exact duplicate photos, it can also identify similar photos. This app is available for both Mac and Windows PC. Systweak’s Duplicate Photos Fixer family consists of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (Windows), Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (OS X), Duplicate Photos Fixer (iOS and Duplicate Photos Fixer (Android).

Download and install

Platform Supported OS versions Download
Windows Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (Both 32 & 64 bit)

Full version

Trial version

Mac Mac OS X 10.7+ Full version

The Windows version provides a trial version. For Mac users, there is no free trial. They need to go to the Mac App Store and purchase the full version (with a price tag of $18.99). The free trial version allows you to find duplicate photos and customize scan settings, but you need to upgrade to the full version in order to delete duplicate or similar images. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is lightweight and won’t take up much space on your computer.

Scan filters

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro allows you to add files or folders to scan for duplicate photos by dragging and dropping or by clicking the Add button. There are three buttons: Add Photos, Add Photos Library and Add folder. The latter two options are actually the same. Clicking Add Photos Library won’t automatically locate Photos Library folder. You still need to manually find the folder.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro the add buttons

There are two sets of scan filtering options. Below the Add buttons, you can filter images by source (Captured, Imported and Created) and time (Today, Yesterday, Within Last 7 Days, Within Last 15 Days, Last Month, Last Year and Since Beginning). Select the Scan all images option if needed.

You can set the other set of scan filters in Preferences. There, you can filter by file type or size. Under the Exclusions tab, you can exclude folders from scanning.

scan filters and folder exclusion

You can use an individual filter or a combination of them to customize scanning.

2 comparison methods

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro provides two comparison methods, allowing you to find both exactly identical images and similar images.

1. Exact Match

The right column displays two comparison options. By using Exact Match, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro will scan for photos that are

  • Exactly the same in content
  • Exactly the same in file size and resolution

The only difference allowed is the filename. Exact duplicate photos can be caused by multiple imports or backups of the same files or by coping photos for particular reasons.

2. Similar Matches

This is the default comparison method of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, with which there is an array of setting options.

select a comparison method and customize settings

  • You can specify how this duplicate photo finder measures the similarity between pictures by adjusting the Matching Level slider.
  • Bitmap Size allows you to decide the accuracy of scan result. The default setting is 64×64 pixels. There is a trade-off between quality and speed. Slide towards Performance to ensure fast scanning. Slide towards Quality to get highly accurate results.
  • Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro also takes into consideration the time interval between two photos when identifying similar photos. The Time Interval setting is useful if you want to find photos taken in burst mode, compare them and only keep the best one.
  • This duplicate photo finder can check the GPS coordinates for photos and likely uses it as a factor when matching similar photos. The GPS setting is easily adjustable.

By using Similar Matches, you can find photos that are identical in content but different in size, format or resolution, or photos that are slightly different in content. You can fine-tune these settings to get the best scan result.

The Auto Mark feature

After scanning, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro can automatically select duplicate copies for you to delete. To adjust settings, go to Preferences > Auto Mark. You can select/unselect options or change the priority to auto mark photos by dragging and dropping. This feature is very useful. You can also manually unselect or select.

set Auto Mart settings

Things that could be improved

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a decent duplicate photo finder for Windows and Mac. It has a number of supported formats and provides high degree of customization for users to have control over the scan and removal process.

However, there are also some problems. Next to the UnMark All button, there is a list icon for users to filter the scan result by Only Images or Only Videos. If you click the latter, a window will pop up telling you no duplicate videos have been found. According to our tests, the functionality to find duplicate videos is not working. This can cause confusion in users.

filters only videos

Another drawback is the Preview feature which is almost essential for all duplicate photo finder software. The preview window is too small to be useful. It’s not adjustable. As a matter of fact, even the thumbnail in the scan result window appears bigger than the image preview.


  1. Easy to use with simple intuitive user interface
  2. Supports common image types and formats such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc.
  3. Can find both duplicate and close to duplicate photos
  4. Multiple scan filters along with folder exclusion
  5. Useful customizable settings to find similar photos
  6. Auto Mark and 1-cilck deletion features
  7. Moves selected dupes to Trash or Recycle Bin for easy recovery


  1. Almost useless Preview feature
  2. Can’t find duplicate videos at all
  3. Useless Add Photos Library button

Instructions: How to use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Here’s a basic how-to guide. To make the most of the app, please read the review above.

Step 1Add folders to scan

Drag photos or folders into Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Alternatively, click the Add button.

Step 2Customize settings

Select a comparison method. Adjust scan settings based on your need. You can exclude folders in Preferences if needed.

Step 3Select dupes to delete

Click Auto Mark, and it will automatically mark duplicate copies according to default or custom setting.

select unwanted duplicate photos to delete in Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Step 4Delete

Click Trash Marked to send unwanted photos to Trash (on Mac) or the Recycle Bin (on Windows).

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Alternatives

#1 Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac | Mac

Just like Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, Cisdem Duplicate Finder also excels at finding and deleting duplicate images and similar images. It lets users control what to scan for and how to remove dupes. What’s more, it can also find duplicate videos, audios and other types of duplicates. In addition to Mac’s internal storage, it can also find duplicate files on devices such as external hard drive and SD card.

find duplicate photos on Mac


  1. Finds duplicate & similar photos with support for all common formats
  2. Also finds duplicate videos, music, documents, archives, etc.
  3. Looks for true duplicate files regardless of filename, etc.
  4. Removes duplicates from Photos & iTunes
  5. Supports internal & external hard dives, memory cards, etc.
  6. 2 scan methods, multiple filters, folder exclusion, and extension exclusion
  7. 3 preview modes including side-by-side, preview zoom in/out
  8. 4 selection options including Auto-Select
  9. 1-click deletion along with 3 removal options including Send to Trash


  1. Not cross-platform

Free Download

#2 Easy Duplicate Finder | Windows & Mac

This alternative to Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is also available for both Windows users and macOS users. It’s easy to use even for new users. The interface displays almost all settings for you to set. You can easily include or exclude image formats for folders from scan. It outperforms Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro when it comes to supported file types. In addition to photos, this tool is also able to locate duplicate songs and videos, among others.

preview dupes


  1. Has support for photos, audios, videos and more
  2. Works with Photos and iTunes
  3. Highly customizable with multiple scan modes and filters
  4. Multiple preview modes and sorting options
  5. Enables users to export scan result
  6. Auto-selects duplicate copies for removal
  7. Allows deleting with one-click
  8. Cross-platform


  1. A bit costly

Free Download

#3 Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder | Windows

Just like Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, this freeware app is designed for the sole purpose of finding duplicate pictures. Despite being free, it is able to find true duplicate images. In Settings, users can include and exclude photo formats for scanning. There are two deletion options, allowing you either moving files to Recyclable Bin or delete them directly. Its preview feature is useful, enabling you compare photos side by side. Don’t let the Similarity rate shown the preview window fool you. This freeware tool can’t find photos with similar content. But it is able to find the resized or recolored versions of the same image.

find photo duplicates on Windows


  1. Completely free and safe to use
  2. Can find duplicate photos by content
  3. Provides two removal options
  4. Allows users to preview and compare photos side by side
  5. Provides a portabl version


  1. Relatively slow scanning
  2. Hasn’t been updated since 2012

Free Download


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of the best duplicate photo finders for Mac and PC. It can help users effectively detect eliminate duplicate pictures. In addition, there are also some alternatives (including freeware) that are almost equally good or even better. By removing unwanted dupes on a regular basis, you can free up storage space and get your files better organized.

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