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As we are moving toward a paperless office, digitalized files greatly replace the paper ones, which means scanned copies dominate our workplace. And very often, we need to make these scanned files to be editable or searchable for further intentions. That’s the reason why we need to do OCR. But, how much do you know about OCR? What does it mean? How does it work? Which tools can be utilized to perform OCR? To get the answers here yourself!

What is OCR?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) refers to mechanical or electronic conversion of images, of typed,handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.


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How OCR Works?

There are various elements working together to perform optical character recognition, including pattern identification, artificial intelligence and machine vision. 

Two Main OCR Systems

Matrix Matching (also known as Pattern Matching): it identifies the image-based files as the equivalent plain text character when an image (a stored collection of bitmapped patterns or outlines of characters) corresponds to one of these selected bitmaps within a certain degree of likeness. It is simpler and more common to apply.

Feature Extraction: (also known as Intelligent character recognition /ICR): it searches for common elements, like open spaces, closed forms, lines-diagonals intersecting, etc. instead of depending on precise matching to set templates.

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Choose the editable format that you want to save your scanned PDFs or Images as on mac, check the OCR tips in details.

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Convert Native/Scanned PDFs, and Images into a range of editable formats on Mac

OCRWizard, the tool designed to convert any PDF, scanned documents, or image files (including the picture of business card) in over 40 languages into searchable and editable files in a range of formats for easy editing and sharing. It is easy to use and brings users the ever best results for paper work.