How to Convert DVD to Digital Easily 2024: 6 Proven Methods

Megan Charles
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Since you are here, you are probably a DVD collector looking for a better way to store DVDs or make them compatible with more devices. The best solution is to convert DVD movie to digital copy, as there is a shift away from DVDs to more advanced and efficient digital technologies. This article provides 6 methods on how to convert DVD to digital formats effortlessly.


Weigh the benefits and downsides of 6 methods

Method Benefits Downsides

Use pro app

* Digitize any homemade and encrypted DVD

* Support various output formats and presets

* Multifunctional tool to edit, convert, merge, play, etc. DVD videos

* Not compatible with old computer OS
Use free app

* Free

* Can do basic DVD to digital conversion

* Support limited output formats

* Convert limited protected DVDs

Use Vudu disc to DVD service * No DVD drive and manual conversion required * Can’t digitize self-made and certain commercial DVDs
Use Walmart DVD online service * Same as Vudu

* The waiting time is lengthy

* Converting multiple DVDs is expensive

Use online converter * Free and no app to install * Only make digital copy of the VOB file
Use DVD to digital converter machine * Simple for beginners

* Need to buy converter device, DVD player, USB drive or SD card

* Unable to remove copy protection schemes


Convert DVD to Digital with Pro Desktop App – The Best Overall

Cisdem Video Converter is a well-known, powerful, and reliable app to convert DVD to digital on Mac and Windows PC. It can decode any type of DVD disc, including copy-protected DVDs with complicated encryption methods and region codecs. Also, it can convert all your DVDs to 600+ digital audio/video formats and presets like MP4, MKV, WMV, H264, MP3, AAC, iPhone, Android, etc.

This DVD to digital converter comes with many features that will help you rip DVD movies perfectly, including video editing, batch processing, merging multiple files into one, etc. Besides, it lets you convert between a large number of media formats and download videos or music from 1000+ websites like YouTube.

The intuitive and clear interface makes it user-friendly for novices. Do not hesitate to grab this useful program if you haven't yet found one that suits you.

how to digitize a DVD using Cisdem Video Converter:

Step 1. Download the app.

Download and install Cisdem DVD ripper on your computer.

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.12 or later

Open it and switch to the second interface for making digital copy.

cisdem interface

Step 2. Load DVD titles.

Insert the DVD that you want to convert into the DVD drive. Directly drag and drop the DVD icon or VIDEO_TS folder to the interface. After analyzing, it will show you the DVD titles as video thumbnails.

add inserted DVD files

Step 3. Select output format.

Click the “Convert all tasks to” button to choose a suitable video format as the output.

select a suitable format

Step 4. Choose audio track and language (optional).

If the inserted DVD has multiple audio tracks or subtitles, you can click the corresponding boxes to choose your favorite audio track and a familiar language.

chose an audio track and language

Step 5. Edit the added files (optional).

Click the edit icon on the video thumbnail to edit the file into you desired looking. It designs with a preview function for you to watch the results before converting.

edit the added file

Step 6. Convert disc to digital on Mac or PC.

If you don’t need to select the audio/subtitles track or edit the file, you can directly move to the final step to start to digitize DVD collection by clicking the conversion icon icon.


More Pro DVD to Digital Converters for Mac and Windows

1. VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper has changed its name from VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper, which is a superior DVD to digital converter to back up DVD movies of high quality. It includes features like video editing, 3D effects, and more for the masses.

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper marks “load Blu-ray discs” on its main interface. After you try it, you will find that VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper can also convert Blu-ray discs and copy-protected DVD discs to 300+ digital audio and video formats. It offers a thoughtful design that pops up a prompt to instruct novices on how to use it for the first time.

However, it has some inevitable disadvantages, such as taking an hour or longer to read the inserted DVD and getting stuck when opening the editing window.


2. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter offers both online and offline conversion service for people to use based on personal’s needs. On the one hand, it can be used as a useful video and audio converter, which can not only convert local files on your computer to popular formats, but also support videos downloaded from streaming websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more.

On the other hand, it plays an important role in DVD to digital converter that is proficient in converting DVD and Blu-ray discs to MP4, MKV, AVI, MTS, MP3, M4A and other 500+ digital formats in high quality. You can also choose to add subtitles or not.

It is not free as it used to be. The conversion result with the free version is printed with a big watermark on the middle of the video picture. Plus, it doesn't support Mac version and can't encode HEVC/H265 videos.

freemake video converter


Convert DVD to Digital with Free Desktop App


HandBrake is a totally free disc to digital converter to rip all unprotected DVD and Blu-ray discs on Mac, Windows and Linux. It offers many presets for people to choose and some detailed information for people to adjust like encoder, audio track, subtitles, frame rate, etc. If you are a Windows user, you need to install .NET Desktop RunTime together to launch HandBrake.

It can digitize a DVD at a speed comparable to professional apps. There will, however, be some loss in output quality. As I tested, a DVD with 853x480 resolution produced 720x384 output.

How to convert DVD to digital free via Handbrake:

  1. Slide the DVD disc into the DVD slot
  2. Launch Handbrake. On Mac, select the DVD source and import it from the appearing dialog box. On Windows, click on the DVD detected by Handbrake on the left to scan DVD titles.upload a dvd
  3. Click on the box next to Title, select one title, and specify the angle and range.
  4. Hit “Add To Queue”. Then, repeat step 3 and continue to add other titles to the queue.
  5. If you add more than one title to the queue, they default to the same name. To avoid being overwritten when exporting, you can enable "Automatically name output files" in preferences.
  6. Choose a digital output format.
  7. Adjust the settings in the "Dimensions", “Filters”, “Video”, Audio”, “Subtitles”, and “Chapters” tab.
  8. Choose the file directory.
  9. Click “Start” (Mac) or “Start Encode” (Windows) to turn DVD into digital.


Just as the name shows, MakeMKV is an easy-to-use tool to duplicate the DVD's content and only supports MKV as the output format. If you don’t mind, use it to convert DVD to digital. It will retain the original video/audio tracks and meta information. I see it as a double-edged sword, since a 1:1 copy requires more time to digitize and causes generated videos to consume more memory.

This DVD to digital converter allows you to convert encrypted DVDs and Blu-ray discs. But there are also limits. It can't digitize DVD movies with intricate copy protection. And it's not free to make Blu-ray DVDs digital.

How to make a digital copy of a DVD via MakeMKV:

  1. Place a disc in computer's DVD tray.
  2. Open MakeMKV. It will automatically analyze the DVD and show you the basic information of the DVD after finishing.
  3. Click the big disc icon to load the DVD. Then, you'll see DVD contents as a tree structure on the left pane.load the dvd
  4. Select your desired titles, audio, and subtitles. Usually, the main title is the largest file.
  5. Decide where to save the finished movie.
  6. Click “Make MKV” to transfer disc to digital.remove copy protection from dvd mac makemkv


Transfer DVD to Digital on Mobile Phones

Mobile users do not need to insert a disc into a DVD optical drive because you can visit instead. Vudu service enables you to convert DVDs to digital by scanning its barcode, which can be understood as buying a license to watch a digital copy of a DVD movie in the cloud.

It's just that Vudu is only available in the US and Mexico, and its movie library doesn't cover all the movies you want to convert. Therefore, it may appear that the movie does not support digitization after scanning the barcode.

Conversion type Price/per disc
DVD to SD $2
DVD to HDX $5
Blu-ray to HDX $2

How to turn DVD into digital via Vudu:

  1. Go to the website on your mobile phone. Android user can also download the Vudu app and launch it.
  2. Scroll down, and tap "Convert Disc".
  3. Create an account and sign in.
  4. Choose “Disc to Digital” and authorize the app access.
  5. Scan the barcode of the DVD and select a desired output quality.
  6. Click on “Submit List” to pay for the digitization.
  7. Watch the converted DVD file on a VUDU supported device after dvd to digital on mobile


Digitize Old Home Movies Using Online DVD to Digital Service

Apart from mobile service, you can also get help from online services like DVD Walmart and CVS Photo, which allow you to make digital copies from many sources like DVD, Mini DVD, CD, DVC, etc. This way doesn’t require you to turn DVD into digital by yourself.

Considering that DVD Walmart is cheaper than CVS Photo, we suggest you go with the former.

Service Pricing details 180 min 360 min
DVD Walmart First 30 minutes $12.96, any additional 30 minutes $5.46 $40.26 $73.02
CVS Photo First 90 minutes $25.99, any additional 90 minutes $25.99 $51.98 $103.96

How to convert old movies to digital near me via DVDWalmart Digital Media Transfer:

  1. Go to site in your browser.
  2. Navigate to the Digital Media section.
  3. Start an order online and pay for the disc to DVD conversion.
  4. Deliver your DVD discs to a Walmart store or employ the UPS-provided shipping label.
  5. Wait for 3-4 weeks to receive digital movies.transfer dvd to digital walmart


Convert DVD to Digital Using Online Converter

Online converter is not able to convert old DVD VIDEO_TS to digital. The process of unlocking and decoding DVDs involves complex technical and legal issues. Typically, it can only extract VOB files from it and does not include menus, chapter information, etc. empowers you to convert DVD VOB to MP4, AVI, FLV, DV, SWF, and more.

How to convert DVD collection to digital via

  1. Stick the DVD into the DVD slot
  2. Open site.
  3. Click “Select a File”, locate the VOB file you need to convert in disc. Hit “Open”.
  4. Pick any digital format as the output.
  5. Specify the quality and size.
  6. Click “Convert”.digitize a dvd online


Use DVD to Digital Converter Machine

It can help you record video and audio digital files from DVD, VHS, VCR, camcorders, turntables, cassette tapes, gaming systems, Hi8, or others. It doesn't require a computer or a phone.

If you are interested in buying such a machine, visit Amazon and search for a term like "video to digital converter". Based on the description, price, and user reviews, pick the product you are most satisfied with. There are three top brands: ClearClick, DIGITNOW, and MWIN, which cost about $90-$200.

Having trouble operating? You can check the manual or contact after-sales customer service for assistance. Below takes ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 3.0 as an example.

How to Convert DVD movies to digital using with ClearClick machine:

  1. Put your target DVD disc into DVD Player.
  2. Attach a USB flash drive or Micro SD card to ClearClick.
  3. Connect ClearClick to the DVD player with a cable.
  4. Press the record button on machine and you will see it’s capturing your DVD video

    Note: 3.0 adds an auto stop feature. Preset the recording time, then it will stop recording after the corresponding time.

  5. Once the recording is complete, automatically or manually stop it. Unplug the USB or SD card and transfer the digitized video to your computer or television.



Why convert DVD to digital formats?

Low compatibility: DVD can only be played on certain DVD players. Converting DVD to digital can help people watch DVD movies on Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and more devices.

Inconvenient: It is hassle to carry a bound of discs and optical disc driver when you have a trip. The digital files can be watched anytime and anywhere without carrying anything.

Easily damaged: DVD discs are easily to be scratched or damaged for improper storage, causing data loss.

Take up too much space: The piles of DVD discs take up too much places to store. Sometimes, the DVD disc can be missed for forgetting where it was placed.

More advantages of digital files: No encryption and region codecs in the converted DVD files for better viewing. Various popular digital formats for people to choose, like MP4, MKV, AVI, AAC, MP3, ISO, etc.

What is the best digital format?

Popular audio formats: Lossy MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, Lossless FLAC, ALAC, Uncompressed WAV, AIFF, DSD, PCM, etc.

Popular video formats: MP4, WebM, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, AVCHD, FLV, MPEG-2, MTS, MPEG-4, etc.

MP4 and MP3 are the most common-used digital video and audio file respectively, and are even the default formats in many websites. Actually, WAV, FLAC and AIFF provides the highest quality audio formats for sound, but they have much larger size than others. And different video formats have their advantages, for example, WMV is the best choice for saving space, MOV is the most compatible format with Apple systems, etc.

Therefore, there is no absolute answer to tell which one is the best, it is determined by your purpose.


In Closing, I'd like to Say...

Hopefully, you can find your favorite way to convert DVDs to digital. For those without a budget, use the free desktop DVD to digital converter app. If you want to make DVDs digital quickly while maintaining high quality, a professional app is recommended, which will offer advanced features to help you obtain the full digital files safely in a short time. If you think digitizing DVD collections is complicated, then leave it to disc to digital service.

Megan Charles
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Megan has an impressive deal of experience with Mac software and has the ability to explain tech stuff in a simplified, straightforward and easy to understand way.

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