How to Do the SanDisk Recovery?

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On the business trip, store important files in laptop is not the first choice, instead with storing them on memory card or flash drive are very convenient. With more files stored on the SD memory card or flash drive. If we deleted the necessary files by mistaken will be so troublesome. Here, we will introduce three ways about how to recover files on the SanDisk card with best data recovery software.

What is the SanDisk?

SanDisk is an American manufacturer of flash memory products, including memory cards and readers, USB flash drives, and solid state drives. The products of them are used on many situations, such as smartphone, cameral and computer.

First thing to do once deleted the needed files.

Stop cooperating your computer, once you find you deleted wrong files. Before talking about how to do the SanDisk Recovery, we would like to talk about the principle of data recovery, even we deleted the files, they are still exist but invisible, so if we still cooperate computer, the new files generated will replace the files.

How to do the SanDisk recovery with different ways?

# First, ask for the help of professional recovery engineers to do the data recovery.

Pro: Highest success rate

Con: Highest cost

# Second, you can try to find the free data recovery software, or data recovery online.

Pro: No Cost; Convenient.

Con: Cannot protect the privacy of files; Low success rate 

There are some applications of this kind what are found at Mac App Store.             – Online recovery software, but the supports file types are limited.

In some ways, no totally free software, all the free version of applications with the limited function, if you want to use the full function, you need to buy the full version.

Data Recovery Druid – Free recovery software, it has website version and mac app store version. So for the SanDisk recovery, you could download it at mac app store.

Cisdem Data Recovery – Paid data recovery software with great effect. It also has the free trail, you can only scan the files. This application is the best data recovery software I have ever used. Next, I will introduce how to use it to recover the files in SanDisk with Cisdem Data Recovery.

How to do the SanDisk recovery with Cisdem data recovery software

For the files deleted from the external hard drive, such as SanDisk, Flash Drive, if the storage doesn’t be damaged, it will be easy to recover the files with the data recovery software. Here, we will introduce the Cisdem Data Recovery to do the SanDisk recovery.

Only three steps: scan>preview>recover to complete the whole process of SanDisk Recovery. Next, you can know the detail information about the operation and features about Cisdem Data Recovery for mac.

# Free download the best data recovery for mac

Free Download

Cisdem provide free trail of all products to try the features before you buy the product. And it has 30 days money back guarantee.

# Connect the SanDisk memory card with the computer.

# Choose the recovery solution to begin your data recovery

There are five recovery solutions in the main interface.

You can use Trash Recovery, Formatted Drive Recovery and External Drive Recovery to respectively recover  data deleted from Trash, data lost on formatted storage devices and data lost on external storage sources.

Basic Data Recovery excludes configuration files and other unnecessary files when scanning and only recovery images, audios, videos and documents, so as to enhance efficiency.

Advanced File Recovery is recommended if you are not sure which solution to choose. It works for all lost data regardless of the data loss scenarios and will take more than than the Basic Data Recovery solution.

# Start scanning

In this interface, choose the SanDisk card and click the Scan button. You are allowed to preview files individually or in batch during scanning.

# After finished the scan, you can know what kinds of files scanned in the SanDisk card at the left of interface. You also could preview the files.

# After you choose the types you want to recover, click Recover, choose a destination folder to keep the recovered files and start the SanDisk recovery. Your files will be recovered soon.

Do the data recovery no matter the SanDisk recovery or hard drive recovery what is a high challenge task. No one or no way can make sure that he could recover every files, so the best way to “recover” data is protect it well.

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