5 Easy Solutions to Find and Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

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Is It Possible to Find and Recover Deleted YouTube Videos?

"I want to know if there is a way to restore deleted YouTube videos. I had some videos on my channel and I had to delete them because I got a partnership and those videos had copyright music on them so I had to delete them. I had an original files on my computer but some stuff happened and I don't have them any more. God! It’s really a nightmare! YouTube just says they offer no solutions to recover deleted videos. So, is there any other way to recover deleted YouTube videos? Any third-party undelete software can help? Thanks.” - Tim

YouTube video deletion is divided into 3 kinds of circumstances: deleted online by yourself, deleted online by YouTube and deleted on device. In theory, when we delete a video from YouTube, it's gone for good. As YouTube doesn't have a trash bin or any options to recover deleted YouTube videos. In some situation one may need to find deleted YouTube videos with tools like best data recovery software to get things back. Well, in this post I am going to share some amazing facts and easy solutions on how to recover deleted YouTube Videos in different situation

Find and Recover Deleted YouTube Videos (Saved to hard drive, memory cards, USB Drive, etc.)

That’s a terrible thing when your original videos were deleted on hard drive, memory cards, USB Drive, etc. before uploading them to YouTube. Just stay calm, heaven never seals off all the exits! You can quickly find deleted YouTube videos with one of the best Mac data recovery software like Cisdem Data Recovery.

It is a robust and extremely user-friendly tool to recover a variety of file types and preview your lost data. It also enables you to recover data from different file systems, such as Fat16, NTFS, Fat32, and exFAT. Even more exciting, the success rate of this software is more than 95%, which means you have a bigger chance to restore deleted YouTube videos.

With Cisdem Data Recovery one can easily find and recover deleted YouTube videos in the below situations.

* Accidental deletion of videos that is stored in your device

* Video lost due to hard drive formatting, SD card formatting etc.

* Videos deleted accidentally by someone else

* The virus attacked the device that stored the videos

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How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos on Mac?

Step 1Choose a suitable data recovery mode

Free download, install and launch the Mac data recovery software. The Advanced Data Recovery can make the scan of videos be more successful and thorough, but the time taken will be more. If the Basic Data Recovery mode can find deleted YouTube videos, your time would be saved.

recover deleted youtube videos step 1

Step 2Select a target location

Select the disk where you want to recover your lost YouTube videos and click the scan button. The software will start scanning the whole your device and present the results in 5 categories to you.

recover deleted youtube videos step 2

Step 3Preview and recover deleted YouTube videos

After the scan, you can preview and select out those YouTube videos you want, and then click "Recover" button to get them back. Here, you'd better save all the recovered files on a different drive or device in case of data recovery failure.

recover deleted youtube videos step 3

To recover deleted YouTube videos on Windows and Android, you can give a try on Recuva and Android Video Recovery. Read the steps-by-steps guides from Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos (For Uploaded Ones Removed by Yourself)

Solution 1. Find Deleted YouTube Videos from Old Link

If you have the link of the already deleted YouTube videos, you can find them to watch with the help of a deleted YouTube video finder. Here is the right guide to find deleted YouTube videos if you have the link:

  1. Visit https://archive.org.
  2. Type your link of the deleted youtube videos on the search box and then click “Browse History”.
  3. Then you can now search for the video. And it will show you how many times this website saved the link. The click the result to watch deleted YouTube videos.

find deleted youtube videos from old link

Tips: Not all of the deleted YouTube videos can be found but you might be able to find the ones you are looking for and wanted to watch in this process.

Solution 2. Find Deleted YouTube Videos Online

If the YouTube videos you want to get back are deleted in the following cases:

* YouTube videos get deleted because of delete Google account.

* If you delete the YouTube channel through account settings, even then also your videos get deleted permanently.

For the first situation you can find deleted YouTube videos within a short period of time. For the second situation, unfortunately, they can't be restored. YouTube channel deletion is permanent. But there are also some ways people shared on forums which gives possibility to get the deleted videos back, the most practical way of these is to find deleted YouTube videos with website that store files form YouTube. You can do a Google search to find some of the websites, and you then use the search term site:xxx.com “xxxxx” in Google to search videos on that particular website. Here, I’d like to list some of the sites you can have a look:

  1. vk.com
  2. youku.com
  3. dailymotion.com
  4. kiwi.kz
  5. vimeo.com

Tips: There are many online website that store files from YouTube. The sites that I have mentioned above are just few of them. You can use google to find more, thus you can recover deleted YouTube videos.

Solution 3. Contact YouTube Help Support

The most straightforward way to recover deleted YouTube videos is seeking help from Creator Support Team, but not all users are qualified to do so. You have to be a YouTube partner and own at least 10,000 lifetime channel views. If you can't find “Get Creator Support” option, don't feel weird, that’s because you didn't meet the requirements. There are 2 ways to get the contact from YouTube Creator Support Team:

Way One: From YouTube Help Center

Step 1. Go to YouTube Help center. Click on “Get support” at the top right corner.

Step 2. Choose “Get Creator Support” from drop-download list.

Step 3. Select the suitable category to which your question belongs- “Channel & video features".

recover deleted youtube videos from youtube help 01

Step 4. Click on “Email Support” to submit your issue.

Way Two: From YouTube Directly

Step 1. Visit youtube.com and click from the toolbar on the left.

Step 2. A Help panel will appear. Navigate to “Need more help?” > “Get Creator support”.

recover deleted youtube videos from youtube help 02

Step 3. Repeat the steps in way one.

If you indeed fit the criteria but still can’t contact with YouTube Creator Support Team, send out the feedback to let them know.

How to Recover Videos that Deleted by YouTube?

YouTube formulated a series of rules to manage its users and videos. If your video violated the Community Guidelines & Terms of Service, or contained inappropriate speech, etc., YouTube may delete your video as punishment. To recover deleted YouTube videos, you should re-edit your video following rules and restore it.

If you read community guidelines and make sure that you didn’t violate any rules or copyright, then lodge an appeal. YouTube would reprocess this case. It could be easier and faster to restore deleted YouTube videos on condition that you write a sincere long blog post explaining more details and asking people to comment on your post.

4 Tips to Prevent YouTube Videos From Being Deleted:

  • Don't upload illegal, violent, adult videos, etc. to YouTube
  • Don't share videos from other creators (upload your original videos)
  • The audios that embedded in videos can’t be copyright protected (give credit to the copyright owner)
  • Avoid uploading the same videos to multiple platforms


This article gives a detailed introduction on how to recover deleted YouTube videos, it should help you understand what to do and what to expect from a piece of data recovery software. Cisdem Data Recovery, such an all-in-one solution, which restores videos from accidental deletions, hard drive failures, virus attacks, system crashes, etc., really gives great assistance to us. However, if you always keep a backup in mind, there won't be so many complicated situations.

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