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Cisdem Document Reader is a tool to bring you the smoothest reading experience in a convenient way. You can easily view, convert, export and print files with different formats( PDF, WordPerfect, WPS, XPS/OXPS, DjVu, Visio and Winmail). In addition, it is selective for you to pick the formats you need, or directly purchase the whole pack with a favorable price. To facilitate your use of Cisdem Document Reader, here we will show you a step-by-step guide below.


Part 1 Download & Install

1. You can download the installation package from the link below.

Free Download


2. Install Cisdem Document Reader with the downloaded package.

Double-click the .dmg file.

Drag the Cisdem Document Reader icon to Applications folder.

Part 2 Activation

After installing the program, you need to activate the program if you want to view the whole pages.

1. Go to Launchpad or applications folder, double click Cisdem Document Reader to run the program, and then click the key icon at the right upper corner.

2. Click “Activate” after the format you purchased (click “Activate” after “Full Version” if you purchased the whole pack), copy-n-paste your license code into the pop-up window, and then click “Activate”.

Tips: Occasionally some users can only view one page of their documents even after activation, the solution is clearing the related folders as following:

1. For the website version, delete the folder "cache";

2. For the App Store version, delete the folder "com.cisdem.documentreader".

For macOS 10.15 or before, you can find that folder according to the path: /Users/Library/Containers

3. For macOS 11.0 or later, you can find that folder according to the path: /Users/bigsur/Library/Containers/com.cisdem.documentreader/Data/Library/Application Support


Part 3 Application Operating

Part 3.1 Import files

There are 4 ways to import your files into Cisdem Document Reader:

1. Click , select the target file and click Open;

2. Directly drag the target files into the main interface;

3. Click File> Open… (or shortcut key Command+O), select the target files and click Open;

4. Click File> Open Recent to open files you recently opened before.


Part 3.2 Features on Toolbar (export, bookmark, extract, etc.)

There are so many icons on the Toolbar, each icon refers to a feature, below is a detailed introduction of all the icons.

: To overview all the pages of this document;

: The default setting is viewing page by page, if you want to view in two pages, click . While you want to cancel it, just click  again.

: To zoom out, zoom in or back to original.

: To turn to the first page, previous page, next page and last page.

: To rotate all pages 90 degree counterclockwise/clockwise or rotate the current page 90 degree counterclockwise/clockwise.

: To add a bookmark to mark a location of the document so that you can easily find it next time.

: To directly print the document, you can also select the copies and pages as your requirement.

: Click  to export your document with other formats.

Tips: You can also click File> Save As…(or shortcut key Command+S) to export your document.


Click  to extract the images from your document.

Tips: You can also click File> Extract Images…(or shortcut key Command+E) to extract the images from your document.

: Type words here to search the content of your document.

Part 4 Update Application

When you want to check if your current version is the latest one, you can follow the steps below to update it.

Step 1 Click Cisdem Document Reader – Check for Updates… on the left top menu bar

Step 2 Click Install Update to update it.


   Cisdem Document Reader

Free Download   Buy Now


Choose the right tool to make your document read in a

convenient and effient way

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