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10 Powerful Free OCR Software for Mac That Frequently Utilized by Users

Are you looking for the best ocr solution, particularlly online and free OCR tools or service to convert your non-editable PDFs, or scanned invoices and reports, or images to editable and searchable formats? Are you frustrated by poor OCR results, such as OCR errors, messy formatting and lossy data? Relax now! You are going to find a list of 10 powerful online and free PDF OCR software that frequently used by mac users to perform OCR on those digitized files.

The Power of Free OCR Software or Services for Mac

Why online and free mac OCR software or services are getting so popular among users? I summarize the possible reason as following:

  1. First of all, it is free, everyone can use it without paying any charge;
  2. It requires no installation(for online ones) and won’t take the space on your mac, even for those free desktop ones, they are feature limited and relatively small in size;
  3. It can be used on any devices, at any time if your mac is connected to internet(for online tools and services only);
  4. It is easy to use, instructing you to perform OCR step by step;
  5. It performs OCR fast, you can get the editable files in several minutes;
  6. It brings you not-bad results. According to users' feedback, these tools or service can basically meet their needs.

10 Powerful Free OCR Software for Mac That Frequently Utilized by Users

There are quite a lot of online and free PDF OCR tools or service available, but basing on the text recognition accuracy and supported output format, I pick 10 powerful tools that frequently used by mac users for your choose. 

1.    Google Docs

Google Docs is a service offered by Google to manage web-based documents, like creating, editing Word, Spreadsheets, presentations, even store them online for easy access on different devices. Users can perform Google OCR on images, scanned PDFs, it is fast with basically satisfactory results.

use google docs as free OCR tool

  1. Login into your Google Account and enter into Google Drive;
  2. Click "New" in the left pane>File Upload, to upload the file you need to do OCR;
  3. Once uploaded, the file will appear in the main area, right click to "Open with Google Docs", the OCR will be performed automatically;
  4. Once finish, the content will show in Google Docs, go to "File">"Download As" to choose the format you want to save the scanned PDFs or Images as.

 2.    Evernote

Evernote is a popular note-syncing service, enables users to collect, nuture and share ideas across desktop and mobile platforms. One of its easily overlooked features is automatic OCR service. Users will be allowed to add images into Evernote server for automatic OCR, you may have to wait, but 10 minutes will be quite enough to finish the OCR.

use evernote as ocr tool

  1. Drag and drop the image need to be OCR into the interface, making sure to sync Evernote as soon as you've done it;
  2. Evernote will scan the document and perform OCR automatically(no input or setting is required). It will take about 10 mins, the file after OCR will be updated and sync back to Evernote on your mac;
  3. Then you can search for text, copy and paste to save it in an editor. Or you can right click and select "Save Searchable PDF As" to make a searchable PDF version of the file. 

3.    PDF OCR X Community

PDF OCR X Community is a simple drag-and-drop utility that converts single-page PDFs and images into text documents or searchable PDF files, it supports for more than 60 languages. For multi-page PDFs and batch conversion features, you need to pay its enterprise version.
Download Address:

use PDF OCR X as free ocr tool

4.    LEAD Tools

LEADTOOLS OCR is provided with source code in LEADTOOLS, designed to perform OCR on images and scanned PDFs, making them into editable formats with satisfactory outcomes, but free only for one-page PDFs.

Download Address:

use leadtool ocr as free ocr tool

5. Online OCR

Online OCR is an online OCR service that can recognize the texts and characters from scanned files and images. It requires no software installation, what you need to do is upload the file (not exceeding size of 5MB) as guided, choose the language and output format(Word, Excel or Text), then "Convert" to start the OCR process. Once finish, a download link will be offered to download the converted file.

online ocr as free ocr tool

6. Free OCR

Free OCR is an online free tool to OCR image (jpg, png, bmp, pdf, jpeg, tiff, tif, gif) with a size limit of 6MB, you can extract texts from uploaded images. You can directly choose the file from mac or enter URL to upload images for OCR. You will get a file in text format after OCR, you can download the text by clicking the link.

free ocr as free ocr tool


It is the online service from Investintech which can be used to convert scanned files to more than 10 editable format. It gives accurate results. You will be required to submit an email address to download the editable file. In addition, it offers other services to view, edit PDFs. However, make sure you are uploading high quality images to yield accurate results.

use investintech as free ocr tool

8. ABBYY FineReader Online

It is the free online service offered by ABBYY FineReader, to let users convert scanned PDF to Word, Excel, ODT, Text, RTF and PDF. It supports 193 languages and brings highly accurate recognized text. You can upload up to 10pages free of charge to perform OCR. However, this service only supports printed documents, hand-written text is not allowed.

use abbyyfindereader as free ocr tool

9. New OCR

New OCR is a free online OCR service analyzing the text in images with an output of text, you can upload images or enter url to start the OCR process. You can also rotate the file or select a specified page to perform OCR mac. 

new ocr as free ocr tool

10. Free Online OCR

Free Online OCR is a free service enabling users to convert images, scanned PDFs into editable and searchable text, such as DOC, RTF,TXT or PDF. It will rotate the pages automatically for accurate OCR, you can get editable files with nice formatting.

free online as free ocr tools


Warning: These Free OCR Software for Mac Are Not for Everyone

However, these online/free mac OCR tools are not suitable for all mac users, you may feel not satisfied in one way or another:

  1. There is a size limit of the files, but you will sometimes to work on multiple-pages PDF with large size;
  2. You are only allowed to upload files in a specified format, it doesn’t support rich import format;
  3. You are worried about the confidentially of your files, since the files will be uploaded to server for a long time;
  4. You are not willing to submit email address to receive spams;
  5. You are not allowed to convert the scanned files, PDFs, or images into several editable formats, maybe only in Text format;
  6. The tool doesn’t support your expected language;
  7. You are asking high on OCR results, requiring the tools to actually retain the formatting, keep information intact……
  8. They are feature limited and you are not giving proper options to improve the OCR results or customize your OCR process;


So, before to use these online free services, give a second thoughts not to waste your time and efforts, or turn to a professional OCR software for mac.

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  • Jones

    Free but feature-limited,I understand. But still useful.

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  • Jenny

    Google Docs is really great, i didn't notice that it has the OCR feature. Though the recognition is not that accurate as the paid ones, it is convenient.

    2 years ago REPLY
  • marcus

    I am looking for free tools to do the OCR. If they are not doing good, I think i will be convinced to try the OCR Wizard, it can export to more than 12 editable formats, that's really a great bonus.

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