3 Efficient Ways to Convert PDF to Gif (Batch Solution Included)

Carolyn Ryan
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Want to convert PDF to Gif format, so that you can create or process graphics, diagrams, cartoons even logos? Then, you will need a PDF to Gif converter. In the following parts, 3 different yet efficient ways to convert PDF to Gif are listed in details, have a try if you find the best solution to convert your PDF to Gif format.

Convert PDF to Gif Online for Free

When you search in Google to find solutions for PDF to Gif, you may notice that online free tools always come on the top of the search results, mainly because they offer free service and require no software installation. However, before you upload the PDF file for PDF to Gif conversion online, make sure: 

  • You are not uploading highly private PDF for conversion, since your file will be stored by the online server.
  • Your Internet connection is in good condition, poor Internet connection may slow down, even pause the conversion process.
  • You are not uploading large size PDF for PDF to Gif conversion, there may be size limit for the free service.
  • You have checked the Privacy and Terms carefully to save you from any potential problems.
  • You have been informed that the conversion quality varies when dealing with different PDFs.

#1 Zamzar

It is an online program to convert document, videos, audios, etc. With 4 steps, you can convert PDF to Gif online free.

convert pdf to gif with zamzar

  1. Upload PDF into the program.
  2. Choose the output format as Gif.
  3. Enter the email address to receive Gif files.
  4. Convert and download the Gif file according to the download link sent to your email address.

#2 pdf-online

It is an online PDF to Image converter to export PDF as Gif, Tiff, JPEG, PNG, JBIG2, JPEG2000. You can also customize the conversion by tweak the conversion settings, like choose high quality or low image quality according to your needs.

convert pdf to gif with pdf online

  1. Select PDF from your computer to convert.
  2. Choose “Gif” and adjust the conversion setting if necessary.
  3. Click “Save as” to export PDF as Gif online.

Convert PDF to Gif with Dedicated PDF Converter

Though online free PDF programs are really popular among users, a great part of users still pay for a dedicated PDF converter to perform the conversion, due to the advantages as following that a dedicated PDF Converter can bring to them:

  • High quality conversion: The image resolution won’t be sacrificed after the PDF to Gif conversion.
  • Information safety: The stand-alone program won’t require to upload files to online servers.
  • Extended features: Support other outputs, or batch & partial conversion, etc.

Here, we will recommend 2 dedicated PDF Converter capable of performing PDF to Gif conversion with best outcomes for Mac users and Window users respectively.

PDF Converter OCR for Mac

PDF Converter OCR for mac, is a professional PDF converter, designed to convert PDFs into 10+ formats, including image formats, such as Gif, JPG, PNG, BMP, Tiff, also other editable formats---Word, PowerPoint, HTML, ePub, Text, Keynote, Pages, Rtfd. It will maintain the original file quality with same layout, image resolution. In a word, it is a program enabling users to do virtually all conversion on documents:

  • Convert PDF to image formats(Gif, JPG, PNG, BMP, Tiff)
  • Convert all PDFs, including native and scanned PDFs into frequently-used searchable PDF, editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, ePub, Text, Keynote, Pages, Rtfd
  • Convert image to image formats: PNG to JPG, JPG to PNG, BMP to JPG, Tiff to JPG, etc.
  • Convert image to seachable PDF, to editable Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, ePub, Text, etc.
  • Create PDF from image and other documents
  • Merge, protect and compress PDF when creating PDFs

Free Download

To Convert PDF to Gif on Mac 

  1. Add PDF files to the program.
    Once you have downloaded and installed the program on your mac, you can drag and drop PDF files into the "Converter" interface, or click “+” to add files. Batch conversion is supported, you can upload multiple files at one time.
  2. Choose output as Gif.
    Choose the pages you want to convert to Gif. Select Gif as the output format from the output menu. If you want to extract Gif from PDF, choose extract image.convert pdf to gif on mac
  3. Click “Convert” to export PDF to Gif on mac.

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Windows

It is a professional PDF editor, also integrates the function to manage and convert PDF files on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and 10. You can utilize this tool to merge, split and protect PDFs, also use it to export PDF into image formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF and BMP.

To Convert PDF to Gif on Windows

  1. Run the program and click “Open” to import PDF into the interface.
  2. Go to “Home”>”To Others”> “Convert to Image”> “Gif”.convert pdf to gif on windows
  3. Click “Convert” button to start the PDF to Gif conversion in Windows.

Extended: Can Adobe Acrobat Convert PDF to Gif?

Maybe you have installed Adobe or are going to subscribe Adobe Acrobat, but can Adobe Acrobat convert a PDF to Gif? The answer is no, Adobe Acrobat doesn’t support to export PDF to Gif format, but only to convert PDF to JPEG, JPEG 2000, Tiff and PNG.

convert pdf to gif with adobe

Anyway, you can still convert PDF to Gif with Adobe Photoshop.

Final Thoughts

More and more users are inclined to buy a dedicated PDF converter for file conversions now, trying to get high-quality and clear outcomes. No matter which PDF converter you are going turn to, try the free trial first to make sure such a tool can meet up your needs.

Free Download

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