4 Smart Methods: How to Link to Page in PDF?

Connie Wisley
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Links in a PDF document allow readers to jump to a specific place outside or inside the PDF, such as to an e-mail address, a website address, or open another document. Users can also link to a specific page or page number in the PDF. 

In this article, you can receive 4 smart and easy methods to link to page in PDF in seconds. Let’s first learn about the benefits of linking to page number in PDF.

Cisdem PDFMaster: The Easiest and Fastest Way to Link to Page in PDF

The first link tool we’d like to introduce is Cisdem PDFMaster, which is the easiest and fastest way to link to page in PDF. Cisdem PDFMaster is a reliable PDF solution provider that offers a large number of PDF tools, helping users to change text in PDF, convert PDF to MS Office, add watermark to PDF, compress files, encrypt and decrypt PDF in seconds. You can download this program to give it a try.

Applicable Users:

The software is available for both Mac and Windows users. The package is lightweight and does not take up much storage, so everyone is welcome to download and experience. We believe that you can feel the intention and discover the benefits in the free trial.

Follow the Steps to Link to Page in PDF with Cisdem PDFMaster:

  1. Download and install Cisdem PDFMaster now.
    Free Download   Free Download
  2. Click "Open Files" to upload a PDF file that you need to add a link.pdfmaster interface
  3. Drag your cursor to highlight the text that you want to add a link to. Then some handy tools will appear below the text. Choose the Link tool.link to page master1
  4. In the new window display on the interface, choose “Page” bar and enter the page number you would like to link to.
    You can even link to an external website by applying this program.link page master2
  5. Click the “Link” button, then the text will be underlined.
    Click the underlined text when you want to access the specific section.

Excellent Tools That You May Need in Cisdem PDFMaster:

Edit PDF: Editing function is an essential function of PDF processing software. Cisdem as an editor provides users rich and powerful editing tools, such as adding and replacing text, inserting images, creating links in PDF, adding text boxes and signatures blocks.

Convert PDF: Cisdem PDFMaster supports the following conversion formats:PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, image, PDF/A, EPUB, RTF, HTML and more. Users are able to process PDFs in batch, scanned PDF also works.

Compress PDF: You can choose high compression, medium compression and low compression for the PDF files that need to be compressed. This function also supports processing multiple files at the same time.

Encrypt and Decrypt PDF: It is the duty of Cisdem to keep the information stay safe, so users can add passwords with this program to ensure personal privacy. Besides, when you forget your password or want to remove it, PDFMaster also provides you with a quick decryption tool.

Google Drive: Link to a Specific Page in PDF with Cloud-based Program

Google Drive is a cloud-based program that enables users to store and open files anywhere. In Google Drive, we can open PDF files and set a link to a specific page with Google Docs. Google Docs is a practical and free word processor that allows users to edit text, draw, insert images, add text box, compare documents, add watermarks and comment on PDF. 

Here is How to Link to a Specific Page in PDF with Google Docs:

  1. Go to Google Drive and open a PDF file with Google Docs.link page docs1
  2. Choose a certain part of your text, then click Insert > Bookmark.link page docs2
  3. Then a small bookmark will appear beside the text.link page docs3
  4. Find the words you are supposed to add link, then right-click it.
    Choose “Headings and bookmarks” from the drop-down menu, and select the bookmark you added before.link page docs4
  5. Then you can jump to the specific page number by clicking the text.link page docs5

Sejda Online: Link to Page in PDF Without Software for Free 

Online link tool is definitely a great helper for those people who don’t want to install third-party software. Here we recommend Sejda. This website provides a wonderful link tool that works easily and quickly to link to page in PDF. Other than the online version, it is also compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. Follow the steps below to learn about how to link to page in PDF with Sejda online.

  1. Upload a PDF file from your local device, or cloud such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or web address.link page sejda1
  2. Click the “Links” button on the top toolbar.link page sejda2
  3. Drag the cursor to mark up the text you need to create a link. link page sejda3
  4. Choose “Link to internal page” and enter the page number you want to access.
  5. Click “Apply changes” to save your PDF files.

Is Sejda really worth trying? Here are some benefits and limitations of the free version. You can read the review before deciding whether to use it.

Benefits of Sejda:

  1. Different link types you can add to PDF
  2. Supports OCR technology
  3. Available on web and desktop
  4. Supports cloud services

Free Version Limitations: 

The free version has some limitations, like uploading files no bigger than 200 pages or 50Mb, and you can handle 3 tasks per hour. And it lacks some regular conversion formats, such as PDF to EPUB. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: A Powerful Tool to Link to Page in PDF 

Countless businesses rely on Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to share PDFs and handle PDF documents with teammates. With the cloud services of Adobe, users are able to save and open files on any device without considering storage. 

Link to Page in PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Easily: 

  1. Go to Tools > Edit PDF. Upload your PDF file.
  2. Click the “Link” button and choose “Add/Edit Web or Document Link” from the drop-down menu.link page adobe1
  3. Choose an area where you want to create a link and drag your cursor around the text.link page adobe2
  4. When a new window appears, you can change the link appearance.
    Then choose “Go to a page view” and click “Next”.link page adobe3
  5. Scroll to the page you want to link to, and click “Set Link”.link page adobe4

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Benefits: 

  1. Enable to change the link appearance 
  2. Cloud services support
  3. Rich features like OCR and collaborative tools
  4. Supports multi-languages
  5. Excellent and versatile editing tools


  • Yearly Subscription: $178.88
  • Monthly Subscription: $24.99

Benefits of Linking to a Specific Page in PDF

Linking to a specific page in PDF helps readers fast access and find the resources they want to read, especially in a long document. Users do not require to manually scroll to the section they want to view, so this feature is in line with the current trend of fragmented reading and saves time for users.

Users may need to insert links to a specific page in the following scenarios. For instance, some writers will add links to subheadings or proper nouns, making it easier for readers to jump to the appropriate page for a quick read. Most of the link tools not only have the function of jumping to the page, but also provide more options. Let’s look down together.

Final Words

From functions, cost, security, user groups and other aspects of analysis, Cisdem PDFMaster is definitely one of the most comprehensive PDF products for Mac users and Windows users. Use your mouse to download the free version and link to page in PDF effortlessly.

Free Download   Free Download

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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