How to Make a Contact Group on Mac

Rosa Reyes
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Our contacts get fat and become kind of a mess after one-year busy business. Is it too time-consuming to find out one client’s information instantly in your massive contacts book? Why not make a contact group? To create various Mac contacts groups in name of family, friends, colleagues, clients, etc., so that you can conduct social connections more easily. It is especially great and helpful for people who have large address book, like email your work colleagues without manually inputting each email address, just copy and paste, so easy!

This article introduces three popular contact manager apps to help you to use contact groups on a mac and complete contacts cards' profiles with useful notes.


Make Contact Groups Using Cisdem ContactsMate

Cisdem ContactsMate Mac is a piece of third-party contact manager software for Mac, which is good at managing your Contacts database, easily group, tag, add, edit, print, export and email contacts. Groups or tags can help you organize a long list of contacts without confusion and create a group email on Mac. You can also add, edit, export and delete groups in ContactsMate.

Use Cisdem ContactsMate to Make a Contact Group

ContactsMate comes with great grouping ability. Now I am happy to show you how to use contact groups on a Mac.

1. Download ContactsMate and install it.

Free Download

2. Open this app. Allow ContactsMate to access your Mac contacts.

ContactsMate allow assess

3. Now your contacts on your Mac are imported to ContactsMate. You can also import the contacts from CSV, vCard file.

4. Look at the left column, right click “On My Mac” at the top then click “Add a Group”. Those groups can be titled or deleted.

create contacts group mac

5. Rename the new group, like Clients, Family, Old Friends, Colleagues, etc.

6. Just drag-n-drop one card to your group. One card contact only belongs to one group, never appears in two groups. This contact manager app can easily and quickly sort all contacts to each group.

7. Create second-level group. For example, after you make the first new group “Clients”, you can continue to make groups under this group, like “Clients” > “American Clients”.

create second-level group

Tip 1: How to create a group email on Mac?

ContactsMate is also a group email manager. Creating a group email will help you share information or send blessings to a group of contacts quickly. You don’t need to type in massive addresses manually when you want to send email to a large audience on time. Just right click the target mail groups, then click "Send Email".

create a group email

Tip 2: What’s more benefits from Cisdem ContactsMate?

Cisdem ContactsMate is not only the best third-party app to make contact group, it is also a powerful contact management software. You are able to customize user profile details with Name, Mobile, E-mail, Company, etc., and use its 14 screening conditions (Duplicate, Invalid, Errors, etc.) to filter and complete Contacts.

It utilizes the Mac OS X built-in contact database that makes it synchronous with iCloud and OX Address Book well. Any change in the Cisdem ContactsMate can be updated to them. And this contact manager app is able to export Contacts to common formats, like CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages for contact backup purposes. It keeps hard to offer us the superb contact manage ability. If you want to have a try at testing it, please download its free trial version below.

Make Contact Groups with Mac Contacts Address Book

Contacts, which called Address Book before OS X Mountain Lion, is a computerized address book included with Apple Inc.'s OS X. This contact manager app can let you add and edit contact, make Mac contacts groups, save or print labels and envelopes, mailing lists, pocket address books etc.

Its Group function is simple. How to create a group on mac with this online contact manager? Click “All Contacts”, it will turn into blue, highlight the mouse curse on it, you will see a “Plus” sign and click it, it appears a “untitle group” for you to create and edit a new group.

I want to express my using experience and opinion on it.

  1. It has a feature that other contact management software may don’t have-Smart Groups. You can create a group based on criteria you specify. For example, you can create a group called “Berlin City” that includes any contacts live in Berlin. When you change the one’s address to another city, the Smart Group will automatically exclude that contact.
  2. It can merge and look for the duplicates, but can’t do more for screening conditions (like incomplete name, invalid character, unusual title, suffix, etc.).
  3. I don’t love its grouping method, not intuitive and direct. If I am fresh man, I don’t think I will understand how to grouping if without its introductions. Apart from this, it can’t support do the secondary grouping, if it can manage the group to be more refined and slimmed, it’s better.
  4. The handling is not easy-to-use. For example, I want to delete one group, I have to click the Mac top tool bar Menu > Edit > Delete Group. If I can make it at one click without leave the app’s interface, I think it is more time-saving.

Make Contact Groups via Google Contacts Manager

Google Contacts Manager is an online address book. It is integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google products. You can create, edit or delete a contact and contact group, it can store all your email contacts, supports import contacts from Yahoo Mail,, AOL, other mail providers, or directly load CSV/vCard files, and export one of groups or all contacts to CSV/vCard formats. This contact manager Mac can make it easier to create a group email to a specific set of people.

How to create a group in Gmail on mac? Click Gmail in the top left corner of your page, then select Contacts to access all contacts information. You can make and customize the contact groups. Click “Labels” >”Create Label”, enter a new group name for the new group. Go to your contacts list then select contacts to label. In the toolbar, choose the “Manage labels” icon. Add the contact to the new group.

create a group in Gmail


  1. Google Contacts Manager can’t be the best contact manager. Its development platform is still in its infancy.
  2. It can’t support directly drag-n-drop the contact to the group.
  3. Contact editing can’t support to customize. The profile fields are prepared ready for your choice.

Which is the best contact manager app for Mac? Don’t forget to leave your comments below, and welcome to share more useful information and advices to use.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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