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How to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV on Mac?

How does one export all contacts from iCloud in some sort of standard format? I would prefer to keep a backup in case my sync goes bad and I'm yet to find a way to export all my contacts. – From Ask Different

Contacts are deemed to be an important part of our daily life. A lot of useful information is kept in the contacts, including phone numbers, email addresses and other privacy notes. For Mac users, most of you store contacts in iCloud. If you want to organize these contacts on other Mac contact management software, you can sync or export iCloud contacts to CSV on Mac.

Why Need Export iCloud Contacts to CSV?

  1. Easier to handle. The first reason to export iCloud contacts to CSV is for easy management. You can deal with iCloud contacts in any program after exporting them on Mac.
  2. Backup iCloud contacts. If there is something wrong that happens to your iCloud account, you will lose your data without backing up the contacts.
  3. Sync iCloud contacts to Mac. Another caveat worth mentioning is that exporting iCloud contacts on Mac can sync contacts.
  4. Popular CSV format. CSV can be handled with many applications. Meanwhile, it’s easy to open with comma, so you can read CSV at any devices.

How to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV on Mac by Contact Manager?

To sync and export iCloud contacts on Mac, using a piece of professional software should be an optimal choice. As far as I can see, Cisdem ContactsMate is a reputable Mac contact management software, which helps you edit & tag cluttered contacts, delete & fix incorrect contacts, share & backup significant contacts.

What’s more, you can sync contacts from iCloud, LinkedIn, Gmail, Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with ContactsMate, and export these contacts to CSV, vCard, Excel, TXT, Docx, etc. on Mac.

Download the free trial of Cisdem ContactsMate

  1. Install and launch the program, and then click the second button in the upper left corner to add your iCloud account.
  2. In the new pop-up window, you should select iCloud option. And sign in to iCloud with Apple ID.
  3. Agree with the iCloud terms and conditions. Afterwards, iCloud account will be appeared on the account list. Tick Contacts options on the right window to sync iCloud contacts. If you need sync other contents of iCloud on Mac, you can do the selection as well.
  4. Your iCloud contacts are in Cisdem ContactsMate now. You can feel free to manage them. As for exporting iCloud contacts on Mac, you just need click the fourth button in the upper left corner and choose CSV as output format.

How to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV on Mac via Web Browser?

If you think it’s not necessary to manage iCloud contacts on Mac, you are able to export the contacts to CSV via web browser directly. By this way, you can export iCloud contacts to vCard. And the V-card can be converted to CSV format with online tool on Mac.

  1. Go to iCloud page and sign in to iCloud account. After successful login, click Contacts option to redirect to your contacts page.
  2. Now you can see all of your iCloud contacts. Click settings icon located in the bottom left corner of the screen, then navigate to Select All option.
  3. You will notice that all the contacts have been selected after previous step. Click the settings button once again and choose Export vCard this time. Your iCloud contacts will be downloaded to vCard. Once the process is completed, the vCard will be saved on your Mac automatically.
  4. Convert vCard to CSV on the Web Vendor. So far, all the steps of exporting iCloud contacts on Mac are finished.

Sum up

Using a contacts manager to export iCloud contacts on Mac is considerably more effective than using a web browser. It is a convenient way to save time and organize contacts when signing in iCloud account on browser over and over again or encountering network outage. Do you still wonder how to export iCloud contacts to CSV on Mac? Let us know in the comments below.

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