How to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV on Mac and PC: 2 Easy Ways

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This article will show you how to export iCloud contacts to CSV different ways. There are quite a few online services and software apps to store and manage contacts. iCloud Contacts is one of them. It allows you to easily view, add, edit and export contacts. However, Contacts on iCloud can only export contacts as vCard (VCF). Sometimes we may need to export contacts to some other formats such as CSV.

The best way to export iCloud contacts to CSV directly

It’s very easy and effective to export selected or all iCloud contacts to CSV using professional software like ContactsMate.

ContactsMate main screen

Step 1. Sync iCloud contacts

Download and install ContactsMate for Mac. Launch it. Click the Add Account button in the toolbar. Sign in to iCloud. Make sure you select the checkbox next to Contacts.

sign in to iCloud

select Contacts

Step 2. Start exporting iCloud contacts to CSV

Now the contacts in iCloud should be synced to the said app. In ContactsMate, control-click the group called iCloud and choose Export.

choose the Export option

Click the Options button in the lower left corner and choose CSV as the output format. Click Save.

export iCloud contacts to CSV

It’s that easy to export iCloud contacts to CSV. You can also use the same app and steps to export your iPhone contacts to a CSV file. But you need to sync contacts from iPhone to iCloud first, which is super easy.

Note: When you launch the app for the first time, it will ask for access to your Mac Contacts. Click OK to continue.

Pro tips

  • If you want to export iCloud contacts to Outlook, you can easily do it by importing the exported CSV file to Outlook. Currently, CSV (comma-separated values) is the only supported import format of Outlook. It’s the same case with exporting iCloud contacts to Gmail. By the way, Gmail also supports importing vCard files.
  • Before exporting contacts from iCloud to CSV for backup or other purposes, you can use ContactsMate to scan for and fix duplicates, incomplete names or other issues (if any).fix conflicts

Export contacts from iCloud to CSV with conversion

You can also export iCloud contacts to CSV with the help of conversion tools. In this case, one needs to export iCloud contacts to vCard or VCF first. And vCard files can be converted to CSV format with online tool.

This method applies to Windows, Mac and other platforms.

Step 1. Go to iCloud page and sign in to iCloud account. After successful login, click Contacts option to redirect to your contacts page.

find Contacts on iCloud

Step 2. Now you can see all of your iCloud contacts. How do I export all contacts from iCloud? Just click settings icon located in the bottom left corner of the screen, then navigate to Select All option.

choose Select All

Step 3. You will notice that all the contacts have been selected after previous step. Click the settings button once again and choose Export vCard this time. Your iCloud contacts will be downloaded to vCard. Once the process is completed, the vCard will be saved on your computer automatically.

select Export vCard

Step 4. Now you can convert vCard to CSV using vCard to LDIF/CSV Converter online. So far, all the steps of exporting iCloud contacts are finished.

convert vCard to CSV online

Benefits of exporting contacts to CSV from iCloud

  • Easier to handle The first reason to export iCloud contacts to CSV is for easy management. You can deal with iCloud contacts in any program after exporting them.
  • Backup iCloud contacts If there is something wrong that happens to your iCloud account, you will lose your data without backing up the contacts.
  • Popular CSV format CSV can be handled with many applications. Meanwhile, it’s easy to open with comma, so you can read CSV at any devices.

Sum up

Using a contacts manager to export iCloud contacts is considerably more effective than using online services. It is a convenient way to save time and organize contacts when signing in iCloud account on browser over and over again or encountering network outage. Do you still wonder how to export iCloud contacts to CSV? Let us know in the comments below.

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