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What is the Best Contact Manager for Mac (macOS Sierra Included)?

Whether you're sending holiday wishes to family and friends, or you're planning to organize or backup OS X Contacts, it's important to have the right tools to manage OS X Contacts. Here we compare some great contact management software for Mac, followed by the detailed information of each for your reference.

What is the Best Contact Manager for Mac?

The fundamentals of contact management software for Mac haven't changed much over the past few years: You want a program that lets you sync all your Contacts, still, remove conflicts and duplicate contacts, and maybe export OS X contacts to a format that can sync with other emails. Also unchanged is the need for a secure and fast method. Finally, you may want the software to be an all in one that can instantly sync Contacts to iPhone, remove duplicate contacts and allow exports OS X Contacts to other formats like Excel or CSV, etc. for backup or sync.

What Are the Best Contact Management Software for Mac Available?

With the above features in mind we've created this list of the best contact manager for Mac, Check out this list and choose one for a better way to bring orders to your OS X Contacts.

#1. Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac

Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac stands out thanks to its intuitive interface and complete feature set. The app gives you easy access to search Contacts, add groups and make edits, remove duplicates and conflicts with OS X Contacts and export Mac Address Book to CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages format for easy Contacts back up or sync. In my test scanning almost 6,320 contacts takes around 15 seconds, but saves you hours of fixing things manually. For once, an app really does "what it says on the tin".  Download Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac >>

Pros: Easy to use, super fast speed, complete feature set, import and export in vCard and other formats

Cons: Mac OS X 10.7+ (Including Yosemite, El Capital, macOS Sierra.)

#2. Contacts Cleaner for Mac

Contacts Cleaner for Mac is a solid choice for Mac users who want a simple Contacts manager to organize OS X Contacts. While it lacks some in-depth features, it makes up for them with an easy-to-use Contacts management system, with this app you can easily scan the contact accounts you have set up on your Mac and produce a report of all of the erroneous information contained in the list. Cards with only one name, spaces in the first name, duplicate addresses, bad phone numbers will all be categorized and displayed for you to review. Contacts Cleaner does sometimes get a bit confused if you fix something directly in Address Book while it's running, but that' s easily fixable by stopping the app and restarting (and for good measure exporting and re-importing again). Download Contacts Cleaner for Mac >>

Pros: Easy to use, super fast speed, complete feature set

Cons: Can't export os X Contacts, sometimes get a bit confused

#3.Cobook Contacts

Cobook Contacts is a simple utility aimed at organize and gathers contacts information from a variety of sources. It connects to your Mac' s built-in address book, but can also be connected to Google Mail, Twitter, Facebook and iCloud for free. With this app you can easy edit and tidy your Contacts from duplicate contacts. There are in-app purchases for a few other services including connecting with Foursquare, Instagram and LinkedIn, etc. The result is a consolidated address book with information pulled from a variety of services. Cobook does its best to avoid duplication, but it' s inevitable when there are so many ways of representing data. Download Cobook Contacts for Mac >>

Pros: Free, intuitive interface, import and export in vCard and other formats.

Cons: Filled to find the real duplicates, also all your personal data and that of everyone in your address books are collected for commercial purposes, and it runs a little slowy on my Mac.

How to Use the Best Contacts Manager for Mac?

Step 1. Sync with OS X Contacts

For the first time when you run the app, you' ll be asked to allow access to sync with your Contacts. After click “OK", all the entries in your Contacts will be synced to Cisdem ContactsMate. Once interconnection built between your Address Book /Contacts and Cisdem ContactsMate, you can directly edit contacts information in Cisdem ContactsMate without going to Contatcs anymore.

1. In the first screen you can easily add Contacts or groups, and make edits to contacts, all contacts you add and edits you made will also sync to OS X Contacts.

2. You can also easily search for contacts members you need in the quick search box.

Step 2.Search for Conflicts and duplicate in OS X Contacts

After done with all the preparation work, the next thing you need to do is searching questionable contacts, to do that, please click "Cisdem ContactsMate" on menu bar and then select “Preferences”. In total 14 conflicts are offered in the app, you just need to check the conditions you need, and star the scanning.

If you are in a non-English speaking countries you can also easily set suffix and title you your own languages.

Step 3. Remove duplicate contacts and solve other conflicts in Contacts

After scanning, you will see all the questionable contacts are showed on the left column under each condition, Click any of them; detailed information will be displayed on the right part of the interface including name of the contact, problem, solution and details. You can fix all the problem manually or choose to fix all the same category problems in one go, which is really handy.

Step 4. Export Contacts

There are eight output format options provided in Contacts Exporter: CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers and Pages. And you are free to choose export the whole contacts or contacts groups, or only the contact and group you want to export by right click the group or contacts you need to export.

Don't see your favorite software here, or use one of these and love it? Share your recommendations in the comments section below.

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