5 Best Contact Managers for Mac 2022: Easily Manage Contacts

Megan Charles
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A good contact app can make managing contacts easy, efficient and even fun. If you are on the hunt for the best contact manager for Mac, check out this list of the best apps to manage contacts on Mac. I hope the list will help Mac users make better decisions when choosing contact management software.

What makes a good contact management app for Mac?

Apple’s Contacts app on your Mac can help you manage and organize contacts, but sometimes this first-party solution is not useful enough. That’s where the third-party ones come in. Below are some basic criteria in choosing the best contacts app for Mac. It should allow you to easily:

  • Add new contacts and edit existing contacts.
  • Search your contacts.
  • Group contacts and manage them.
  • Organize contacts by tagging.
  • Sync contacts with popular services such as iCloud and Gmail.
  • Export and back up contacts.
  • Share contact information.
  • Find and clean up duplicate contact entries.

The best contact manager for Mac 2022

1. Cisdem ContactsMate

Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later

Latest version: 6.4.0, released on 07/13/2022

Price: $29.99 One-Year Subscription; $49.99 One-Time Purchase

Cisdem ContactsMate is a powerful, easy-to-use app to manage, organize and clean up contacts on your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac, etc.

In addition to the contacts on your Mac, it can handle your contacts from various other sources such as iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. As a result, you can manage all your contacts in one place.

Cisdem ContactsMate main features:

  • Support contacts from sources such as Mac, Google, iCloud, Facebook, Exchange, Yahoo and more
  • Sync contacts between supported sources
  • Let you view, search, add, edit, share, print, and tag contacts
  • Enable you to group contacts to send group emails
  • Allow you to call or email from the app directly
  • Make it easy to import, export, transfer and convert contacts
  • Require only 1 click to back up or restore contacts
  • Find and delete or merge duplicate contacts in supported sources
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Compatible with macOS 10.11 or later, including macOS 13 Ventura

Free Download

Let’s take a look at these great features.

Sync contacts with Google, iCloud, Exchange and more accounts

In addition to the contacts stored in Mac’s Contacts app, ContactsMate also supports contacts kept in Internet accounts such as Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo. With this Mac contact manager, you can effortlessly gather all your contacts to access and manage in one place.

Open the app. Click Add Account add account button in the toolbar.

add account

In the Internet Accounts window that appears, select a service. Sign in using your account.

Internet Account window

Select the checkbox next to Contacts.

select Contacts

Click the button  next to the Updated contacts detected message. Now the added account should appear in the left sidebar. When you select the account, the contacts in it will appear in the area next to the sidebar.

added account appearing in sidebar

When you edit or delete, etc. the account’s contacts in ContactsMate, the changes will be automatically detected and synced to the account, and vice versa.

View, search, add, edit, share, and print etc. contacts

The best contact manager for Mac lets you easily performs basic tasks. Click the blue plus icon at the bottom to add contacts. When adding a company as a contact, you can check the box next to Company. Select a contact, and you can view or edit it as you wish. To add a field when editing, click the black plus icon in the bottom left corner of the editing area.

The search box is located in the bottom of the main window. And you can find the share icon share icon in the bottom right corner. You can also find the Share, Print and other options by control-clicking a contact.

control-click a contact

Well integrated with macOS, this app enables you to directly email, call or text a contact. Select the specific contact and click a button under the name to start an email or a call, etc. To email a group of contacts, control-click the group (or sub-group) in the sidebar and choose Send Email.

Organize contacts by adding tags and creating groups

You can add one or multiple tags to individual contacts to efficiently segment and filter them. You can find a filed to add tags when editing a contact.

If you often send emails to the same multiple contacts, you can create a group for them. The next time you send an email, just control-click the group and choose Send Email.

To create a group or sub-group, in the left sidebar, control-click On My Mac or an Internet account and choose New Group.

add a group

Export, import and backup contacts

To export contacts to a desired format, control-click On My Mac or an Internet account you have added to ContactsMate and choose Export.

In the dialog box that shows up, click the Format dropdown list and choose a format. It supports 8 export formats: CSV, Excel, vCard, TXT, DOCX, HTML, Numbers and Pages. Some services such as iCloud only support very few export formats. This Mac contact manager provides far more choices. It can import contacts from CSV and vCard files.

export contacts

Backing up contacts is also a snap. Open the Preferences window.

open preferences window

Go to the Backup & Restore tab, select a source of contacts (e.g. your Mac's Contacts or iCloud account) and click Backup. To restore, select a source, choose a version of backup and click Restore.

backup and restore

Find and clean up duplicate contacts

Duplicate entries of the same contacts may cause inconvenience or confusion. Some entries are exactly the same. There can also be partially duplicate entries. The best contact manager for Mac detects duplicate contacts and provides multiple solutions for you to deal with different types of duplicates. Here’s the detailed guide on it if you are interested.

clean up duplicate contacts

Also, it can identify contacts with incomplete information.

identify incomplete information

Get ContactsMate to keep your contacts well organized and clean on Mac!

Free Download

2. BusyContacts

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later

Latest version: 1.6.8, released on 03/01/2022

Price: $49.99 for 1 licence

BusyContacts is another one of the best contact app for Mac. Many people use it as a replacement for the built-in address book. There are two ways you can view your contacts in this app: the List view and the Card view. Both are convenient. In the app, you can easily add, edit, delete, tag, filter and search contacts.

It can work with contacts from iCloud, Google, Facebook and some other services or platforms. Syncing used to be a bit slow especially if you had added multiple accounts. It was improved in a recent update. By the way, the update in early 2021 added support for Macs with Apple Silicon.

BusyContacts also has something unique to it. It is designed to integrated with BusyCal, a calendar app from the same developer. The integration makes it easy to follow up events in this address book app.



  1. Support contacts from certain cervices and platforms
  2. Let you switch between two view modes
  3. Let you perform basic tasks to manage contacts
  4. Make it easy to tag and organize contacts
  5. Provide a useful filtering tool called Smart Filters
  6. Can be used with BusyCal


  1. Some options are somewhat hidden or confusing
  2. A bit expensive

3. Contacts+

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later

Latest version: 22.06.0, released on 06/03/20202

Price: $8.33/month

Developed by FullContact Inc., the FullContact app used to provide contact management solutions for individuals and businesses. In 2018, the company acquired Contacts+, a contact management app. The FullContact app is now a part of Contacts+.

Contacts+ can help you organize, maintain, share and clean up contacts on Mac. You can use it to sync your contacts across services and accounts, remove duplicate contacts, add tags and perform other tasks. It works with Google Contacts, Exchange, popular social media platforms and more. It‘s easy to add tags to your contacts so that you can easily sort and organize them.

This top-rated Mac contact manager has a simple and easy to understand interface. It's free to use. However, to access full features, you need to get Contacts+ premium. With the free version, you can only sync one account, and other features are also limited.



  1. Sync contacts across multiple services and accounts
  2. Enable to efficiently tag and sort contacts
  3. Let you effortlessly import and export contacts
  4. Clean up your contact list
  5. Simple, easy-to-use interface


  1. A bit costly
  2. Sometimes fail to sync as expected

4. Top Contacts

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later

Latest version: 1.3.3, released on 09/19/2019

A relatively new app, Top Contacts does a decent job of managing contacts on Mac. Users can easily add, delete, view and edit contacts. It offers useful features such as Tags and Add Relations, making it more efficient to navigate and organize. When it comes to searching, you can set up customizable filters to quickly locate contacts. It's also quick and easy to share and print contacts.

The Calendar and To-Do features are available for all contacts, enabling you to create reminders for events and follow them up. One of the great things is the support for recurring events. In addition, it allows you to attach documents and other files such as contracts and agreement to any of your contacts. You can preview attached files in this tool directly. These features are worth exploring and can help you improve efficiency greatly.

The app is almost as versatile as the best contact manager for Mac. But currently, it only supports syncing contacts with iCloud. No other services are supported.

Top Contacts


  1. Easy to use and versatile
  2. Offer two convenient view modes
  3. Let you effectively and efficiently organize contacts
  4. Offer advanced, customizable filters
  5. Provide useful calendar and to-do list features


  1. Only support syncing with iCloud
  2. No update since 2019

5. Cardhop

Compatibility: macOS 10.13.2 or later

Latest version: 2.0.10, released on 05/2931/2022


Cardhop is worth considering if you are looking for an app to do basic contact management tasks such as searching, editing and adding contacts. But it’s not your average contacts app. With it, you can actually handle your contacts on Mac in a fun way.

There are a few ways to add new contacts. You can do it by going to the settings and choosing New Card. Or, you can directly input the new contact’s information in the search bar, and this great contact manager for Mac is smart enough to automatically creating a new card. Don’t forget to click the Add Contact button to save the new card.

add new contact on Mac

You can even edit an existing contact by specifying the name and entering new information in the search bar. Cardhop will automatically parse and recognize the information you enter.

Here is another way to create a new contact. Select text containing contact information from anywhere on your Mac such as a webpage and send it to Cardhop to add contact. And you can continue to enrich it easily.

But it’s not that convenient when it comes to viewing contacts. To view contact information, you need to select the contact.


  1. Can be accessed from the menu bar and using keyboard shortcut
  2. Easy, handy and fun to use
  3. Allow you to create contact groups
  4. Provide a list of recent contacts


  1. Inconvenient contact viewing


The article recommends and reviews the best macOS apps to manage contacts, which can help you choose the best contact manager for Mac. They are great for individuals and small businesses to use. Keeping your contacts list clean, organized and well maintained can make things easier and improve efficiency.

Megan Charles
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Megan has an impressive deal of experience with Mac software and has the ability to explain tech stuff in a simplified, straightforward and easy to understand way.

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    Since Contacts now syncs in iCloud with all devices, what is the procedure for cleaning Contacts on one Mac and having it update on iCloud for all devices?

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    • Megan Charles

      You can search "clean contacts " in the search bar in our website and find tips about cleaning contacts. As for updating contacts on Mac, you can see the guide from Apple Support by searching "Get help using iCloud Contacts". Hope it's useful to you, Jefferris.

      7 years ago
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    Very detailed. Cisdem Contacts Manager for Mac is useful. Its features is very comprehensive and it also is easy-to-use.

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