3 Ways to Export Mac Contacts to Excel with Ease

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In this guide, you will be finding three methods to export Mac contacts to Excel. As we all know, Mac contacts can be easily exported to vCard (VCF) which is, however, the only supported export format. What if we want to export our Mac contacts to Excel (which can’t deal with a vCard file properly)? The good news is there is actually more than one way to download Mac contacts to the Excel supported format.

Method 1. Directly Export Mac Contacts to Excel

Cisdem ContactsMate is a powerful, easy to use contacts manager for Mac. It can directly export Mac contacts to Excel, CSV, Numbers, Pages, etc. In addition to exporting contacts to various formats for different applications, this contact management software also offers the following features.

  • Sync contacts from iCloud, Exchange, Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, etc.
  • Import contacts from CSV and vCard files
  • Allow users to easily view, add, edit, tag, group and manage contacts
  • Find and delete duplicate contacts
  • Fix formatting errors
  • Help users to quickly export, backup and share contacts

To export Mac contacts to Excel file in the easiest possible way, please follow the steps below.

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1. Download, install and launch Cisdem ContactsMate on your Mac. It fully supports OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later, including the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina. Below is a screenshot of the interface.

cisdem contactsmate interface

2. When you run this app for the first time, a message will pop up asking if you allow it to access your contacts or not. Click OK. Thus a connection will be established between it and the Contacts app.

cisdem contactsmate allow

3. Select contacts. Click Export (which can be found in the toolbar on the top of the interface). And a window will pop up. At the Format section, there is a drop-down menu listing all the available formats. In this case, choose “Save to Excel” or “Save to CSV”. The CSV format is widely supported by spreadsheets and database management systems including Excel, etc.

export mac contacts to excel

Choose or create a folder to save the exported Excel/CSV file. Click Save. This is how to export Mac contacts to Excel spreadsheet.

You can also export Mac contact group to Excel by using the same app and steps. Here’s a guide on how to group contacts on Mac. In addition, Cisdem ContactsMate can help you find, remove and merge duplicates and fix syncing problems, among other things.

Method 2. Export Mac Contacts to Excel by Converting vCard to CSV

In this method, one can export Mac contacts to Excel with the help of vCard to CSV converter.

1. Go to Applications > Contacts.

2. Select contacts or a group that you want to export. Choose File > Export > Export vCard. Alternatively, you can drag and drop them to the desktop. Thus the contacts will be exported.

export vcard on mac

3. vCard to CSV Converter is a online too that can do the aforementioned conversion.

a. Click Choose File. Select the vCard file exported in the second step.

b. At the Format section, there are two drop-down menus. Choose CSV and Comma. Select the “Add header line” option.

vcard to csv converter

c. There are two options at the Filter section. Choose according to your need.

d. Click Convert. The file will be saved in the Downloads folder.

Method 3. Export Mac Contacts to Excel Using Text Import Wizard

Excel can’t deal with vCard directly, but you can make it work out by using the Text Import Wizard in Excel. If you are good at Excel, you can also use this method to export Mac contacts to Excel.

1. Follow the first two steps in the second method.

2. Open Excel on your Mac. Go to File > Import > All Files. Select the exported vCard file. Click Open to start the Text Import Wizard.

3. Select Delimited. The feature can separate data by commas, colons, tabs, semicolons, etc. Click Next.

text import wizard delimited

Step 4. Select the delimiter that separate values in the vCard file. Check out the layout in the Data preview window and make sure that the contact information is separated into columns as you want it. Click Finish.


If you are looking for a way to export contacts to Excel on Mac, the three proven methods to export Mac contacts to Excel recommended above can help you out. It’s highly recommended to use the first method which requires the least effort. Cisdem ContactsMate will make it extremely easy for you to export, import, sync your contacts and further manage them on Mac.

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