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How to Edit PDF on Mac with or without Preview

For office worker, PDF file is undoubtedly one of the most widely used files since they almost need to deal with PDF files every day. So when facing up a PDF business proposal, if you need to do some notes sometimes? Have you ever found the most effective way to edit PDF on Mac? I think there may be some people even don’t know how to edit PDF on Mac although many businesses provide many PDF editors on Mac in the internet. Here we will introduce three methods of editing PDF on Mac with or without Preview for PDF users.

Method 1 of 3: Edit PDF on Mac with Preview

Apple also take PDF files into consideration when they design Mac, as Apple’s native application, Preview makes it easy to view and edit Portable Document Files (PDFs).

How to edit PDF files on Mac with Preview?

At first, you need to open a PDF file. Three ways to open PDF files, double-click its icon, opening files directly from the File menu, dragging a PDF file onto the Preview icon in the Dock or Finder. And then, click the Edit button in the toolbar of the Preview, the editing toolbar will be opened, you can edit your PDF file in Preview.

What kind of editing can Preview do to PDF?

  1. Copy the selected text so that you can paste it into another document.
  2. Annotate and markup PDF, you can insert a box, oval or line in your document, even change the color, thickness, or fill of these shapes. And you can highlight, underline or add strikethrough to texts in PDF.
  3. Drag your pointer across your document to create a text box you can type into.
  4. Insert your signature into a PDF document.

Tips: Although Preview is free and it doesn’t need to download, it only can do some limited editing for PDF files, if you want to edit a scanned PDF file, Preview may be stranded.

Method 2 of 3: Edit PDF on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

As the leader of PDF, Adobe Acrobat is undoubtedly a powerful PDF tool that gathers almost all operations of editing PDF. With this application, editing PDF is too simplistic.

How to edit PDF files on Mac with Adobe Acrobat(XI Pro)?

Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. Then select “Content Editing” under the “Tools”, you can do some editing to your PDF file. There are many tools provided, such as “Edit Text & Images tool”, you can choose the tool that best fits your task.

What kind of editing can Adobe Acrobat XI Pro do to PDF?

  1. Edit images in PDF files. It can resize, replace, and adjust images within your PDF file.
  2. Add, delete, or edit text. You can change the location of the text box, resize a text box, etc.
  3. Change the font, point size, text color, alignment, and other items of the text box.
  4. Search for a specific word or phrase as well as replace a word with another.

Tips: The functions of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro are complete and powerful, but its price is not so cute. If you want to use it for long for business, you need to subscribe, $14.99 per month.

Method 3 of 3: Edit PDF on Mac with Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate

Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate gives a complete PDF solution to Mac users.

How to edit PDF files on Mac with Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate?

Click the button of “Download” below to free download Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate and launch it on your Mac. Then open your PDF file in Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate. Click the “Edit” button and you will go to editing interface. 

Download the free trail of Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate Now!

What kind of editing can Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate do to PDF?

  1. Copy the selected text so that you can paste it into another document.
  2. Annotate and markup PDF. You can add texts, comments, notes, or shapes (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle,) to the PDF.
  3. Highlight, cross-out, underline text, and draw an arrow or a line for more effective collaboration.
  4. Add signature to PDF on Mac quickly, no need to print & scan.

Tips: Excepting editing PDF, more functions are provided by Cisdem ManagerUltimate for Mac users. If you have a scanned PDF file, and you want to edit it, Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate also provides a complete solution for you. You can convert your scanned PDF to other editable formats (such as word) so that you can edit it easily.

Download the free trail of Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate Now!

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