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How to Delete Contacts from Gmail?

Undoubtedly, Google Gmail contacts play a very important role in doing business. We are all aware that staying in touch with partners is an indispensable part of doing business. Just like we need add new contacts, we also need delete contacts from Gmail somewhile. How to delete contacts from Gmail? If you don’t have any idea, here we show you the steps of removing Gmail contacts. Hope these contact management software could be useful enough for your purpose.

Under What Circumstances Should We Remove Contacts from Gmail?

  1. Someone you don’t know but always sends marketing mails or advertisements to you.
  2. Your friend’s Gmail account was stolen. The bad guy often sends you harassing messages and harmful links.
  3. You changed job, so you need delete old working partners from Gmail contacts.
  4. There are some duplicate contacts. To manage Gmail contacts well, you have to remove the superfluous ones.

How to Delete Contacts from Gmail Contacts List?

You may make a lot of friends on the Internet, but also met many passers-by. Once you confirmed that someone you wouldn’t contact again, you’d better delete these Gmail contacts for keeping your account neatly. Actually, the Gmail service allows you to remove unwanted contacts from address book.

  1. After signing into your Gmail account, click the large red Gmail button at the top left corner. Then choose Contacts option in the drop-down box. How to Delete Contacts from Gmail Contacts List Step One
  2. The system will redirect to contacts list. In My Contacts, you can find all people that you have added to Gmail. If you would like to delete All, Starred, or Unstarred contacts from Gmail, click the box icon and choose one of the options. How to Delete Contacts from Gmail Contacts List Step Two
  3. To delete the selected contacts from Gmail, click on More above and select Delete contacts. If you remove the contact by mistake, you can press Undo to recover your contact. How to Delete Contacts from Gmail Contacts List Step Three

How to Delete Contacts from Gmail via Professional Program?

Deleting contacts from Gmail with special tool will make everything simple and effective. Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac is a piece of super contact management software that can help you create, group, search, and manage your contacts on Mac. It can also export Mac contacts to HTML, Excel, CSV, Numbers, vCard, TXT, Docx, and Pages format for backing up or syncing. Plus, Cisdem ContactsMate is easy for you to fix duplicate contacts and conflicted information.

Download the Free Trial of Cisdem ContactsMate

  1. Run the program on your Mac, you will see the interface as follow. Choose “Add Account” on the upper left corner.
  2. You will arrive at System Preference page, click on “Internet Account” and choose Google option. Then log into your Google account and sync your Gmail contacts to Cisdem ContactsMate. How to Delete Contacts from Gmail via Professional Program Step Two
  3. Finally, you can start deleting contacts from Gmail via Cisdem Contacts. You have 3 ways to finish this process, let me introduce them to you.
  • Click Gmail contacts in the middle of the window, you will find “Delete” button on the right side.
  • Right- click Gmail contacts, you will see “Delete” in drop-down box. If you want to delete several contacts all at once. How to Delete Contacts from Gmail via Professional Program Step Three- 2
  • To delete duplicate contacts from Gmail, you are able to click “Scan” in main interface. Afterwards, select “Delete this contact” below solution to fix the conflict. How to Delete Contacts from Gmail via Professional Program Step Three- 3

So, Which Way is Better to Delete Contacts from Gmail?

Seemingly, deleting Gmail contacts with contacts list is fine and free. But have you ever considered that it can’t help you manage contacts by the numbers. Every time you need create or delete Gmail contacts, you have to log into Gmail account over and over again. It’s not handy and the functions of it can’t meet your demands.

Such being the case, why don’t you try to use a full-featured and reliable application? You only need export Gmail contacts to Cisdem ContactsMate, and later you will feel easy to organize the contacts. Apart from deleting unwanted contacts from Gmail, this kind of program also has many other features. Please check the official site for further information.

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