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There are hundreds of contacts in my Mac, I am not able to find and delete those duplicate contacts manually. What should I do? Who can give me some useful advices?

It’s a commonly asked question on Google as to how to remove or merge duplicate contacts on Mac. Duplicate contacts can be pretty annoying. We neither want nor need those duplicate entries which can make our contacts a total mess. In this article, we will provide you with five easy solutions that really work. There are also step-by-step instructions on how to delete duplicate contacts on Mac using them. Without further ado, let’s find out how to get rid of Mac contacts duplicates with super ease.

Things to Do Before Merging or Removing Mac Contacts Duplicates

  1. It’s recommended to backup your Mac contacts first so that you won’t lose needed contacts by mistake.
  2. Use a reliable and powerful contact manager for Mac to delete Mac contacts duplicates.
  3. Create groups or add tags for your contacts. By doing so, you are able to organize them and deal with duplicate contacts with more ease.

5 Solutions to Merge or Remove Mac Contacts Duplicates

Solution 1. Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac

Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac is one of the best contact manager software apps that can analyze, report, fix dozens of problems with contacts and export Mac contacts to CSV, vCard(VCF), TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers and Pages format. With this powerful tool, you can manage and backup your contacts in one place or sync contacts from Mac to iPhone. No matter how many contacts you have, download and install this tool, and it will help you find, remove or merge duplicate contacts on Mac quickly and accurately.

Download the free trial of Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac Now!

Steps to merge and remove Mac contacts duplicates:

1. Download and install this app on your Mac.

2. Sync with Mac contacts. When you run this app on your Mac, it will ask you to set connection with your Contacts, just click "OK".

3. Search duplicate contacts. Go to the top menu bar, Preferences > Duplicate > OK, it will start to scan.

4. A list all of duplicate contacts are detected. You can choose to delete this contact or merge contacts.

Solutions One to Merge or Remove Duplicate Contacts on Mac


  • Find, merge or remove duplicate contacts Mac fast and accurately
  • Also allow users to easily edit and tag contacts and to create group
  • Can sync contacts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, iCloud, Exchange, etc.
  • Batch fix all similar problematic contacts, etc.
  • Export your address book to CSV, vCard, TXT, DocX, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages formats


  • Only works for Mac


Solution 2. AddressBook Cleaner

AddressBook Cleaner is a duplicate contacts remover app. To keep your Address Book clean and contacts unique, this app will help users remove duplicate contacts Mac. With this tool, getting rid of Mac contacts duplicates becomes easy. It will help you find out all the duplicate contacts on Mac matched various situations, and marking the ones unwanted automatically. So you can remove duplicate contacts easily.

Steps to merge and remove Mac contacts duplicates:

1. Download AddressBook Cleaner and get it installed.

2. Find out duplicated contacts automatically after you specify the filter conditions.

3. Check duplicate on your Mac.

4. Merge duplicate contacts on Mac. Just click "Delete" button to remove all the marked contacts.

Solutions Two to Merge or Remove Duplicate Contacts on Mac


  • Find all the contacts which match the predefined fields, and mark the ones to be remove.
  • Support 7 languages including English, Italiano, etc.Support 7 languages including English, Italiano, etc.


  • Sometimes the sync process is going wrong somewhere along the line and creating duplicate lists of some contacts. You have to take time to find and delete the duplicate contacts by hand.


Solution 3. Contacts Cleaner

Contacts Cleaner is a decent application that will go through your contacts and sensibly merge, delete and clean up your contacts. It has an easy to user interface. Users can find duplicated contacts and fields and remove duplicate contacts Mac using it. In addition, with this useful application, Contacts can be changed individually or by checking the "fix all similar" box. Anything with the same issue will be fixed in one go.

Steps to merge and delete Mac contacts duplicates:

1. Before dealing with duplicate contacts on Mac, you need to download Contacts Cleaner, this application doesn’t allow user to try it for free. You need to pay money so that you can download it. After downloaded, it will be installed on your Mac automatically. It is convenient.

2. When you run this application on your Mac, it also will ask you to sync with your Contacts. You need to sync with Contacts, so that you can finish the next step.

3. Next, you need to find duplicate contacts on your Mac. Contacts Cleaner provides multiple conditions for users to choose, you can check on or more condition. And click “OK”, it will start to scan.

4. Wait a minute, you will get results. It will list duplicate contacts for you, you can click “Merge contacts” to merge duplicate contacts on Mac.

Solutions Three to Merge or Remove Duplicate Contacts on Mac


  • Does a good job of finding and merging duplicate contacts
  • Can also fix contacts problems such as invalid characters and formatting errors


  • Currently doesn’t support Exchange or CardDAV


Solution 4. Address Book Clearout

Address Book Clearout can straighten out your contacts, clean up data issues and quickly finds and highlights duplicates to help you merge and eliminate redundant and out-of-date information with a simple but powerful interface, and not only remove duplicates, but find those cards that you put in at different times for the same person. With this application, you can easily find, merge or remove duplicate contacts Mac.

Steps to merge or delete Mac contacts duplicates:

1. Before merging duplicate contacts on Mac, you need to download the app first. This application also not support downloading for free, you need to pay some money for it so that you can try it. And after downloaded, it also will be installed on your Mac automatically.

2. Then you need to set a connection between Contacts with this tool so that you can sync with macOS Contacts.

3. Next, using this application to find duplicate contacts on Mac, after a while, it will send a duplicate scan reports for you.

You can view duplicate scan reports, and click each contact to view details. Then you can choose to remove multiple contacts by one click.

Solutions Four to Merge or Remove Duplicate Contacts on Mac


  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Find duplicate contacts quickly


  • Can freeze unexpectedly, which is rare. Users can send crash reports to the developer. They are very responsive.


Solution 5. Contacts Cleanup

Contacts Cleanup is an easy-to-use application that can help users to find and merge the duplicate contacts into a single contact. User can solve three conflicts by using this application, including duplicate contacts, duplicate phones, and duplicate emails. If you use this tool, merging duplicate contacts on Mac is no longer a difficult task.

Steps for you to merge and remove Mac contacts duplicates:

1. This app is available on Mac App Store, so this application also doesn’t support trying for free. You need to purchase. And all of applications download from Mac App Store will be installed automatically.

2. Next, you need to sync with Contacts. It is a key step that had to be satisfied.

3. This tool also provides many screening conditions for users, you can check the condition you want, one or more. Then it will scan your Contacts to find duplicate contacts on Mac.

4. After finding duplicate contacts, the next thing you should do is merging duplicate contacts on Mac. You can click “Merge Contacts” to finish it.

contacts cleanup mac


  • Also allows users to back up contacts
  • Very cheap


  • Sometimes crashes


The solutions mentioned above can help you get rid of Mac contacts duplicates within minutes. Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac, along with AddressBook Cleaner, allows users to have a free trial, so you can use them for free and check out what they have to offer. The other apps don’t come with a free trial, and you have to pay first. It’s beneficial for users if they can try out an app for free since it’s best way to know if it’s worth buying. In our test, Cisdem ContactsMate can not only merge or remove duplicate contacts Mac effectively but also import contacts from CSV and vCard (VCF), sync contacts from Google,  Exchange and social networking sites such as Facebook, allow users to view, add, edit and tag contacts and fix formatting errors, among other things. Which tool do you prefer? Do you know other software to remove duplicate contacts Mac? Just leave a comment below.

Download the free trial of Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac Now!

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