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Are you looking for a image to Excel converter that is free and gives accurate result? Read on!

Have data in image files and need to extract that data for further analysis? Converting image to Excel is what you need, but we all know that image is a non-editable format, plus manually reentering or extracting data from images into spreadsheets is time consuming. To work it out, we’ll show you 9 best image to Excel converters in this article, all of which can help you to convert image to Excel quickly and accurately.


How do We Convert Picture to Excel Table or Data?

To convert image or scanned files to Excel, we need to apply OCR on these image files.

OCR means Optical Character Recognition, it helps to recognize the characters on image-based files and make them editable or searchable, so your computer can read all the texts from the image files.

Though, there are many OCR tools available on the market, but when it comes to convert image to excel, we need to have tools that can recognize tabula data on the images and accurately recreate the structure on Excel. We don’t merely need tools that can only extract data from images and then to do all the formatting. So a good image to Excel converter is needed, one that can accurately recognize tabula data on images and can keep all the formatting of the table.

In this article we pick 8 best  image to excel converters, most of them are free and applicable to different platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.


Best Image to Excel Converter for Windows or Mac

If you want to extract data from image to excel with exactly the same formatting as the original file, a dedicated image to excel converter is necessary. We need a tool that can recognize datas from multiple formats and one can handle files in batches. Also, a good image to excel converter must be accurate and ease of use. According to the test results and feedback from users, we pick Cisdem OCRWizard for Windows and Mac users.

Cisdem OCRWizard, is an OCR software that comes with AI technology. It can accurately recognize images and export to editable formats with original file formatting retained. Unlike other OCR tools that needs to inout data and train it, this software comes with 8 preset OCR modes which works on all occasions, you can add images and take screenshots or scanned PDF files, it even works with recognizing handwritten images.

Steps to Convert Image to Excel on Windows or Mac Offline

  • Step 1. Download and install OCRWizard on your Windows or Mac
    Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.13 or later
  • Step 2. Choose Image Excel Recognition mode
    In the main interface choose Image recognition mode. See, this app coms with 8 preset mode, you can choose the mode that suites you needs.convert image to excel 01
  • Step 3. Add images or image folder 
    This app supports process files in batches, you can add as many photos as you like or you can click “Add Folder” to load all images in a folder.image to excel with cisdem
  • Step 4. Set OCR language and XLSX as output format
    In the bottom of the interface choose the language of your image file and set the output format as XLSX, then set the directory where you want to save the converted Excel file.image to excel with cisdem 03
  • Step 5. Convert image to Excel
    After all the settings you can click Start to start the image to excel conversion. After the conversion finished you can click on the folder icon to easily locate the converted file.

Also, you can check the YouTube video tutorial to convert image to Excel format:


Best Image to Excel Converters Online Free

Online image to excel converter is quite large in quantity. Basically, there are 2 kinds of online free image to excel converters, one requires email address to download converted excel files, while the other one doesn’t. For convenience and saving your email box from spam letters, online free image to excel OCR converters that don’t require submitting email address are recommended.

#1 online2pdf (Batch Conversion Support)

It is an online document converter offering free services to transfer PDF and image files into searchable PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTFD, Text and more in batch. There are 32 languages supported by this online free tool to OCR in images, including English, French, German, Spanish, etc. Also, users can adjust the settings about images and Excel before conversion as per their preferences.


  1. Batch convert up to 20 files.
  2. Support PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, MDI.
  3. Allow limited customization on the image input and Excel output.
  4. Export as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text.


  1. Only support 7 languages for the data formatting in Excel.
  2. Need internet to upload and convert file. 
  3. Need to manually check due to OCR errors sometimes.
  4. The fonts will be missing in the converted file if they are not standard fonts of Windows and MS Office.
  5. Not suitable for handling private files. 
  6. Have a 100MB file size limit, and all files together must not exceed 150MB. 

How to Convert Image to Excel Online with online2pdf OCR?

  1. Go to online2pdf.
  2. Click on Select files to upload images into the program. Drag and drop also works.convert image to excel online01
  3. Choose the conversion mode, select Excel as the output format and choose the OCR language in image.convert image to excel online02
  4. Tweak the settings about images and the converted Excel as per your preference.convert image to excel online03
  5. Once done, click Convert to extract data from image to excel for free.

Additional Part: Can I Convert Image to Excel Using iLovePDF?

Part of people are searching how to convert an image into a Excel file using iLovePDF in Google. Actually, it does offer the capability of converting picture to Excel table, but in an indirect and paid way. You’ll need to perform two conversions to do it, with the Convert JPG to PDF and Convert PDF to Excel tools included in iLovePDF. Besides, OCR is required during the process, so you have to upgrade to Premium, otherwise, this tool is limited to 1 file per task.

How to Convert Image to Excel with iLovePDF?

  1. Go to iLovePDF and choose Convert JPG to PDF tool.
  2. Click Select JPG images or drag & drop the JPG images into the program.convert image to excel online05
  3. Modify the PDF page settings, like page orientation, size and margin.convert image to excel online06
  4. Click Convert to PDF and save the converted file.
  5. Go to Convert PDF to EXCEL tool, and drop the converted PDF into the interface.convert image to excel online07
  6. Choose OCR and click Convert to EXCEL.convert image to excel online08


Use Free Image to Excel Converter - OneNote

If you don’t want to upload your files to the online site and at the same time need a free image to excel converter that also can extract tabula data from images, you can also use Microsoft OneNote.

Though Microsoft Office Excel desktop version doesn’t offer OCR feature, OneNote from Microsoft Office can help to convert picture to excel table.

Microsoft Office OneNote is the free program facilitating team collaboration, it can help to create notes, drawings, clips, even audio, then gather all the information for multiple users’ usage. To help people handle all information in one note, it comes with an OCR feature and the build in OCR feature is very easy to use, one can also utilize this feature to seamlessly integrate with other applications. 

  • Step 1. Install and launch Microsoft OneNote in Mac AppStore.
  • Step 2. Go to Insert > Picture, upload an image to OneNote.

image to excel with onenote 01

  • Step 3. Right click on the picture and choose Copy Text from Picture to start the OCR processing.

image to excel with onenote 02

  • Step 4. Launch Microsoft Office Excel, paste the picture text to excel and save the file.


Convert Picture to Excel Table with Adobe if You Have

But if you have subscribed and installed Adobe, you can also utilize this Adobe converter to perform Image-to-Excel conversion easily, since Adobe is also equipped with an OCR feature to work on scanned PDF or images. Here we take Adobe Acrobat DC as an example to demonstrate how to convert picture to excel table in Adobe.

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC on your computer.
  2. Go to Tools > Create PDF, select an image to upload and click Create to make the image in PDF format.

convert image to excel with adobe

  1. Then go to Tools > Export PDF, and choose output as Spreadsheet.

convert image to excel on adobe

  1. Click Export to perform Adobe OCR on the image and you will get the Excel file within seconds.


2 Best Apps to Convert Image to Excel Table in Mobile

There are times that we just want to convert pictures on our Mobile phone to Excel table without working on a computer. Here are 2 highly recommended apps to convert image to Excel for mobile phone, including iOS and Android phones.

#1 Microsoft Office Excel (iOS and Android)

Microsoft Excel is a useful component of Microsoft 365 that compatible with all operating systems, including iOS and Android. In the mobile version, it contains the “Insert Data From Picture” button at the bottom of screen, which allows you to either open up the camera to take a photo or upload an existing picture from your device. Then the content in images will be inserted into spreadsheet automatically, with all data well placed in the Excel rows and columns.

  1. Download and install Microsoft Office Excel app on your iOS or Android phone.
  2. Open it, then tap on the Data from Picture button at the bottom.image to excel mobile 01
  3. Take a photo of the file or import an image for OCR to Excel, tap Done.image to excel mobile 02
  4. Then the image is converted into Excel immediately, now you can edit it freely.image to excel mobile 03


#2 Convert JPG to XLSX - Image to from SmartApps38 (Android)

It is available in Google Play, highly rated. It allows to convert image to Excel for free, with an in-app purchase, users can extract texts or data from JPG, BMP, TIFF and GIF to editable XLS/XLSX with original file quality. It can recognize 46 languages and easy to use.

  1.  Download and install this app to your Android phone, open it.
  2. Open the image you want to convert, crop it if necessary.image to excel mobile 04
  3. Select the file language.image to excel mobile 05
  4. Select output as XLS or XLSX.
  5. Click Convert to extract data from image to Excel on your phone. 



How was that? I think convert images to excel it’s a great feature, with the above recommended tools, there is no need to retype the data in image files and format it in the spreadsheet. All we need is a good image to excel converter.

Out of the above-mentioned image to Excel converter, each has its own unique features, we recommend you test and try one that fits your needs:

Best online image to Excel tool: online2pdf
Best free image to Excel converter: OneNote
Best image to Excel converter for accuracy and speed: OCRWizard
Best image to Excel converter for Mobile: Microsoft Office Excel

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.11 or later

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