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3 Methods to Convert Image to Excel (Both Mac and Windows Users)

Do you want to use the data for your reports from a digital scanned document, or do you want to extract well-formatted tables from images or screenshots you captured in a rush? You will need to apply OCR on these image files and convert image to excel. 

OCR means Optical Character Recognition, it helps to recognize the characters on image-based files, to make them editable and writable so your computer can read all the characters instead of recognizing the file as just a picture.

There are multiple methods to convert image to excel, here we pick 3 frequently used solutions for both Mac and Windows users. For sure, the best solution to convert images to excel is also included.

Convert Image to Excel for Free

Online image to excel converter is quite large in quantity. Basically, there are 2 kinds of online free image to excel converters, one requires email address to download converted excel files, while the other one doesn’t. For convenience and saving your email box from spam letters, online free image to excel converters that don’t require submitting email address are recommended, here are the 2 recommended tools.

#1 online2pdf (batch conversion supported)

It is an online document converter offering free services to transfer PDF and image files into searchable PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTFD, Text and ODT in batch. There are 6 languages supported by this online free tool, including English, French, German, Spanish, etc. Also, users can adjust the setting to change decimal separator and data formatting in the excel file.

  1. Upload image(s) into the program.
  2. Choose the language and select output as xlsx. Also, you can adjust the setting to customize the image-to-excel conversion.
  3. Click “Convert” to change image to excel for free.convert image to excel free 01

#2 onlinceocr (batch conversion is not supported)

Another online free document converter convert PDF and image to Microsoft Word, Excel and Text. It supports recognizing files in more than 40 languages. 

  1. Upload image to the program.
  2. Choose language and select output as Excel.
  3. Click “Convert” to turn images into excel for free.image to excel online 02

Things You Need to Know When Converting Image to Excel for Free

  • Don’t upload highly-private images for conversion
  • Make sure the Internet connection is stable
  • There are file size limit, don’t upload large images for  conversion

Batch Convert Image to Excel with Nice Formatting

If you want to extract the data and tables with exactly the same formatting as original file, a dedicated image to excel converter is necessary. According to the test results and feedbacks from users, we pick following 2 desktop converters for Mac and Windows users respectively.

On Mac

Cisdem PDF OCR Converter, is an expert to convert any PDFs and images into 16 formats, including PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, iWork formats, ePub, HTML, Text, RTFD and Image. Its powerful OCR engine can accurately recognize images and export to editable formats with original file formatting retained. Users don’t need to retype the file again. Also, with a free PDF Creator built in this program, users are allowed to create PDFs form other document types, add password to PDF, and even customize PDF size and quality if necessary.

Convert Image to Excel on Mac Now!

  1. Add image to PDF OCR Converter for Mac. There are 2 ways to add files to the program, either drag & drop the files to the program, or click “+” to add files.convert image to excel mac 01
  2. Tweak the setting before conversion. Once the image is imported, it will be under OCR mode by default. You can choose to just convert several pages by selecting the page range. To decide which pages you want to convert, you can click the image icon to preview files. Then choose the file language and select output as “Excel”.convert image to excel mac 02
  3. Convert Image to Excel on mac. Click “Convert” to start the image-to-excel conversion. You can find the Excel file in output folder.

On Windows

Readiris 16 for Windows, is the program recommended for Windows users to convert PDFs and images into Microsoft Office, editable PDF and other formats. It supports recognizing 130 languages. Also, users can scan paper files with a scanner connected to this program, to import files directly from scanner.

  1. Launch Readiris on your computer.
  2. Go to “From File” and import image to the program.
  3. Then choose Excel as the output.convert image to excel on windows
  4. The file will be opened in Microsoft Excel or your defaulted viewer, save it to your preferred folder.

Convert Image to Excel with Adobe

But if you have subscribed and installed Adobe, you can also utilize this Adobe converter to perform Image-to-Excel conversion easily, since Adobe is also equipped with an OCR feature to work on scanned PDF or images. Here we take Adobe Acrobat DC as an example to demonstrate how to convert image to excel in Adobe.

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC on your computer.
  2. Go to Tools>Create PDF, select an image to upload and click “Create” to make the image in PDF format.convert image to excel with adobe
  3. Then go to Tools>Export PDF, and choose output as Spreadsheet.convert image to excel on adobe
  4. Click “Export” to perform Adobe OCR on the image and you will get the Excel file within seconds.


So, there is no need to retype the image file in a spreadsheet, just utilize an OCR program to perform the image-to-excel conversion. Solutions to convert image to excel may vary for different users, but the best one to boost your productivity is for sure, using a dedicated OCR converter to do the work automatically.

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