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The Complete Guide on SD Card Data Recovery on Mac

Have you ever lost data in your SD card? It happens on many people every day. You may bend your SD card by accident and can't access it any more, or you may suddenly find your SD card corrupted and all data get lost... Just think about the adverse effects on your money, your time, your work progress, etc. What a big headache! Luckily, no matter why the data in SD card disappear, we do have good solutions to SD card recovery HERE!

Why Does the Data on SD Card Devices Get Lost?

Unintentional Deletion

Accidental Formatting

Virus Infection

Physical Damage

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What SD Card Devices is Your Loss Data on?

Generally speaking, we judge a SD card in three factors: speed class (4 classes:10, 8, 4, and 2), physical size (3 sizes: standard-size SD Cards, miniSD Cards, and microSD Cards), storage capacity (3 sizes: SD, SDHC and SDXC).

SD Card

Main Applications: Laptops, computers, printers, camcorders, digital audio recorders, eReaders, etc.
Types of Capacity: SD, SDHC, SDXC
Physical Size: 32 mm *24 mm *2.1 mm

SD Card Data Recovery Solutions:

What Should We Consider in Order to Avoid SD Card Data Loss?


  • Backup your data timely on different devices (you'll need other off-line storage devices of equal or greater capacities to the data you want to backup or some reliable back up software.)
  • Format the card with proper software (rather than OS tools)
  • Keep it away from virus infected devices
  • Put it in safe places so that you won't bend it


  • Expose the card to extreme temperatures
  • Force eject the card when using