5 Ways to Save PDF to iPhone/ iPad (iPhone 8 Included)

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When you read emails or webpages on iPhone/iPad, you may need to save PDF files to iPhone/iPad for further review or other purposes. 3 solutions to save a PDF file to iPhone/iPad are introduced in this article, you just need to follow the tutorial and carry out yourself. 

iBooks is a pre-installed e-book application in iOS or MacOS. You can view, download, even organize e-books within the program. It supports ePub, iBook Author books, PDFs, MP3 audiobooks, AAC audiobooks. With this program, you will be able to read PDF on iPhone/iPad from web or email box conveniently.

Save Online PDF to iPhone/iPad (iPhone 8 Included)

  1. Open the webpage with Safari and find the PDF you want to save to iPhone/iPad.
  2. Tap the PDF file and click “Open in iBooks”, and the PDF file will be saved to your iPhone/iPad.save pdf to iphone online

Save Email-Attached PDF to iPhone/iPad (iPhone 8 Included)

If the PDF is attached in your email, iBooks can also help save the PDF attachment to your iPhone/iPad.

  1. Open the email with PDF attachment, then tap the PDF file.
  2. Tap the share icon>“Copy to iBooks”, you will find the PDF file is saved to your iPhone/iPad in iBooks.save pdf to iphone 02

In the case you want to save a webpage as PDF to your iPhone/iPad, follow the similar steps as above: 
Open the webpage in safari>Tap the share button (in the middle of bottom toolbars)>Save PDF to iBooks, you will find the PDF file is saved to your iPhone/iPad in iBooks.

Transfer PDF from Mac to iPhone/iPad (iPhone 8 Included)

If the PDF file is originally saved on your Mac, you can directly transfer a PDF from Mac to iPhone/iPad for saving, there are 2 tricks to save the PDF documents from Mac to iPhone/iPad, via Airdrop and iTunes.

#1 Transfer PDF from Mac to iPhone/iPad via Airdrop

Airdrop is a fast and efficient way to transfer files among Apple devices, with one-click, your PDF will be saved to iPhone/iPad in iBooks. Before doing this, make sure you are connected to WiFi.

  1. Slide up on your iPhone/iPad screen, tap “Airdrop” to switch on.
  2. Go to Finder on your Mac and turn the Airdrop on your Mac ON. Then choose your iPhone/iPad to receive the PDF file.save pdf to jpg airdrop
  3. Drop the PDF to Mac Airdrop and the PDF file will be saved to your iPhone/iPad in iBooks app.

#2 Transfer PDF from Mac to iPhone/iPad via iTunes

It may take several steps to save PDF from mac to iPhone/iPad via iTunes, but iTunes offers a better platform to well organize PDF files in your iBooks Library.

  1. Open iTunes on your mac.
  2. Go to Books, then choose File>Add to Library, so you can upload PDF files from your mac to iTunes library.
  3. Plug your iPhone/iPad to Mac, iTunes will detect the device.save pdf to iphone from mac 01
  4. Click on the device icon, go to Settings>Books, you will find the imported PDF file is ready in the right panel, right click on the PDF, and choose “Add to device”.save pdf to iphone from mac 02
  5. Go to “On My Device”, you will find the PDF is saved to your iPhone/iPad in iBooks.save pdf to iphone from mac 03
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Save PDF to iPhone/iPad iCloud (iPhone 8 Included)

Apple iCloud Drive offers a platform to store all kinds of files online without taking space on your physical devices. Users can view and manage files across different Apple devices. In a nutshell, you can save PDF in iCloud Drive, then check the files on Mac, iPad, or iPhone at anytime, anywhere there is Internet connection. 

  1. If it is the first time you use iCloud Drive on your Mac, go to System Preferences>iCloud, sign in with your Apple ID.save pdf to iphone with icloud
  2. Check the box before iCloud Drive to enable it.save pdf to iphone icloud
  3. Go to Finder>iCloud Drive, drag and drop the PDFs that you want to save to iPhone/iPad as following.save pdf to iphone icloud 03
  4. Go to iCloud Drive app on your iPhone/iPad and open the PDF. Download the PDF and save it to your iPhone/iPad.

Use an iOS PDF Program

As you may have noticed, all the above-mentioned solutions are designed to save PDF to iPhone/iPad iBooks. If you don’t want to save PDF to iPhone/iPad in iBooks, you can download a iOS PDF program,such as Free Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS. It enables iOS users to view, save, create, convert PDF, fill, sign, even store and share PDF files online.

  1. Go to iTunes and download the app.
  2. Tap the PDF you want to save to iPhone/iPad, open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.save pdf to iphone
  3. You will find the PDF is saved in your iPhone/iPad now, edit the PDF with this powerful PDF tool if necessary.


As a matter of fact, there are more options to save a PDF file to iPhone/iPad or iPad, it depends on where you are saving the PDF file from. As the default App to view and manage PDF files, iBooks is indeed a good place to save PDF to your iPhone/iPad.

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