How to Create a Fillable PDF Form from Existing Flat PDF?

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PDF files are used to share important documents, and most of them are read-only documents. However, there are occasions we need to collect or submit information and data in the term of PDF for personal or other reasons, that’s why we want to make some of our PDFs into fillable.

Fillable PDF Form VS Flat PDF Form

A fillable PDF Form, also called as interactive PDF, is a collect of PDF form fields for collecting information from form users, it contains form fields, comments, or other interactive elements that you can select or fill in. When you open it in a PDF reader, there would be a cursor pointer flashing in the form fields after you click the field, you can directly fill in.

what is fillable pdf

A flat PDF Form, also called as non-interactive PDF, has no form fields, comments or any other interactive elements to select or fill in. When you open it in a PDF reader, there would be no cursor pointer flashing, you cannot fill the form.

But very often, we need to take a flat PDF or a Word doc as the template for a fillable PDF form.

How to Create Fillable PDF Form with Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe, creator of PDF format can always equip its users the most powerful solution to manage a PDFs. If you are using an Adobe Acrobat, you should try following steps to create fillable PDF form with ease.

  1. Run Adobe Acrobat DC on your computer.
  2. Go to Tools>Prepare Form.create fillable pdf form with adobe 01
  3. Then select the file you want to create as fillable PDF form. Adobe will automatically detect and create form fields. If Adobe doesn’t detect a particular form field, manually add according to your needs by using the toolbars above the interface, or adjust the layout with tools on the right panel. If you want to tweak the properties of text field, right click on the text field and tweak as needed.create fillable PDF form with adobe 02
  4. To make sure all the filleable text fields can work properly, you need to preview before saving. If OK, save the fillable PDF form.

How to Create a Fillable PDF Form without Adobe Acrobat? 

If you don’t have Adobe, there are still options to create fillable PDF forms, just try alternative Adobe PDF editors. Here we pick 2 affordable and efficient PDF editors for Mac users and Windows users respectively.

To create fillable PDF form on Mac

Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate, the software furnitures a full set of tools you need to edit PDF files on Mac easily and efficiently. You can add form fields, comments, notes, or shapes (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle,) to the PDF, highlight, cross-out, underline text, and draw an arrow or a line. What’s more you can use it to read, electronically sign, merge PDF, split, compress, encrypt, and convert PDF files to editable format with advanced OCR technology.

Steps of Creating Fillable PDF Form from Flat Ones.
Step 1. Download PDFManagerUltimate, install and launch on your mac.

Free Download

Step 2. Drag and Drop a PDF or multiple PDFs into PDFManagerUltimate. Select the PDF that you want to create a fillable form and choose "Edit".

using cisdem to create fillable pdf form

Step 3. Once you enter to the Edit interface, choose edit mode as following and a tool bar will appear on the right side, click the text box icon to add text fields. You can adjust the field size by dragging it.

using cisdem to create fillable pdf form

Step 4. Go to File>Save As>Choose the Output Folder
Open the newly created fillable PDF form with Preview, and you will all the input information are saved well and the PDF form is still fillable for further use.

open the fillable pdf form with preview

To create fillable PDF form on Windows PC

Nuance Power PDF is a powerful PDF tool letting users to create, edit, annotate and share PDF files with easy-to-use interface. With several clicks, the program will create a fillable PDF form from flat PDF documents easily and instantly.

  1. Launch Nuance Power PDF on your Windows PC
  2. Go to Home>Insert, to open the PDF file that you want to create as fillable PDF form in the program.create fillable pdf with nuance 01
  3.  Go to Forms>Form Typer, the program will automatically detect the text fields, you will find the PDF file is fillable now.create fillable pdf with nuance 02
  4. Go to File>Save, to save the file on your Windows PC.

What's Your Next Move?

Fillable PDF is a good channel to interact with all PDF users, also collect information for our further use. You cannot get a desired fillable PDF without a professional tool, utilize above-mentioned PDF editor, 100% Easy and Successful, you don’t have to spend too much time and effort on this anymore!

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