Advanced OCR Technology

Convert scanned PDFs and images into editable, selectable and searchable documents in 200 languages. One click to save much time for you!

Automate Recognition Accurately

Open OCR to convert scanned PDFs and images easily! Automate recognize and mark texts, tables, images, etc. in different color and with high accuracy.

200 Recognition Languages

Supports 27 languages including English, French, Italian, German, Russian, etc. You can also download the full version for 200+ recognition languages.

Turn Scans into Searchable PDFs

With OCR technology, it helps to convert any scanned PDFs to the editable and searchable PDFs with original layout, graphics, and hyperlinks.

Convert PDF to Word, Excel, Keynote, etc. Accurately

Batch convert normal of scanned PDF and images into .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and other formats you want.

  • Scanned PDF

    Scanned PDF

    With OCR to convert scanned PDFs to editable files without quality loss.
  • To Word

    To Word

    Convert PDF to Word files, enabling you to edit and search the content.
  • To Excel

    To Excel

    Convert PDF to Excel, keep the original layout to help you deal with data easily.
  • To PPT

    To PPT

    Convert PDF to PPT with all original elements that easy to view, edit and update.
  • To TEXT

    To TEXT

    Convert PDFs to Text to make you edit, view with only words easily.
  • To Keynote

    To Keynote

    Convert PDFs to Keynote with the original word layout and pictures.
  • To RTFD

    To RTFD

    Convert PDF to RTFD with original data without quality loss to edit them.
  • To ePub

    To ePub

    Turn PDF to ePub with the layout suitable eBook to make reading be easier.
  • To Html

    To Html

    Convert PDF as HTML - to publish and share PDF content on the web quickly.
  • To Page

    To Pages

    Make PDFs to Pages be editable and searchable to stop retyping and reformatting.
  • To Image

    To Image

    Convert the PDFs to the images to store files with smaller size easily.
  • Extract Image

    Extract Image

    Extract the images from files in PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF or Tiff to store.

Convert Encrypted PDF Files Thoroughly

For the encrypted PDFs, Cisdem PDF Converter OCR could unlock the restriction of user password without data loss and then convert file to the format you prefer.

Convert PDF Files with Owner/Restrictions Password

For PDFs file with owner passwords, you will can not edit, copy & paste and print them. With PDF Converter OCR software, it can remove the owner password at first and then convert encrypted PDFs to PDF or other formats.

Convert PDF Files with Open/User Password

Convert PDF encrypted by open password to other formats easily! Click the lock then enter the password, Cisdem PDF converter OCR can access the data and convert files quickly!

Create Professional Looking PDF from Existing Document

Make your files with other formats into PDFs to store your data safely.

  • Merge Files into One PDF

    Drag-n-drop to rearrange multiple documents and designate certain pages to merge into one PDF.

  • Set PDF File Size

    Before create the PDFs, choose to set the PDF size you want to create, such as the A3, A4, Envelope etc.

  • Choose PDF Quality

    Select the quality (high, medium, low, original quality) of outputted PDFs to save the space.

  • Add Password to PDF

    Create a password to protect the data at the preference setting, after create the PDF successfully.

A Comprehensive Conversion Solution for Many Tasks

  • Batch Conversion

    Drag-n-drop multiple PDFs once to the PDF OCR software, you can batch convert over 200 PDF files at one time.

  • Page Selection

    Preview the PDF files and select the specified pages (e.g. 1,3-10,21 or all pages) you want to convert.

  • Keep Original Layout

    No matter convert or create PDF, the PDF OCR software can do it and keep the original layout without quality loss.

  • Easy to Use

    Two main interfaces enable you to convert and create PDF quickly with few clicks.

  • Fast Conversion Speed

    No need to the Internet, you can batch convert multiple PDFs offline with fast conversion speed.

  • Quick Preview

    Preview the content of files at first to select accurate files or pages to convert or create.

  • macOS Mojave Support

    Cisdem PDF Converter OCR supports to be downloaded at the macOS 10.10+ system.

  • Suit Any Business

    Contact our support, we can provide the best discount for your any business requirement.

"It is a handy tool for saving PDFs as editable documents or as image files. The OCR function is outstanding, supporting a large number of popular languages."

- Macdownload.informer

" In a few tests with various PDF files, this solution works very well to extract all data from a PDF and turn it into rich DOCX file formats."

- Paul Horowitz @OSXDaily

" With a beautifully designed user-friendly interface, Cisdem PDF Coverter OCR proves to be the best of its kind. It is a combination of an ideal conversion speed and personalised tools."

-  Keiner Chará @iSenaCode

  • With OCR to convert native or scanned PDFs to Word, Excel, PPT, Text and other formats you like.
  • Support to recognize 27 languages and any combination of them, like English, French, Italian, German, etc.
  • Batch converts the selected pages or whole PDF.
  • Automate OCR mark help you convert the most complex files without problems, you can also manually adjust the OCR recognition.
  • Batch converts Word, EPUB, PPT, RTFD .etc into PDF.
  • Choose specific pages to merge into one PDF.
  • Set password, size and quality to customize your PDF.
  • Set the page size as Original, A3, A4, A5, B5, and US Letter.
  • Set the output PDF file quality to Original, Low, Medium, and High.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac

PDF OCR software for Mac - all-in-one tool helps to access scanned PDFs, edit a PDF, make your work be more efficient!
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