How to Convert Google Docs to PDF on Mac/Windows?

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For many people, one greatest benefit of using Google service is its Google Docs, the web-based tool allowing users to create and edit document, datasheets, presentations, images, etc. Also it offers users the platform to access and manage documents on any device, at any anytime and anywhere. 

While, PDF, as a standard file format to store information, is widely used to distribute information on different channels, and this is just the reason why Google users need to convert Google Docs to PDF. Here, we will share several ways to convert Google Docs to PDF in different situations. Let’s just begin with the basic knowledge about Google Docs.

Basic Knowledge about Google Docs

Use the table below to figure out which file format Google Docs supports, also the file limit information is included.

Input Format

Document: DOC,DOCX, DOCM, DOT, DOTX, DOTM, HTML, TXT, RTF, ODT. (File Limit: <2 million cells)

Spreadsheet: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLT, XLTX, XLTM, ODS, CSV, TSV, TAB. (File Limit: <2 million cells)

Presentation: PPT, PPTX, PPTM, PPS, PPSX, PPSM, POT, POTX, POTM. (File Limit: <100MB)

Drawing: WMF. (File Limit: <50MB)

Image-Based: JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF. (File Limit: <50MB)

Output Format


Convert Google Docs to PDF for Free

When talking about converting Google Docs to PDF, the method of using Google Docs will absolutely come first to your mind. It is quite easy to convert Google Docs to PDF if you have already got a Google account. Also, you can use an online tool to export Google Docs to PDF.

Method #1 Google Docs

  1. Go to your Google Account and login into Google Drive
  2. Right click to open your file with Google Docsconvert google docs to pdf with google
  3. Once your file is opened with Google Docs, go to File>Download as>PDF. Your Google Docs has been converted to PDFconvert google docs to pdf with google 02

Method#2 Online Google Docs to PDF Converter---Smallpdf

An alternative to convert Google Docs to PDF for free is turning to online Docs to PDF Converter, such as Smallpdf. You just need to upload, waiting and download the PDF file.

Choose the adequate file conversion mode before any actions.

convert google docs to pdf free

Of course, you can just search for more options in Google to convert your Google Docs to PDF for free. But you are recommended not to upload private and large PDF for conversion.

Save Google Docs as PDF without Quality Loss

If it is not your first time to export a Google Docs as PDF, you may have noticed that the original file quality is lost when converting Google Docs to PDF using online Google or other tools, also you cannot batch process such a conversion. In this situation, you need a professional tool to export your docs as PDF without losing quality. Here we list 2 best Google Docs to PDF converter for Mac and Windows users respectively, just have a try.

Save Google Docs as PDF on Mac

Cisdem PDF Creator for Mac, a tool designed to convert a wide range of popular file formats, such as HTML to PDF, Word to PDF, PowerPoint/Text/EPUB/RTFD, CHM/JPG/PNG, etc into PDF while retaining the original file quality, that’s to say, Google docs can be converted into PDF without data lost, format messed up, image resolution sacrificed. Besides, you can convert single or multiple Google Docs into PDF on mac at the same time, even merge all these Google Docs into single one PDF.

Free Download

Steps to Convert Google Docs as PDF on Mac
1.    Launch Cisdem PDF Creator on Mac for Google Docs to PDF Conversion.

2.    Import single or multiple Google Docs into the PDF Creator by drag&drop, or by clicking “+” to add Google Docs.convert google docs to pdf on mac 02

3.    Customize the Google Docs to PDF Conversion on mac by selecting page range, output name. Open Merge feature if you want to convert all these Google Docs into one PDF.convert google docs to pdf on mac

You will get an equivalent PDF file created by your Google Docs.

Save Google Docs as PDF on Windows

PDFForge PDF Creator for Windows is an open source to save Google Docs as PDF by printing these documents into PDF format.

  1. Install and launch the PDFForge PDF Creator on Windows
  2. Go to Profile Setting, choose the output format, output folder, etc.convert google docs to pdf on windows 02
  3. Go to “Actions” under “Profile Setting”, check the box before “Print Document”.convert google docs to pdf on windows 03
  4. Go to Application Setting and add the printer under “Printers”convert google docs to pdf on windows
  5. Open your Google docs and go to File>Print, with this virtual printer of PDFForge, you will be able to save Google Docs as PDF on Windows.


Online free tools are definitely a good choice to convert Google Docs to PDF, but if you are demanding high on conversion quality, or want to converting abundant files into PDF, a professional PDF Creator will be better. Just have a try before installing them on your computer.

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