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Review OCR Software for Mac---Iris OCR,OCR Converter,OCR Kit

How often do you deal with scanned files for work? If very often, a professional OCR software will be of great help to cope with your scanned files efficiently. OCR technology has made strides over the past years, I guess you won’t be unfamiliar with the leader in this field, Iris OCR.

What is Iris OCR?

I.R.I.S, established in 1986, is a dedicated world leader in OCR technologies and mobile scanning. 
I.R.I.S OCR aims to get all kinds of paper documents into editable computer files for everyone, in an extremely convenient way. With its flagship OCR product---Readiris software, I.R.I.S contributes all its best to make paperless office much easier and efficient.

Iris OCR Software: Readiris 16 for Mac

In the past 30 years, Iris OCR has gone through different Readiris versions and finally brought us its ever best one now---Readiris 16 for mac. Its new features instantly grasp users’ attention. Iris OCR is both for Windows and Mac, even iOS, and here we will focus on its Mac version.

Readiris 16 for Mac, the ocr software by iris for mac, can convert native/scanned PDFs, images and other documents into editable formats, including searchable PDF, DOCX, XLSX, ODT, ePub, Audio, RTF, HTML, TXT, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, with original layout retained. Also, it enables you to manage PDF smartly.

iris ocr mac


  • Simpe to Use Interface: 4 steps to get all actions on PDF done perfectly
  • Connect with Scanner: you can import files for conversion directly from scanner
  • Two-way Conversion: Convert PDF and Images into well-formatted editable formats/Convert Microsoft Office Documents into PDF, ePub, Audio, TIFF, JPEG, PNG
  • Support 130 languages
  • Manage PDF easily: protect, compress,split,merge PDF, sign, even organize pages by adding, deleting, etc.
  • Editing: you can crop images for better outcome, or edit text within the program for expected results.
  • Export in Cloud:Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, Box, SharePoint, Therefore
  • Competitive price:$99


  • Cannot convert in batch
  • Do not support encrypted files
  • Limited compression feature
  • No free trial 

Best Iris OCR Software Alternative---OCR Converter VS OCR Kit Pro

Iris OCR is actually leading in this field, but with the development of OCR technology and wide application of OCR software, more and more profession OCR software also play an increasingly important role to getting scanned files into editable formats. Here we will take Cisdem PDFConverterOCR and OCR Kit Pro as the example to show how they exceed similar products in PDF OCR performance.

1. OCR Converter

Cisdem PDFConverterOCR is a OCR software to convert native, scanned and encrypted PDFs into 16 formats, including Word, Excel, PPTX,iWork, ePub, Text, etc, in batch or partially. Its OCR accuracy makes it the best Iris OCR software alternative on mac.

cisdem pdf converter with ocr feature for mac


  • Convert native/scanned/encrypted PDFs into editable formats
  • Batch or partial conversion
  • Highly accurate OCR results
  • Smooth processing on large files


download icon of cisdem pdf converter ocr

2. OCR Kit

OCR Kit Pro, applies OCR technology to recognize the text in PDF or image files , then export them in searchable PDF,RTF,HTML and TXT. It supports about 25 languages and offers different options for users to customize the conversion.

ocr kit mac


  • Support image input
  • Highly accurate OCR results


  • Support only 4 output format(PDF, HTML,RTF,TXT)
  • Less than 30 languages can be recognized
  • Cannot convert in batch


Though Iris OCR is going to lead in OCR services for some time, other OCR software developers  still embrace a lots of chances to prosper in this field with ever increasing creativity and functionality, more and more PDF OCR software like OCR Converter and OCR Kit will come to the fore.

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