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PPT Recovery: How to Recover Unsaved and Deleted PowerPoint Files on Mac

How can I recover unsaved PowerPoint on mac? Many users have similar problems, and I am not the exception. Last week, I spent two days in designing my PowerPoint presentations with great shapes, animations, images, tables, word art, basic shapes, stars, etc. Unfortunately, my PowerPoint crashed and I didn’t have extra time to make such a valuable PowerPoint again.

So I did some research for recovering PowerPoint files unsaved or deleted on mac, and finally I recovered my PowerPoint file with an Mac data recovery software. So here I want to share it, actually there are two ways to recover PPT files on Mac, one is to recover unsaved powerpoint, and the other is to recover lost or deleted powerpoint files.

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To avoid the lost PowerPoint file from being overwritten, please do not save new data or install Mac Data Recovery software on the hard drive where you lost PowerPoint presentation. Just follow below ways; you will recover unsaved PowerPoint on Mac and get your lost PPT file back.

Recover Unsaved PowerPoint on Mac using AutoRecover

Microsoft Office has a fantastic feature called AutoSave; that it can automatically save a temporary PPT copy on a periodic basis. The feature is turned on by default and the default save interval is 10 minutes. And AutoRecover, a feature that is available in some Office applications, attempts to recover PowerPoint files automatically in the event of data loss.

So in order to recover unsaved PowerPoint Mac, you have to enable AutoSave or AutoRecover first. If not, just click the Microsoft Office and follow below guide to turn on or change how frequently PowerPoint files are automatically saved:

  1. On the PowerPoint menu, click Preferences.
  2. Click Save, select the AutoSave or AutoRecover info every check box, and then enter a small number in the minute’s box to specify how often you want the program to save your data and the program state, like 10. That way, you’ll never lose more than 10 minutes of work.

If your Mac crashes and quit your PPT without saving, next time you open PowerPoint, it will automatically recover the autosaved PowerPoint files. And you can follow next path to find and restore unsaved PPT in Mac:

PowerPoint autosave location on Mac: Finder > /Users/ username/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Office X AutoRecovery (X stands for Office version of your PPT).

The amount of new information that the recovered PPT file contains depends on how frequently a Microsoft Office program saves the recovery file. For example, if the recovery file is saved only every 15 minutes, your recovered PPT file won't contain your last 14 minutes of work before the power failure or other problem occurred.

Recover Lost or Deleted PowerPoint on Mac using Mac Data Recovery Software

If you can’t find the unsaved PowerPoint file, it may get lost. You can choose a third-party PowerPoint recovery software to recover lost PowerPoint file on Mac. As long as the PPT document has not been overwritten yet, there's hope of recovering the lost PowerPoint document. Cisdem Data Recovery will be a good choice for you as it is effective in PPT recovery no matter which PowerPoint version you are running.

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is the best Mac data recovery software which can recover files such as office document files, pictures, videos, etc from Mac hard drive and other external storage devices no matter your files get lost because of wrong deletion, unexpected failure, formatting, power failure, virus attack or other reasons.

You can download and install this PowerPoint recovery software on Mac. It’s free to try it. Then follow the below guide to start your lost or deleted PowerPoint recovery job.

How to perform PowerPoint recovery on Mac

  1. Select “Deep Scan” option. Open this PowerPoint Recovery Software and you will see two different scan modes, choose the suitable one. Here I choose “Deep Scan”. This option will scan the entire drive to find lost or deleted files like Images, Videos, Dcouments including PPT, DOC, PDF, and Excel, etc.
    Tip: If you want to recover PowerPoint document from USB, SD card or external hard drive, please connect it to your Mac in advance.
  2. Choose storage device to scan lost PPT files. After you choose recovery wizard, you will see an interface showing different kinds of storage devices, including hard drive partitions and other external storage device (if connected to your Mac). You can select the drive or device for recovering PowerPoint files. If you only want to recover PPT files, please select "Document".
  3. Use file filters to find your lost PPT file quickly. Click “Setting” in the lower left corner. Then select your lost file type such as .ppt and unselect other irrelevant file types. This is optional and it helps find your lost PowerPoint file quickly and saves you much time. Click “OK” to confirm. Then click “Scan” to allow this PowerPoint recovery software to scan.
  4. Preview and recover lost PPT file. After scanning, this powerful PPT recovery tool will list all found files on the left column. You can click PPT file to preview, and select the PPT file, then click “Recover” button to recover PPT file on Mac.

Although it is always recommended to periodically save your PowerPoint files to avoid any kind of data loss, however if you haven’t been very diligent in saving your work or have suffered from events such as a system crash that may cause data loss, then you can follow the above mentioned process to recover unsaved PowerPoint files and get all lost PPT files back by using Cisdem Data Recovery. 


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