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How to Recover Corrupted Photos including JPEG on Mac (macOS Sierra Included)?

Photos go missing? Disc was formatted totally? What to fix corrupted jpeg Mac? Don’t worry, this article is to help you out, and make all of your data recovered easily and fast.

We may often get our document, image, media files lost on Mac, it is not an easy thing to get them back. So, I hope I can help more people. This article tends to show how to recover corrupt photos and repair jpeg, come to choose the best data recovery software to make all of your data recovered easily.

I’ve list 4 popular programs to recover corrupted photos for you. They respectively have the characteristic, as for which one is the best one, you can go through all details and find the answer.

1. Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

Price: $49.99 
System supported: OS X 10.8+ (including macOS Sierra and El Capitan)

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is an easy-to-use yet professional tool to recover corrupted or lost photos, videos, documents, emails and more files from internal/external hard drives, USB drives, SD card, digital cameras, iPods etc., it has powerful search ability to finds what ever files you lost, you can preview those lost files in real-time, and one-click to recover them back.

So, with this data recovery tool, you can easily do jpeg repair Mac, and 40+ Photo files recovery, like GIF, PNG, BMP, SPE, WIM, CRW, PSB, PSD, PSP, etc.

More features it can help you

1. Recover all types of files, like pictures, videos, audio, emails, documents, folders, archives, etc.

2. Two Scan Mode: Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

3. High scanning speed.

4. File format filter: You can preset the files formats to find the target files, which can be much time-saving, it is purposeful.

5. Preview all files that lost or damaged, let you select and check what you want to recover.

6. Once the corrupt images are repaired, this software allows you to save the repaired file to the user defined location.

Download the free trial of Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac now!

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2. EaseUS Data Recovery

Price: $89.95 Single License
System supported: OS X 10.6 – 10.11

EaseUs is advertised as the best free Mac photo recovery software helps you retrieve all lost photos, including JPG repair Mac. It is able to get back lost photos in Mac OS X, preview and selectively export recoverable photos to Mac computer, recover lost or inaccessible files such as videos, documents, emails and more.

Cons: 1. It says it is world's first free Mac photo recovery software, but it is not actually, really pricy. And it can be quite slow in some operations, and it didn't always locate the correct files in our tests.

2. The free version only provides 2G amount of data for recovery, it didn't find the specific files you are looking for, and even better they limit the amount of data you can recover. Unless you pay for the full version for more storage, you have to pay it.

Download the free trail of EaseUS Data Recovery now!

3. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Price: $78.99 (PLATINUM EDITION)
System supported: OS X 10.6 – 10.11

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is good at recovering deleted, formatted, lost photos, pictures, songs, movies, and other multimedia files from Mac OS X. It supports computer, camera memory, and memory card. It also enables you to specify file types before restore, save previous searching results, etc. You can select single as well as multiple files for recovery. 

Cons: Its operation is not easy-to-use which need to be improved, and I don't expect its guidance can help me. Furthermore, the scanning speed is slower than Cisdem Data Recovery.

Download the free trail of Stellar Phonex Photo Recovery now!

Use Cisdem Data Recovery to Recover Corrupted Photos including jpeg

Free download Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac and launch it on your Mac.You would see a pretty intuitive and nice interface. You can do selective recovery according the file type, instead of spending on scanning whole Mac hard drive.

  1. Select scan mode
    Run it and then its operation interface will be showed in front of you, which includes two modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. If you want to save much time for scanning, choose "Quick Scan". If you want to scan the whole hard drive, please select "Deep Scan".
  2. Choose the hard drive where your corrupted JPG photos in
    Where do your corrupted photos store in? Cisdem Data Recovery will list all your devices connecting to your Mac, you need to ensure the disk of storing photos and choose it.
  3. Set the file formats for recovery
    Click the setting button at the left bottom of this disk window, a window pops up, select the file format allowed for recovery.
  4. Scan the disk
    Click the button “Scan”to start scan the disk, it will help you find all of your corrupted photos.
    Tips: The free version of Cisdem Data Recovery can let you search and scan what any file you want to recovery, but if for recovery and export for backup them, you need to pay for it to upgrade to the official version.
  5. Recovery Corrupted photos
    All media files would be find out, and displayed on this window. Select the file format on the left column, the relevant files would be showed on the right, you can preview them, and then recover what you want.
  6. Export and save the recovering files
    This data recovery software for Mac allows you to export and save those photos in the place you like.

Useful Tips for Back up Files

In order to prevent your previous photos getting lost again, try to keep something in mind, my friends!

1. Whenever you store new photos in your devices, please don’t forget to back up them timely!

2. If you store your photos in devices such as SD Card, handle with the devices carefully and keep it in safe and dry places.

3. When transferring your photos' formats, you should use the right tool and in the right way to prevent the photos going corrupted and repair photos on Mac.

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