7 Solutions to Fix or Recover Corrupted Photos on Mac (JPEG Included)

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Photo corruption or loss occurs a lot, despite our efforts to avoid such situations. If you are looking for solutions like how to fix or recover corrupted photos on Mac, including JPEG images, this article will be helpful to you, we have 7 options to fix your corrupted or repair damaged photos on Mac, with or without photo library repair. Also, we include an efficient and easy solution to restore lost or formatted photos on Mac.

How to Fix Corrupted Photos on Mac?

Photo corruption or damage can happen during reading, transferring or processing, etc. If an image is corrupted, when you attempt to open it with a photo viewer, you may get an error message, or the image can be opened but look damaged. It is annoying but still possible to fix a corrupted photo on Mac with 5 different solutions.

#1 Update Photos App

We need a photo tool to open and view the photos, if a photo viewer cannot function properly, it won’t help open and view our photos on Mac. So, first of all, check if your Mac Photos app is the most updated version, if not, update to the latest version to make it work properly. But you cannot update Photos app individually, you need to update to the latest macOS.

  1. Launch App Store App on your Mac;
  2. Go to Updates, click Update to upgrade your macOS and update the Photos app;update photos app
  3. Open the photos again on your mac.open photos

#2 Save to Another Folder and Reopen

Corrupted photos may be caused by bad sectors, therefore, you can copy and save the photos to another location and reopen.

  1. Create a new folder under the path where all files can be viewed and opened normally;create folder
  2. Copy and paste a part of corrupted photos to the newly created folder;
  3. Reopen the corrupted photos in the new folder, if can be opened, copy and save all other corrupted photos to the new folder.

#3 Change Photo Format

The format compatibility may lead to photo corruption too, especially your photos are saved in Windows-based image formats. Therefore, when your photos get corrupted on Mac, you can change its original format, by modifying the file extension or directly converting.

Change File Extension

  1. Right click on the JPEG or image file;
  2. Choose Rename;rename file
  3. Change the file extension to .jpg or .png or other macOS-friendly image format;change format

Convert Photos

  1. Open photo with Preview;
  2. Go to File>Export;convert photos
  3. Choose JPEG or other supported format;change format output

#4 Repair Photo Library

If the Photos in your Photos app still doesn’t work properly, your Mac Photos library may be corrupted. Sometimes, there will be an error message telling a user that some data in Photos Library can't be read or written. Despite the cause of malfunction, it’s suggested that you should use Photos’ built-in repair tool and see if it can fix the problem.

  • Step 1. On your Mac, hold down the Option and Command keys while you launch Photos.
  • Step 2. You will be presented with the Repair Library dialog box.
    Click Repair, which might be followed by a request to enter user password. repair Photos library
  • Step 3. The progress bar in the middle of the interface will inform you of the process of the fixing.
    Once it is finished, Photos should open the library like it normally does. The time spent will depend on the size of your photo collection. If it’s a huge one, the repair may take a rather long time with little visible progress, so it may appear stuck at some point.
  • Step 4. Reopen the photos in your Photos App.

#5 Rebuild Photo Library

If the Photo Library repair doesn’t work, you will have to rebuild the Photo Library. But before rebuilding your Mac photo library, you are recommended to export your corrupted photos to a specified folder first.

  1. Open Photos App;
  2. Choose all corrupted photos you want to fix on Mac;rebuild library01
  3. Go to File>Export>Export XX Photos…rebuild library 02
  4. Click Export and choose the output folder to export your corrupted photos;rebuild library03
  5. Then quit Photos App;
  6. Press and hold Option (Alt) Key, and open Photos App;
  7. Choose Create New, rename and select the location;rebuild library04
  8. Click OK, then run Photos App, go to File>Import, add the photos to Photos Library for opening.


How to Recover or Repair Corrupted Photos on Mac?

If photos library just stuck or won't repair and your photos remained corrupted, you will need a professional tool with image repair feature to recover the damaged photos on Mac. Here are 2 options, one is professional and paid, and the other one is online and free.

#1 Recover Corrupted Photos on Mac When Photos Library Won’t Repair

Stellar Repair for Photo can be used for Raw and JPEG image repair on Mac. It is designed to repair and restore corrupted photos from corrupted media in batches. And it is extremely easy to use.

Here we will show how to repair JPEG photos on Mac with Stellar

  1. Download and install Stellar Repair for Photo to your Mac;
  2. Add corrupted JPEG or other imags to the program;
  3. Start the Repair process;repair photos01
  4. Save the recovered corrupted photos to desired output folder.repair photos 02

#2 Repair Damaged Photos on Mac Online Free

If you are looking for a solution to repair damaged photos on mac for free, you can try online free JPEG or Image Repair tools, for example, Online.officerecovery.com. It helps to repair corrupted JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG and Raw images. However, it can only repair damaged photos one by one. And very often, it fails to recover the corrupted photos on Mac, you have to pay for a non-refundable $99 service fee to get help from a data recovery technician, which we don't recommend.

  1. Go to online.officerecovery.com;
  2. Upload a corrupted photo for recovery;
  3. Click Secure Upload and Repair to start the recovery process;repair photo online
  4. Download the restored corrupted photo to your Mac.


Extended: Recover Lost or Deleted Photos on Mac

If your photos get lost or deleted, that would be much easier to get them back, as long as you have a powerful photo recovery tool for mac.

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is an easy-to-use, professional tool to recover lost or deleted photos, videos, documents, emails and more files from internal/external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD card, digital cameras and more devices. Its powerful scan engine can find whatever files lost or deleted. Users can see real-time scanning results and preview lost files. It only takes a click to get them back.

With this data recovery tool, you can easily recover lost photos on Mac. It support over 40 image formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, SPE, WIM, CRW, PSB, PSD, PSP, etc.

Main features of Cisdem Data Recovery

  • Recover 200+ types of files: pictures, videos, audio, emails, documents, folders, archives, etc.
  • Recover files from internal and external hard drive (SD Card, flash drive, hard disk, etc);
  • 5 Recovery Modes: Basic, Trash, Formatted Drive, External Drive and Advanced;
  • High scanning and recovery speed;
  • Preview files;

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos on Mac?

  1. Download and install Cisdem Data Recovery to your mac;
     Free Download
  2. Select the recovery solution; 
    Choose a recovery solution according to your need. Among the five solutions provided, Advanced Data Recovery is the most powerful and comprehensive one. select a data recovery solution
  3. Scan for corrupted photos.
    The app will list all your devices connecting to your Mac. You need to choose the device storing your corrupted photos. Click the Scan button, and it will start scanning the selected drive in search of your ruined images.start scanning
  4. Preview and recover deleted or lost photos. 
    All media files would be find out, and displayed on this window. Select the file format on the left column, like JPEG or others, the relevant files would be showed on the right. You can preview them, and then recover what you want.preview and fix corrupted photos on Mac


Hopefully this guide on how to fix corrupted photos on Mac can be helpful to you. Also, we should have the habit of backing up files on regular basis.

Peter William
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  • Tremblay0

    I Found that Cisdem Data recovery has the most reasonable price. Well...the question is how about the support service, after-sale support, I mean. Your early reply will be appreciated!

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    • Rosa Reyes

      30 Days moneyback guarantee and life-time free upgrade can be provided by Cisdem.

      6 years ago
  • Bernadette

    Hi, just want to ask, I am using the trial version of cisdem data recovery. When i clicked the recover button at the end, it appears that i have to enter the key code. Is it really needed for the trial version? or i am force to buy? Hoping for your response. Thank you.

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    • Rosa Reyes

      Hello, Bernadette! Yes, you need to pay at a very low cost in order to get all your lost files back by using Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac. I mean, the most competitive price when compared with other applications used for Mac data recovery.

      6 years ago
  • Leonon Dupuis

    I have tried the stellar firstly and I found its interface not so friendly. But Cisdem is easier to use and the price is satisfactory. I should have down loaded Cisdem earlier and save me $$$.

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