2 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung(S9/8/7,Galaxy Note Included)

Connie Wisley
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As a Samsung user, you may run into similar situations. In fact, data loss happens very often, especially today, in the times when we cannot live without a mobile phone. We may lose photos due to improper operation, virus attach or any other mistakes. To recover deleted photos from Samsung, including it latest S9/8/7 or Galaxy Note series, we here introduce 2 ways:

Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung with Computer

If you have been looking for solutions to recover deleted photos from Samsung phone for some time, you must have noticed that users are often recommended to do the Samsung photo recovery with a computer, instead of do the recovery on your Samsung phone. Here we list the main reasons.

Why Recover Deleted Photos Samsung on Computer?

  • Samsung Photo Recovery requires space.
    First of all, a piece of data recovery software is needed if you want to recover Samsung deleted photos on a computer, and such a software requires space to be installed. In the case the recovery program manages to detect some photos that deleted long time ago, and if you want to recover them, you will need larger space than expect for all the photos. 
  • Samsung Photo Recovery takes large device resources.
    Generally speaking, the photo recovery process involves scanning, file previewing and data recovering. Each process will use the existing resources on your device, which will adversely impact other work undergoing on your device. For example, some of your apps will crash, run slowly, even your device will respond quite slowly.
  • Samsung Photo Recovery consumes time.
    No matter how many photos you want to recover from your Samsung phone, the data recovery program has to scan the whole folder where your deleted photos are stored and find them out for preview, which just consumes time, especially when you want to recover photos from a large-size folder or other storage.

  • Larger-size screen makes operation more convenient and easier.
    Definitely, larger screen are more convenient for users to perform each step. On a computer, users don’t need to zoom in or out to check the information or icons in tiny size, and don’t need to scroll up and down very often to read pages. This is particularly helpful when Samsung users preview found photos and want to select some of them for recovery.

Highly-successful Way to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung

In view of the situation that a Samsung user may use a Mac or Windows PC, here we offer 2 methods to recover deleted photos from Samsung with computer, for Mac and Windows PC users respectively.

Before we started, we want to clarify why we picked following tools to do Samsung recovery, it is the reason of high recovery rate. A program can never be perfect, it may outstand in one way and fall short in another way, but on the job of data recovery, the most significant benchmark is if it can help recover files successfully. As for the following 2 tools, they both can.

For Mac Users

Cisdem Data Recovery is a mac tool to recover photos or other files from computer, hard drive, USB drive, SD Card or other storage devices. It is applicable to recover data loss caused by various reasons, including accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, improper operation, power off, etc.

Cisdem performs outstandingly to recover different files, but particularly excellent at recovering photos or videos, 95~98% of deleted photos can be found, and 95~97% of the found photos can be recovered and opened, which is quite higher than other programs in term of recovery rate.

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung on Mac

Step 1Download and install Cisdem Data Recovery on Mac.

Free Download

Step 2Insert the Samsung SD Card to a SD Card reader, then connect to your mac.
Step 3Select your Samsung SD Card and click “Search for lost files” to find lost file.

choose recovery mode

Step 4Preview and select the deleted photos you want to recover to Samsung.

recover samsung files mac

Step 6Click “Recover” to retrieve the deleted photos back.

recover deleted photos from samsung

For Windows Users

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is a Windows program helping users to recover deleted photos, contacts, SMS, videos or other data from Samsung, or other Android phones & tablets.

This program is exclusively designed for Android devices, users can directly connect the Samsung phone to computer for data recovery, instead of taking out SD card for recovery, then move to the scanning and recovering process. It is quite easy to use, just follow the instructions on its interface.

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung on Windows

  1. Download and install EaseUS MobiSaver for Android on Windows PC.
  2. Connect Samsung phone to computer, click “Start” button to let the program recognize and connect Samsung phone.samsung recovery windows
  3. After connecting, the program will scan your Samsung phone automatically.samsung recovery windows 02
  4. Preview and select the found photos, then click “Recover” to retrieve deleted photos from Samsung.​samsung recovery windows 03

Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung without Computer

It is quite understandable that some users don't want to recover deleted files from Samsung on a computer. It takes time and inconvenient if you want to do such a Samsung photo for emergency. But how to recover deleted photos from Samsung without computer? Here are 2 methods.

Currently, according to users’ feedback and our test results, the recovery rate of methods using with a computer is much higher than that without a computer, since a desktop program is powerful and large in size to build in sufficient features or technology to obtain desirable results. If the methods using without a computer fail to help, try the solutions with a computer.

Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung via Samsung Cloud

If you have backed up the photos via Samsung Cloud, you will be able to recover deleted photos without using any software. Here are the steps:

  1. Tab on Samsung Settings
  2. Go to Cloud and accounts
  3. Tab on Samsung Cloud and click “Start”
  4. Choose “Restore” and select “Photos” under the backed up data.
  5. Tab on “RESTORE NOW”.

Also, you can check the tutorial video to recover deleted photos from Samsung Cloud.

Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung on Your Phone Directly

Another way to recover deleted photos on Samsung phone is utilizing an Android Recovery application, running the app on your phone and do the Samsung recovery directly.

There are lots of recovery app available in Google Play store, but DiskDigger, the top-ranked photo recovery app is the best choice for a great part of Samsung users. DiskDigger allows users to recover lost photos from Samsung memory card or internal memory, also it supports to upload recovered files to Google Drive, Dropbox or send by email.

DiskDigger offers 2 versions, Free and Pro. Free version only supports to recover videos and photos, while Pro version allows to recover various types of files. If you need full scanning or video recovery, your Samsung needs to be rooted.

  • Step 1. Go to Google Play and install DiskDigger, run the app.
  • Step 2. Click “Start Basic Photo Scan” to launch the scanning processsamsung recovery on android
  • Step 3. Once the scanning finishes, all the found photos will be listed in thumbnails, select those ones you want to recover.samsung recovery android
  • Step 4. Tap “Recover” button, there will be 3 options to recover deleted photos from Samsung: save to app, save to custom location on Samsung, upload to FTP, choose one.samsung recovery android 03

Also, you can find the tutorial video to retrieve photos from Samsung via DiskDigger.


No matter you are going to recover deleted photos from Samsung on computer or on your own phone, the key is to find an adequate recovery tool. But for personal experience, a desktop data recovery program is always recommended, it does better to successfully recover the deleted photos than Cloud service or Android tools.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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