Video Recovery Guide: How to Recover Deleted Videos on Mac?

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Recently, I found a post when I search something at a discussion forum. A woman named Ashley asked for help, she wanted to recover deleted videos on her Mac. The following is her problem.

“There are so many videos stored in my Mac. Several days ago, I deleted them to release more memory so that my Mac could run faster. But unfortunately, I found that I deleted some important fitness videos. Worse, I emptied my trash can. That’s too bad. I don’t know what should I do to recover deleted videos on Mac? Who can give me some useful advices? Thank you so much! --- Ashley”

Many people replied to her question, and so did I. the majority people had the same problem as Ashley, and others gave some advice to her. I shared my experience of recovering deleted videos Mac on the post, after a few days, I found that some people replied on me and they thought my advice was useful, including Ashley. I am so happy that I can help them, so I decide to write this article to share the best video data recovery software for Mac and provide guide on how to recover deleted videos on Mac for users, and I hope that will help Mac users a little. This article falls into two parts.

What is the best video recovery software for Mac?

If you want to recover deleted videos Mac, best video recovery software is essential. What is the best video recovery software for Mac? Many users may have the same confusion. Today I will share 3 video recovery softwares for all of you, as for which one is best, you will have your own judgment.

#1. Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

The first one I recommend is Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac. It is the best Mac data recovery software to recover your lost, deleted or formatted files from any Mac supported data storage media, including internal/external hard drives, USB drives, SD card, optical media, memory cards, digital cameras, iPods etc. Using Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac to recover deleted videos will be very convenient since it is amazingly fast, accurate and a breeze to use. If you download and install it, your deleted videos will be recovered right now. Now Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is available for $49.99, but you can have a free trial.

Download the free trial of Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac now >>

#2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is a reliable and safe data recovery software for Mac, it can help users to recover deleted, formatted, inaccessible or lost data from multi device quickly and easily, including Mac notebooks, Mac desktops, digital device or storage media (such as SD card, memory card, USB drive, external disk etc. Now this video recovery tool is available for $89.95. By the way, I think its price is little expensive.

#3. iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac

The same as Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac, iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac also can recover lost data quickly, safely and completely. It supports to recover multiple formats, such as documents, photos, video, music, emails, archive, etc. And it also supports all devices, including Mac and storage media (camera, sd card, HD, etc). Now EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is available for $79.95.

How to recover deleted videos on Mac?

Before teaching you how to recover deleted videos on Mac, you need to select the best video recovery software. If you ask me, I will recommend Cisdem Data Recovery since it really recovered all my deleted videos on my Mac. I don’t know the recovery effect of other video recovery softwares as I have not used them. Only need a few clicks away, it will scan your device, preview your deleted videos and recover the videos you want. Next, I will use Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac as example to share the detailed steps of recovering deleted videos on Mac.

  1. Free Download Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac. 
    Everyone can free download Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac. As long as you click the “Free Download” button below, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac will start to download. Wait a minute, you can install it on your Mac.
     Free Download
  2. Select recovery mode. 
    Open Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac from the Applications folder, and then you will its interface as shown below. Cisdem Data Recovery provides 5 recovery modes. You can choose one of them according to your real needs.
  3. Select the location where your deleted videos stored in. 
    Next, you need to choose the location where your deleted videos stored in. Surely, if your deleted videos stored in other storage devices, you need to set a connection between it and your Mac first. And then you can select it at Cisdem Data Recovery.
  4. Start to scan your Mac or other device. 
    Click “Scan”, then Cisdem Data Recover will start to scan your Mac or other device. If the capacity of your device is small, you just need to wait a moment. But if you want to scan your hard device, maybe you can do something else when it scanning, such as take a breakfast. Take it easy, it runs fast.
  5. Preview and recover your deleted videos. 
    All of your deleted files will be listed for you, you can click the types of video to view, such as dta, mov, emf, and flv. Cisdem Data Recovery allows users preview deleted files, so you can preview your deleted videos before recovering, which will save you much time. And then check the videos you want to recover, click "Recover". Your deleted videos will be recovered.

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