How to Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone, Android and Mac?

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Now and then, you might need mark down all your Facebook contacts for easy communicating. But it’s too tiresome to take a note one by one. Under the circumstances, you can try to sync Facebook contacts on your device. How to sync Facebook contacts? In this article, we’re simply going to tell you how to sync your Facebook contacts to iPhone, Android and Mac. For those whose Facebook contacts won’t sync, please take a chance on following methods.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone?

To sync Facebook contacts to iPhone, you can use iPhone setting directly. Everything you should do is turning on Wi-Fi or data connection, and then log in your Facebook account on iPhone. At present, read the straightforward steps below to learn how to sync Facebook contacts to iPhone.

  1. Firstly, you should go to your iPhone, next navigate to setting > Facebook.
  2. If you haven’t signed in your Facebook account yet, then write down the user name and password. (Or log into your Facebook automatically and give a permission to “Download your Facebook friends to the Contacts app and keep their information up to date”. Calendars can be also included. )
  3. After logging in the Facebook account, slide Calendars and Contacts to on.
  4. Finally, tap “Update All Contacts” to sync Facebook contacts to iPhone.

Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone

In addition to syncing Facebook contacts to iPhone with general Setting, you could make use of some Facebook contacts syncing apps to pull the job off as well. Admittedly, those the most commonly heard apps about syncing Facebook contacts to iPhone among publics are Sync.ME and Cоntасtѕ XL.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android?

At this time, Android users may want to know how to sync Facebook contacts to Galaxy S5/S6/S7, note 5 or other Android phone. As same as iPhone users, sync Facebook contacts to Android will make Android users find friends more pleasant and comfy. Here we will introduce the way to sync Facebook contacts to Android. By which, you can manage your contacts easily.

  1. Launch Facebook app on your Android phone and log in your own account.
  2. Press Menu > Setting > Sync Contacts.
  3. In this step, you have 3 options, just choose “Sync all” or “Sync with existing contacts”.
  4. At last, tap OK to start the Facebook contacts syncing.

Sync Facebook Contacts to Android

When it comes to free app to sync Facebook contacts, Sync. ME will pass through our mind immediately. Since it can be used in both iPhone and Android. Besides, HaxSync and UberSync are also great choices that can service for Android phone to sync Facebook contacts. If you are annoying with ugly placeholder, have a bash at these 3 free apps.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts to Mac?

Searching from the Internet, you might find there are few ways to sync Facebook contacts to Mac. In this case, you can finish the task with the help of a third-party app- Cisdem ContactsMate. It’s a consummate program that enables you to sync Facebook contacts to Mac. Main features of this contact management software:

  • Create, search, share, print, group and manage your Mac contacts.
  • Find conflicts and give reasonable suggestions to modify. If many duplicate names, phones, address or emails are scanned, you can merge or delete them with one click.
  • Have the ability of exporting contacts to CSV, DOCX, Excel, Numbers, vCard, HTML, etc.
  • Backup and restore Mac contacts to avoid you doing a misoperation.
  • Sync Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, etc. contacts to Mac.
  • Send e-mails and messages, call your friends, have a video call via Cisdem ContactsMate directly.

Download the free trial of Cisdem ContactsMate

Download the Free Trial of Cisdem ContactsMate Right Now!

  1. After accomplish downloading and installing Contacts Manager, run it on your Mac. At the top of the window, you can see 4 options, click “Add Account” button.Sync Facebook Contacts to Mac Step 1
  2. It will pop up a System Preferences window. Choose “Internet Accounts” option.Sync Facebook Contacts to Mac Step 2
  3. Scroll down to find Facebook and sign in your Facebook by typing the email or phone and password.Sync Facebook Contacts to Mac Step 3
  4. Once you log in your Facebook account successfully, it will show up in the left side. You can remove it by clicking “-“ button. As for the right side, you should tick off Contacts and Calendars on the list. If they couldn’t be pitched on, you can close this window and try again.Sync Facebook Contacts to Mac Step 4

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